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Default Junior Werewolf Game History

This Is the history of the jTWG's so far. I will add awards if someone wants to make banners.

Complete History of FFR jTWG

GAME I: Spirits Abound
Hosted by: psychic25

Snapps (killed on Night 1)
Wayfaerer (SEER,lynched on Night 1)
Tsuteto (PSYCHIC,killed on Night 2)
kibbel (lynched on Night 2)
deltro300111( killed on Night 3)
ddrruler (lynched on Night 3)
JurseyRider734 (GUARDIAN,killed on Night 4)
Chromer (WOLF,lynched on Night 4)
Gamepro17616 (killed on Night 5)
Lupin_the_3rd (WOLF,lynched on Night 5)
M-A-C (won the game)
DDRadicated (won the game)
Afrobean (won the game)

Comments:Seeing that this was the first jTWG many did not know what they were doing. There was mostly bandwagoning and random voting for this one. Psychic did a very good job with story.

Game II:Pokemon A GO-GO
Hosted by: Snapps

Freak83 (killed on Night 1)
Vashthegunman7 (GUARDIAN,lynched on Day 1)
Omeganitros (killed on Night 2)
Catalyst248 (WOLF,lynched on Day 2)
deltro300111 (PSYCHIC,killed on Night 3)
DDRadicated (lynched on Day 3)
Lupin_the_3rd (killed on Night 4)
Chromer (lynched on Day 4)
JurseyRider734 (SEER,Killed on Night 5)
Wayfaerer (lynched on Day 5)
ddrruler (killed on Night 6)
patron_viridantis (WOLF,lynched on Day 6)
Tasuke (WOLF,dropped out)
kickassbuddy (SEER,dropped out)
Gamepro17616 (won the game)
slackygorgeking (won the game)

Comments: Gotta Catchem All (that was geh to say). This jTWG was based on the once famous game Pokemon. Lupin_the_3rd seemed to be the backbone for the humans making all the right moves until his demise. Except for a few bandwagoners(myself to) this game went with great success. All together humans did a good job in finding the wolves, except for the people that quit and left there friends for dead. Snapps was very creative with the storyline for this classic 1996 hit game.

Game III: Stuck in Hells House
Hosted by: Gamepro17616

blademonkey626 (killed on Night 1)
Rye_Bread (lynched on Day 1)
Freak83 (GUARDIAN,killed on Night 2)
Spheroid (SEER,lynched on Day 2)
ddrruler (WOLF,killed on Night 3)
Tsuteto (WOLF,lynched on Day 3)
dAnceguy117 (killed on Night 4
BeefStu (lynched on Day 4)
Qualy (killed on Night 5)
Demon_of_the_Comet (lynched on Day 5)
patron_viridantis (killed on Night 6)
deltro300111 (PSYCHIC,lynched on Day 6)
babybenji2004 (dropped out)
Vashthegunman7 (killed on Night 7)
daniel_lewis20 (killed on Night 7)
slackygorgeking (WOLF, won the game)

Comments: This was one of the better games for the wolves. The wolves were the victors for this game. Slacky made sure that the humans belived he was one of them. Also some insane deaths were put in this storyline like Tsuteto death by watermelons. Freak83 also told the humans that slacky is a wolf but many of us went ahead and killed there own Seer. In this game slacky was the better of everyone by being the last wolf and living all the way to the end. Humans 2 Wolves 1

Game IV: Death to Spheroid
Hosted by: Spheroid

eVILPeeR (GUARDIAN,won the game)
Gamepro17616 (won the game)
VashtheGunman7 (WOLF,lynched on Day 3)
Rye_Bread (won the game)
Freak83 (lynched on Day 1)
ddrruler (won the game)
Lupin_the_3rd (SEER,won the game)
slackygorgeking (WOLF, killed on Night 4)
psychic25 (killed on Night 2)
daniel_lewis20 (WOLF, lynched on Day 2)
Snapps/Tps222 (won the game)
akorn (won the game)
bullettime90 (won the game)
rsr2/bluemonkey09 (PSYCHIC, won the game)
dAnceguy117 (won the game)
AasumDude ( won the game)

Comments: All you can say is wow on this game. This was one of the greatest games for the humans. The seer seered all the wolves which means wolves go BOOOOOOM. Also the guardian of the year eVILPeeR, was able to guard 2 humans to make the wolves pissed. He also made a lucky guess when to guard Tps. All I can say is that if you were a human good jorb. But if you were a wolf like myself in this game you should have ran with your tail under your legs. Also the story was very saucesome it seemed like we were in like a videogame but nice job Mr. Sphere. Humans:3 Wolves:1

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Default RE: Junior Werewolf Game History *UPDATED*

Please do NOT post in this topic at all. PM Vashthegunman7 with any comments or questions you may have concerning this topic. I would have locked it but then he could not edit the post...

So again please do NOT post in this topic. Thanks!

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Default Re: Junior Werewolf Game History

psh you people and your failures to update things. I'm inbetween class here so I'll finish up later.

JTWG V: The Search For What?

