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Default --{key grip illuminati>

Recently attached mount to camera. Video intent is for mathematic reference, speed logistics; the aesthetics were an added bonus. Will update for V2.

It would probably be in poor taste to put too many youtubes up here but I thought I'd share these and let you know that I'm trying to start a trend where you try to get high quality exposures of random beer cans.
~ To see the world thru someone elses lens is special.
ty haku
dingles, I have dubbed my crew the Knights of the Keygrip Illuminati --- we going to be #1 clan yo
the post title was referring to a cameraman with vast wisdom
rushy, OP is gone but not forgotten. one's legacy is both their mark and their memory. i am quite interested in any thoughts you have man. not irrelevant
I am studying vehicle velocity in my city because i got to thinking one day about how fast the cars are going and realized that their actual speed is much quicker than you're led to believe. A large portion of the venn diagram that is my youtube clique is comprised of conspiracy theorists and they're gonna love this once the project comes to fruition.
Originally Posted by MarioNintendo View Post
I secretly wish someone kept track of all of travis' avatars
deleted some of them shouldve kept

ClassicKBD - a mad scientist remade RS classic, come try it out
dragonrip.com - a well made text mmo
newgrounds.com/art/featured - my favorite art gallery
amaranthine.bornofsnails.net - another welll made mmoidle

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Default Re: --{key grip illuminati>

Try this. \o

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Default Re: --{key grip illuminati>

questioning the aesthetics of a crushed earthquake can
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Default Re: --{key grip illuminati>

I thought this was gonna be like, FFR Team revivals, like how sweet would a team called "Key Grip Illuminati" be
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Default Re: --{key grip illuminati>

I would post in this thread, but Travis would just edit the OP into oblivion making my post completely irrelevant.

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Expect delays.
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Default Re: --{key grip illuminati>

I secretly wish someone kept track of all of travis' avatars
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Originally Posted by macgravel View Post
Mario's files are top notch, so every time he submits a file I get excited in my pants.
Click the bricks

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