Hosted by: Tustteo

Spheroid - Wolf - (wolved night 2)
Demon_Of_The_Comet - (Mason) - (lynched day 3)
daniel_lewis20 - (Guardian) - (wolved night 3)
CypherToorima - Human - (wolved night 5)
Neonatrias - Wolf - (lynched day 6)
psychic25 (Mason) - (won the game)
VashtheGunman7 - Human - (lynched day 5)
Chromer - human - (lynched day 1)
patron_viridantis - Human - (lynched day 4)
dAnceguy117 - (won the game)
JenovaSephiroth - (won the game)
slackygorgeking - Human - (wolved night 4)
ddrruler - human (wolved night 1)
hydrojakep - (won the game)
Snapps/blademonkey626 - Wolf - (lynched day 2)
bluemonkey09/Gamepro - (Mason) - (wolved night 6)

No MVP's were given out for this game, as well as a very crappy postgame thread. Neon gets MVP from me, even though the wolves lost, he lasted about 4 days by himself.

Summary: Masons game. On the first night, the guardian’s identity was rapidly revealed to many of the players, including a wolf. On Night 2, Spheroid decides to kill himself in hopes of incriminating Dan, the guardian, or Slacky, a human. Both were the top suspects at the time. Unfortunately, Snapps was replaced with Blademonkey, who lied and got caught, leading to his lynch. Neonatrias hung on for a little while, but then was finally discovered when he prevented an instalynch, meaning that a human got a phantom. The humans pounced on him, and he was quickly taken down.

JTWG VI: Thrust Into Hell's House

Hosted by: Demon_Of_The_Comet
Wolves Win!

Denle Lewis20(lynched day 7)
SlackyGorgeKing (wolved night 4)
Freak83 (Wolved night 1)
Hydrojakep (won the game)
dAnceguy117 (Guardian, lynched day 3)
Benny1 (wolved night 8)
Spheroid (wolved Night 2)
Psychic25 (Seer, wolved night 7)
Vastthestampede0987 (lynched day 1)
Tasuke (lynched day 2)
Tsuteto(won the game)
evilbutterfly (wolved night 6)
Patron Viridantis (wolved night 5)
Vash The Gunman7 (lynched day 4)
Tank101 (psychic, lynched day 6)
MessengerOfDeath/everybody that replaced him (lynched day 5)

MVP goes to Hydro because nobody suspected a thing

Summary: The seer alliance played a large part in this game. Psychic25 seers evilbutterfly Night 1, who immediately becomes the fake seer. The alliance continues to build until Hydrojakep manages to sneak in, on the premise that he knew about Danceguy’s guardianship and didn’t wolf him. Hydrojakep then manages to avoid being seen in this manner. The wolf choices are narrowed down with the help of the alliance. One wolf is seen and lynched, but the other two manage to survive and win. The humans lynched two of three of their special roles due to the wolves being quick to exploit several votes from inactive people. All in all, not a good game for the humans.
JTWG VII: The Hidden Cache

Hosted by: Daniel_Lewis20
Wolves Win!

Mimru- Simru- Seer (lynched day 3)
ddrruler- Sarg- human (wolved night 7)
DOTC- Char- wolf (won the game)
Psychic- Roland Deschain- human (lost KITB day 7)
Tasuke- Jack- human (wolved night 6)
Tank101- Csiko- human (lynched day 5)
Danceguy- Mingsao- psychic (wolved night 2)
Benny1- Chang- human (lynched night 1)
Hydrojakep- Mike- human (wolved night 3)
BBQ- Ted Gates- wolf (lynched day 4)
Gamepro17616- Chris- guardian (Wolved night 1)
vashthestampede0987- Vash- human (wolved night 5)
PsYcHoZeRoSk8eR- Johnny Roxxs- wolf (lynched day 6)
saichaitanya88- Suluclac Avaj- human (wolved night 4)
xObserveRx- Chuck Lebold- human (lynched day 2)
Mindfields- Hector Martinez- human (died night 4 due to ban)

Summary: Worst luck EVER for the humans. Guardian wolfed Night 1, Psychic wolfed Night 2, and an inactive as the Seer. Basically, the humans just messed around with almost no evidence until BBQ and Psycho slipped up. Demon won by knife-in-box.
AAA's = 800

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Default Re: Junior Werewolf Game History

Despite the bad beginning, the Humans summoned the power of Rock and shredded to victory!

The Stunning Final Reveal:

1. xplayfan (WOLF, killed by elemental night 4)
2. DarkManticoreX2 (HUMAN, killed night 2)
3. heavylee(WOLF, lynched day 5)
4. emerald000(ELEMENTAL, attacked night 3, killed night 4)
Used seer power on freaky, night 3
Used guard power on argo, night 3
Used kill power on xplay, night 4
5. Argo15 (GUARDIAN, won the game)
6. freakysnots (HUMAN, won the game)
7. rzr (HUMAN, won the game)
8. EnR (WOLF, lynched Day 4)
9. Isosceles (HUMAN, won the game)
10. massflavour (HUMAN, lynched Day 1)
11. Pyroshock (PSYCHIC, killed Night 5)
12. gnr61 (HUMAN, lynched Day 3)
13. timotolkki11 (HUMAN, lynched Day 2)
14. travman301 (HUMAN, killed Night 1)

MVP goes to freakysnots for taking suspicions off the guardian and orchestrating the last few votes that led the humans to a quick victory.

LVP, well...this would have to go to xplayfan for being so evasive. He made, what, one post in the thread? The only reason why he didn't phantom out is because of the instalynches.

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Default Re: Junior Werewolf Game History

This one too guys. Please delete posts above me, except Vash's and Manti's.

TWG VIII: Manhunt

Hosted by: Rebirth0
Wolves Win
MVP: Psycho lol

akorn [Lynched Day 4]
daniel_lewis20 [Killed Night 3]
ddr_dude [Lynched Day 4]
Demon_Of_The_Comet [Killed Night 1]
mattc16 [Lynched Day 2]
MAXANOiA/Tps222 [Killed Night 4]
NightSonnett [Killed Night 4]
pntballa18 [Lynched Day 1]
psychic25 [Killed Night 2]

PsYcHoZeRoSk8eR [Won the game]
scorpio1690 [Lost the game]
Tasuke [Killed Night 2]
vashthestampede0987 [Killed Night 3]

jTWG IX: The Final Space Odyssey

Hosted by: Tps222
Wolves Win

worst postgame evar

Moogy and Kil win day 4 :O

Hosted by: dAnceguy117
Wolves Win
MVPs: Fish, TSA

Gonzo was da psychic.
eb was da guardian (laffo).

Fish was Moogy and Torlock was Kil.

jTWG XI: Dark Day for Trempek

Hosted by: FishFishRevolution
Wolves Win
MVP not specified D:

1. TSAGod - wolfed Night 1
2. JimmyLobos lynched Day 2
3. B3NJ1 - seer - wolfed Night 4
4. Demon_Of_The_Comet - psychic Lynched Day 1
5. chickendude - lynched Day 4
6. nickadeemus - wolfed Night 2
7. gonzo4life44 - wolfed Night 3
8. psychic25 replaced by mead1
9. Tasuke - guardian - lynched Day 3
10. daniel_lewis20 replaced by Torlock - wolf
11. mattc16 - wolfed Night 4
12. Freed - wolf
13. JurseyRider734 - wolf
14. SpaceBoy492

jTWG XII: Lost in Space

Hosted by: mattc16
Humans Win
MVP not specified

MiniNeo - Human (Wolfed night 4)
chickendude - Human (Won the game)

Tasuke - Master Wolf (Lynched day 5)
Gamepro17616 - seer (Won the game)
Gonzo4life44 - Wolf (Lynched day 1)
B3NJ1 - human (Lynched day 2)
Torlock - human (Wolfed night 3)
Hiyasucka - human (Lynched day 4)

dAnceguy117 - Guardian (Wolfed night 2)
nickadeemus - Psychic (Wolfed night 5)

Purplepopcorn - Human (Won the game)
Ddrruler - Wolf (Lynched day 3)


Hosted by: MiniNeo
Humans Win
MVP: I have no idea.

1. hiyasucka (Survived till the end)
2. mattc16 (Lynched Day 4)

3. vashthestampede0987 (Lynched Day 6)
4. GUARDIAN gonzo4life44 (Wolfed Night 5)
5. dAnceguy117 (Survived till the end)
6. Gamepro17616 (Knife In the Box lynched Day 5)
7. chickendude (Survived till the end)

8. TSAGod (Wolfed Night 3)
9. Tasuke (Wolfed Night 6)
10. linus (Lynched Day 2)

11. ddrruler (Lynched Day 3)
12. Edge_of_Death (Survived till the end)
13. Snapps (Wolfed Night 2)
14. PsYcHoZeRoSk8eR (Survived till the end)
15. PSYCHIC qualy (Lynched Day 1)
16. Nickadeemus (Wolfed Night 4)

jTWG XIV: The march ends

Hosted by: gonzo4life44
Wolves Win
MVP: mead1

1. MiniNeo: human killed night 4
2. psychic25: wolf won the game
3. delita77: human killed night 5
4. Edge_of_Death: human lynched day 2
5. lilshortieman: human survived till end of game
6. TSAGod : human lynched day 1
7. Sol Solis: human lynched day 4 cuz he don’t know what tags are
8. linus: guardian lynched day 4
9. mead1: psychic lynched day 5
10. chromer: wolf won the game
11. iggymatrix: human killed night 3
12. vash/gamepro: human lynched day 3
13. TheRaiRai: human killed night 2
14. Tasuke: seer killed night 1
15. Chickendude: master wolf won the game
16. ddrruler/link: human survived till end of game

jTWG XV: Ghosts be lurkin'

Hosted by: FishFishRevolution
Wolves Win
MVP: iggymatrixcounter


Torlock - guardian

chickendude - psychic
igotrhythm - wolf
iggymatrixcounter - wolf
vashthestampede0987 - master wolf
purplepopcorn - seer

jTWG XVI: Back to the Beginning

Hosted by: mattc16
Game Cancelled
MVP: specforces

chickendude and freak were the wolves

nija was the guardian
spec was the psychic.

jTWG XVII: Chat Fallouts

Hosted by: Torlock
Humans Win
No MVP specified

whiteflame-12-Human-Lynch'd Day 2
iggymatrixcounter-11-Human-Wolf'd Night 1


rsr2-2-Wolf-Lynch'd Day 3
gonzo4life44-16-Human-Wolf'd Night 3

Tasuke-14-Human-Wolf'd Night 4
B3NJ1-13-Human(Replaced by FishFishRevolution)-Guarded Night 2

Chromer-1-Wolf-Lynch'd Day 1
PsYcHoZeRoSk8eR-3-Wolf-Lynch'd Day 5


Right about here everything goes kablooey. This is it for now.

Thanks for the memories, folks. u da bes
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Default Re: Junior Werewolf Game History

jTWG XVIII: ????


jTWG XIX: The Night Before jTWG

Hosted by: Wilkin
Humans Win
MVP: DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (?)

HUMAN - xObserveRx (Killed Night 1)
HUMAN - AdTheRat (Lynched Day 1)
HUMAN - FFR4EVA_00 (Killed Night 2)
WOLF - Tokzic (Insta'd Day 2)
SEER - ddrdanc3r55 (Killed Night 3)
WOLF - chickendude (Insta'd Day 3)
PSYCHIC - DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Survived)
HUMAN - mattc16 (Survived)
HUMAN - jwcgator (Survived)
HUMAN - vashthestampede0987 (Survived)

jTWG XX: Trouble on Board.Hosted by: mattc16
Humans Win
No MVP specified

Wolves were Necamus and StoicRoivaS

Seer was Observer
Psychic was FFR_4EVA00

jTWG XXI: A Juicy Scandal

Hosted by: sertman
Humans Win
MVP: x3Mamimi

1. x3Mamimi (x3Mamimi) - HUMAN, won the game
2. DarkManticorex2 (DarkManticorex2) -
HUMAN, wolfed on Night 4

3. Stella! (Egnigem Cenia) - WOLF, lynched Night 2
4. X3R0H0UR (thespindokta) - SEER, won the game
5. Fenris201327 (MrHorrible201327) - HUMAN, lynched Day 1
6. jwcgator (jwcgator2) - HUMAN, won the game
7. TPS222 - GUARDIAN, won the game
8. pntballa18 (merlonifan28) - HUMAN, won the game
9. 8Shade8 (x8Shade8x) - WOLF, lynched Day 4
10. Nijatwo (RebelNija) - MASTER WOLF, lynched Day 3

11. HiTheyCallMeGod (HiTheyCallMeGod) - HUMAN, wolfed Night 3
12. Demon_Of_The_Comet (Twilights Advent) - HUMAN, wolfed Night

jTWG XXII: Who Let These Guys Play?

Hosted by: nijatwo
Wolves Win
MVP: pntballa18

1.T3hDDRKid (TheVisualParadox.) --------Wolf
3.FictionJunction (FikshonJunkshon)

4.x3Mamimi (x3mamimi)------------------Seer
5.DarkManticoreX2 (DarkManticoreX2)----Wolf
6.X3R0H0UR (thespindokta)
7.hitheycallme (HiTheyCallMeGod)

8.jwcgator (jwcgator2) ------------ ---Wolf
9.shade (x8shade8x)

12.pntballa18 (merlonifan28)-------------Psychic

jTWG XXIII: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Hosted by: Fojar
Wolves Win
MVP: FlawofHumantiy

pntballa18 (merlonifan28)
T3hDDRKid (TheVisualParadox) Guardian
Farka (Nakah92)
lumphoboextreme (steve123312)
vashthestampede0987 (Pyro31191)
x3Mamimi (x3mamimi)
kentbball (kentbball2)
jwcgator (jwcgator2)
vysetheblurogue ()
DarkManticoreX2 (Darkmanticorex2)
nijatwo (RebelNija)
flawofhumanity (Redrumfortherich)


Hosted by: DiscoBobbyPARANOiA
Wolves Win
MVP not specified

kentbball - WOLF
flawofhumanity - MASON
vashthestampede0987/X3R0H0UR - MASON

jugglinguy - HUMAN
Makilaz - WOLF
x3Mamimi - MASON
jwcgator - WOLF SHAMAN
FictionJunction - SEER
pntballa18 - HUMAN
Demon_Of_The_Comet - HUMAN
thunderstrike687 - HUMAN
DarkManticoreX2 - HUMAN

Yesssss - HUMAN
Farka - HUMAN
nijatwo - HUMAN

Thanks for the memories, folks. u da bes

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Default Re: Junior Werewolf Game History

jTWG XXV: Runes, etc.

Hosted by: FictionJunction
Humans Win??????? (PLEASE VERIFY)
MVP: Dunno lol

1. Yesssss / Human (lynched (Kitb) day 2)
2. Kentball / Tracer (wolfed night 3)
3. jwcgator / Human (wins?)
4. t3hddrkid / Seeker (vigi'd night 2)
5. pntballa18 / Human (wolfed night 1)
6. Farka / Human (wolfed night 2)
7. sertman / Human Sage (vigi'd night 2)
8. hoochan / Human (lynched day 1)
9. Demon_of_the_comet / Wolf Sage (vigi'd night 3)
10. Vash(numbers) / MasterWolf (lynched day 3)
11. Psychozerosk8er / Human (wins?)
12. Fojar / Thief (suicide night 2)


Hosted by: flawofhumanity
Wolves Win
MVPs: Vash, x3Mamimi

Pntballa - WOLF
Yess (heavyleah)- HUMAN
Vash - HUMAN
Psycho - HUMAN
Mami - WOLF
Hoochan - HUMAN
Aito – HUMAN
Darkdragoness – SEER
Juggling - HUMAN
Makilaz - VIGI

jTWG XXVII: wtf guys



Hosted by: PsYcHoZeRoSk8eR
Wolves Win
MVP: Vash

1. hoochan - hoochan4000 - Killed N4
2. jugglinguy - heyitsme975 - Removed D3 (inactive player)
3. darkdragoness - KhemetianVampire - Killed N4
4. X3R0H0UR - x3r0h0ur - TheSpinDokta - Lynched D2
5. Vash - pyro31191 - Won the game
6. heavylee - heavyleah - Killed N3
7. MiniNeo - min1ne0 - Killed N1
8. Torlock - torlock13 - Lost/Lynched D4
9. T3hDDRKid - TheVisualParadox - Killed N2
10. Makilaz - BenderChan - Replaced D2
11. Demon - Twilights Advent - Lynched D1
12. pntballa18 - merlonifan28 - Killed N1
13. kentbball - kentbball2 - Killed N2
14. Yesssss - Yessbrb - Killed N3
15. Lightnight924 - Nakah92 - Killed D3
jTWG XXIX: Furry Fandom Convention!

Hosted by: pntballa18
MVP: nope

flaw - wolf
ddr - master wolf
dbp - wolf
aito - vigi
minineo - guard
myst - seer
everyone else - humans

jTWG XXX: The War For Hyrule

Hosted by: DarkManticoreX2
Humans Win
MVP: FictionJunction

1. FictionJunction: AIM - FikshonJunkshon - Goron - Won the game
2. T3hDDRKid AIM - TheVisualParadox - Zora - Wolved night 2
3. Travman301 AIM - RBennie362 - Hylian - Wolved night 4
4. Flawofhumanity AIM - Redrumfortherich - Phantom Gannon - Lynched day 2
5. Myst1278 AIM - Myst1278 - Ganon(MW) - Lynched day 5
6. Vashthestampede0987 AIM - Pyro31191 - Goron - Lynched day 4
7. Falcondude AIM - FalconDudeFFR - Link - Won the game
8. HeavyLee AIM - Heavyleah - Zora - Wolved night 3

9. Aito AIM - michiganfan3392 - Ganondorf - Lynched day 3
10. Popsicle_Pirate AIM - awsomeorange - Hylian - Wolved night 5
11. Chromer AIM - stinnettefamily1 - Zelda - Lynched day 1
12. Lightknight924 AIM - Nakah92 - Kokiri - Wolved night 1

jTWG XXXI: Vampires in Central America

Hosted by: X3R0H0UR
Humans Win
MVP: DarkManticoreX2

Toph Wolf Lost
Myst1278 Wolf Lost
popsicle pirate Wolf Lost
th3ddrkid Innocent Win 50%
travman301 Assamite Win 100%
Heavylee Tremere Win 50%
mattc16 Caitiff Win 100%
DarkManticoreX2 Assamite Win 100%
vashthestampede0987 Tremere Win 50%
Aito Tremere Win 50%
Kentbball Caitiff Win 100%
Lightknight924 Assamite Win 100%

jTWG XXXII:The Price is Right

Hosted by: flawofhumanity
Wolves Win
MVP not specified

1. X3RO – Rosie O’Donnell
2. Travman - Wolf
3. heavylee - Human
4. Popsicle - Human
5. Makilaz - Human
6. Vash - Resurrection
7. JwcGator - Seer
8. Manticore – Eavesdropper (ILLEGAL)
9. DarkDragoness – Master Wolf
10. Tbellx12 - Human
11. Chromer - BOOKIE ( ILLEGAL)
12. LightKnight - Wolf Seer

jTWG XXXIII: The Curse of the Dead Man's End

Hosted by: Lightknight924
Humans Win
MVPs: jchinzilla, T3hDDRKid

X3R0H0UR-Wolf Seer
FlawofHumanity-Wolf Master

jTWG XXXIV: Oh gnoes! NEWBS!

Hosted by: X3R0H0UR
Humans Win
MVP: xplayfan

x1.) trav (RBennie362)
2.) xplayfan (JONALEON1) Master wolf
3.) emerald000 (????)
4.) Pyroshock (djpyroshock)
5.) Lightknight924 (Nakah92) Wolf
6.) Yesssss (YessBrb) Guardian
7.) madmatt621 (sjcdravens2008)
8.) Einherjar_04 (Jeremy0416)

9.) freakysnots
10.) EI_Tizzy
11.) mattc16 (mattc16mcfc)
12.) heavylee (Heavyleah)
13.) Brilliant Dynamite Neon (MegamnGTX) wolf
14.) argo15 (Argo1516) Seer
15.) meno rocks123

jTWG XXXV: Metal Gear!?!?

Hosted by: X3R0H0UR
Wolves Win
MVP: argo15

Heavylee - Raiden - Mason
LitoDude otacon - Mason
Meno_rocks123 Solid snake - Mason
Argo15 - Fatman - wolf
BDN - Fortune -wolf
pyroshock - vamp - wolf
popsicle pirate

jTWG XXXVI: Corruption

Hosted by: Pyroshock
Humans Win
MVP: meno_rocks123

BDN - Master Wolf
DBP, EJ, Isosceles, meno - Wolves

DarkManticore - Seer

madmatt, timotolkki, travman - Masons

shados, emerald/massflavour, david, EnR, freaky/heavy, lito/mattc16, xplay, argo/x3r0, psychopete - Humans
jTWG XXXVII: Rise of an Elemental?

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Humans Win
MVP: freakysnots

1. xplayfan (WOLF, killed by elemental night 4)
2. DarkManticoreX2 (HUMAN, killed night 2)
3. Heavylee (WOLF, lynched day 5)
4. emerald000 (ELEMENTAL, attacked night 3, killed night 4)
Used seer power on freaky, night 3
Used guard power on argo, night 3
Used kill power on xplay, night 4
5. Argo15 (GUARDIAN, won the game)
6. freakysnots (HUMAN, won the game)
7. rzr (HUMAN, won the game)
8. EnR (WOLF, lynched Day 4)
9. Isosceles (HUMAN, won the game)
10. massflavour (HUMAN, lynched Day 1)
11. Pyroshock (PSYCHIC, killed Night 5)
12. gnr61 (HUMAN, lynched Day 3)
13. timotolkki11 (HUMAN, lynched Day 2)
14. travman301 (HUMAN, killed Night 1)

jTWG XXXVIII: Dragon Ball Z

Hosted by: rzr
Wolves Win
MVP: android87xx

1. Timotolkki11 (OMGWTFRAPTORS) - human- lynched day 4
2. Heavylee (heavyleah)- human, Litodude (Litodude)
3. Ravia (raviaffr)- human- wolfed night 1
4. Argo15 (argo1516)- guardian- wolfed night 2
5. Emocheergirl (bgurl99o0)- human
6. Madmatt621 (sjcdravens2008)- human- lynched day 1
7. xplayfan (JONALEON1)- human
8. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (megamnGTX)- human- wolfed night 3
9. dooey100 (dooeyabillion)- wolf- Freeza
10. Android87xx (androknight)- Master wolf- Cell
11. sc979(sam97379)- seer- Gohan- wolfed night 4
12. einherjar_04 (jeremy0416)- human- lynched day3
13. halleys5thconcerto (halleys4th)- wolf- Buu- lynched day 2

The order of guardings and seerings:
Night 1- Guard-Argo; seer- BDN (which is funny because the w0lves wanted to kill him the same night)
Night 2-guard-sc979; seer- Halley
night 3- guard- dead; seer- xplay
night 4- guard-dead; seer- timo

jTWG XXXIX: Scattershot

Hosted by: Me, as much as a mark it is on my reputation.
Humans Win
MVP: jokim

1. kibbel (HUMAN, won the game)
Recieved the Red Orb
2. sc979 (HUMAN, won the game)
3. jokim (HUMAN, won the game)
4. Einherjar_04 (WOLF, lynched day 1)
Recieved the Blue Orb
5. madmatt621 (HUMAN, wolfed night 1)
6. vashthestampede0987 (HUMAN, won the game)
7. Bangcrashboom (HUMAN, won the game)
Recieved the Yellow Orb

jTWG XL: Cookie Dough?!?

Hosted by: meno_rocks123
Wolves Win
yo momma

sc979 = MW
heavy = wolf
rebirth = wolf

jokim = chunk of dough
lito = little boy

GamerShadow >
madmatt >>
vashthestampede0987 >>>
hoochan >>>> HUMAN
scorpio1690 >>>
emocheergirl >>
mattc16 >

jTWG XLI: shift_werewolfgame

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Humans Win
MVP: Litodude

1. travman301 (WEREWOLF, lynched Day 1)
2. sc979 (HUMAN, won the game!)
3. jokim (FINAL MORPH, killed Night 3)
Picked rzr, dooey100, and jugglinguy Night 2
Outcome: jugglinguy. Seer reading given.
4. jugglinguy (WEREWOLF, lynched Day 3)
5. hoochan (INITIAL MORPH, killed Night 1)
Picked travman, heavylee, and jokim Night 1
Outcome: jokim. Power transferred to jokim.
6. fido123 (HUMAN, won the game!)
7. rzr (HUMAN, lynched Day 2)
8. heavylee (MASON, killed Night 2)
9. chris301 (MASON, killed Night 5)
10. Litodude (MASON, killed Night 4)
11. Xception704 (HUMAN, lynched day 4)
12. dooey100 (WEREWOLF, lynched day 5)

jTWG XLII: Simplu Gamu

Hosted by: Litodude
Cancelled Game
MVP: megamon88

1. fido123 (human) - lynched Day 1
2. chris301 (human) - wolfed Night 2
3. Xception704 (human) - wolfed Night 4 by random.org
4. jugglinguy (Seer)
5. Kekeb (Wolf) - lynched - Day 2
6. Myst1278 (human)
7. Dr Kirth (Wolf)
8. jokim (Guardian)
9. sc979 (human)
10. megamon88 (human)
11. GamerShadow (human) - Wolfed Night 1
12. Sullyman2007 (Master Wolf) - Died?


bringing this back hehe

"wtf" is all I had to say when this game ended. Obviously Lito effed something up and the game had to end. Whatevs.

jTWG XLIII: Death's Game

1.xplayfan (LYNCHED Day 3)
2.sc979 (KILLED Night 6)
3.rzr (SEER) (KILLED Night 5)
4.jugglinguy (CHOSEN) (LYNCHED Day 1)
5.GamerShadow / DarkManticoreX2 (Red Miller) (LYNCHED Day 2)
6.argo15 (KILLED Night 2)
7.heavylee (LYNCHED Day 6)
8.DrKirth (GUARDIAN) (KILLED Night 4)
9.megamon88 / aTzUeLo1191 (MASON) (KILLED Night 3)
10.Kekeb (MASON) (LOST the game)
11.jokim (MASON) (DIED Night 1)
12.Xception704 (GREAT CHOSEN) (WON the game)
13.Sullyman2007 (LYNCHED Day 5)
14.mattc16 (CHOSEN) (WON the game)
15.DoctorSerpentine (CHOSEN) (LYNCHED Day 4)

Host comments:

MVP this game goes to Xception704, for deceiving just about everyone, including the Seer. This is also why he was a main charactor at the end of the story.

Second MVP goes to INACTIVITY! Phantoms were the reason the wolves won here. If people had been more active, things might have turned out differently.

Hope you enjoyed the game (at least while it was active), as well as the story.

TWC Comments:

****ing brawl.

jTWG XLIV: Rise of the Dark Samurai

Hosted by: rzr
humanz r t3h w1n!!!

1.Heavylee (heavyleah) (won the game, wolfed night one)
2. sc979 (sam97379) (won the game, lynched day 6)
3. Myst1278 (myst1279) (won the game, lynched day 4)
4. Xception704 (jungmour2009) (won the game, attacked night 2, wolfed night 4) The Stealth Samurai (psychic)
5. Mattc16 (mattc16mcfc)/ KilikOdagawa (kilikodagawa) (won the game, lynched day 5)
6. Jugglinguy (jugglinguy99) (lost the game, lynched day 2) (Wolf)Wielder of Samurai Blood
7. Megamon88 (megamon88) (won the game, wolfe night 6) (seer) Ancient Swordsman
8. DrKirth (drkirth) (won the game, lived)
9. Hoochan (TWG hoochan) (guardian) Katana Master (won the game, wolfed night 3)
10. jokim (zanethra) (won the game, wolfed night 7)
11. devonin (danielruffolo18) (master wolf) Prince of Dark Kin (lost the game, lynched day 3)
12. Bynary Fission (logant1993) (survived, won the game)
13. Kekeb (kek3b) (survived, won the game)
14. litodude (litodude) (Anti-Psychic Wolf) Phenyl the Shadow Maker (lost the game, lynched day 1)
15. DarkManticoreX2 (darkmanticorex2) (won the game, wolfed night 5)
16. Sullyman2007 (sully5313) (wolf) Sensei of Dark Teachings (lost the game, lynched day 7)


jTWG XLV: The Office

Hosted by: jugglinguy
Wolves Win
MVP: DrKirth

1. Bynary Fission - Jim (purple turned human)
2. sc979 - Mose (human)
3. aTzUeLo1191 - Oscar (mason)
4. DrKirth - Ryan (wolf)
5. Kekeb - Pam (mason)
6. Litodude/hoochan - Creed (human)
7. Mattc16 - Dwight (human)
8. jokim/Sh4d0wD3v1L - Meredith (human)
9. Temote - Andy (human)
10. Sullyman2007 - Kelly (human)
11. Xception704 - Stanley (purple turned wolf)
12. heavylee - Angela (wolf)
13. megamon88 - Michael (wolfsbane)
14. vashthestampede0987/pntballa18 - Karen (wolf kamikaze)
15. Myst1278 - Toby (mason)
16. emerald000 - Phyllis (guardian)

Night 1
Xception704 turns red
Bynary Fission turns green
Kekeb was wolved
heavylee was guarded
Day 1
Hoochan was lynched
Night 2
atzuelo was set to be wolved but was guarded
Day 2
Bynary Fission was lynched
Night 3
sc979 was wolved
Myst1278 was guarded
Day 3
Xception704 was lynched (first wolf lynched)
Night 4
emerald000 was wolved
Myst was guarded
Day 4
Sh4d0wD3v1L is lynched
Night 5
aTzUeLo1191 was wolved
Day 5
Sullyman2007 was lynched
Night 6
Myst1278 was wolved
Day 6
mattc16 was lynched

jTWG XLVI: Chicago

Hosted by: dooey100
Wolves Win
MVP: sc979

1. Temote, wolf (WON THE GAME)
2. Dorama, Human (lynched day 2) (LOST THE GAME)
3. Sh4d0wD3v1L, Human (killed night2) (LOST THE GAME)

4. Xception704, Guard (killed night3)(LOST THE GAME)

5. jugglinguy/Meno_Rocks123, human (lunched day3) (LOST THE GAME)

6. argo15, human (lynched day4) (LOST THE GAME)

7. xplayfan, seer (killed night4) (LOST THE GAME)

8. kekeb, coroner (lynched day5) (LOST THE GAME)

9. litodude, human (killed night1)(LOST THE GAME)

10. sullyman2007/aTzUeLo1191, human

11. DrKirth, human (killed night5) (LOST THE GAME)

12. travman301, assassin (lynched day1) (WON THE GAME)

13. megamon88/heavylee, human (survived) (LOST THE GAME)

14. sc979, master wolf (survived) (WON THE GAME)

MVP is sc979, without a doubt. Amazing playing, especially avoiding getting lynched after the failed psychic claim. Brilliant how you referenced dorama doing the same thing and turning up human. Getting agro15 lynched was a very good play too.

This game went awesomely. The three people who needed subs were replaced quickly, there was only major inactivity on one day, and even that day picked up after a reminder PM.

The wolves played very well for the most part. Travman301 played like his human self, but pushed shoddy evidence a bit much and got himself seered. sc979 played amazing as I already said, and Temote did quite well too, although a bit more activity would be nice.

The humans didn't do too badly either, xplayfan seered 2 wolves, but was killed the same night he seered sc979. Had the humans won, he probably would have shared MVP with argo15, who also played very well. He came up with a plan to find the wolves, with his two top suspicions being the two wolves. His plan, however, hinged on the seer surviving, which he didn't.

jTWG XLVII: A Night Under The Iraqi Sky

Hosted by: rzr
Humans Win
MVP: jwc :O

Makilaz/PyroShock/Lightdarkness/SkyFox_ - Master Wolf - LOST the game
Kekeb/MassFlavour - Human - WON the game
Chris301/Xplayfan - Human
- WON the game
Argo15 - Red Miller - WON the game
emerald000 - Human - WON the game
sc979 - Human - WON the game
DrKirth - Human - WON the game
EnR - Human - WON the game
Roundbox - Medic - WON the game
Lightknight924 - Human Elemental - WON the game
DarkManticoreX2 - Wolf - LOST the game
jwcgator - Guardian - WON the game
T3hDDRKid - Human - WON the game
Pntballa18 - Lone Wolf/Anti Medic - LOST the game
X3R0H0UR - Wolf Elemental - LOST the game
Heavylee - Seer - WON the game

Night 1 -

- Lone Wolf (pnt) attacks MW (SkyFox)
- Red Miller (Argo15) seered red
- Wolf Elemental (X3RO) guarded by guardian
- DrKirth is Wolfed

Day 1 -
- The Red Miller is lynched (Argo15)

- Human Elemental (LightKnight924) seers Wolf (DarkManticoreX2)

Night 2 -
- Guardian guards heavy
- DrKirth is resurrected
- Human Elemental vigis Manti
- pnt is seered red
- Pnt (Lone Wolf) attacks MW (skyfox) again

Day 2 -
- Pntballa18 is lynched

Night 3 -
- Heavy seers LightDarkness (MW) green
- EnR is wolfed
- Pnt is resurrected
- Manti is resurrected
- jwc guards heavy

Day 3 -
- Wolf Elemental (X3RO) seers Lightknight (human elemental)
- MassFlavour is lynched

Night 4 -
- Heavy seers EnR
- Lightknight924 attacked by wolves. Fails.
- Lightknight (human elemental) guards himself
- Jwc guards heavy

Day 4 -
- pntballa18 is lynched

Night 5 -
- jwc guards heavy
- heavy seers X3RO red
- Lightknight is wolfed

Day 5 -
- X3RO (wolf elemental) vigis heavy
- Manti is lynched

Night 6 -
- Roundbox is wolfed
- jwc guards T3hDDRKid

Day 6 -
- X3RO is lynched
- Wolf Elemental (X3RO) user guard on self
- Lynch fails

Night 7 -
- jwc guards DrKirth
- Th3DDRKid is wolfed

Day 7 -
- X3RO is lynched

Night 8 -
- jwc guards DrKirth
- emerald is wolfed

Day 8 -
- Xplayfan is lynched

Night 9 -
- jwc guards DrKirth
- EnR is wolfed

Day 9 -
- SkyFox_ is lynched

Thanks for the memories, folks. u da bes

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Default Re: Junior Werewolf Game History

jTWG XLVIII: The Hundred Years War

Hosted by: GamerShadow
Cancelled Game

Roles (Original Participants)
1. rzr (Human)
2. EnR (Guardian)
3. Kekeb (Human)
4. jwcgator (Wolf)
5. litodude (Human)
6. sc979 (Seer)
7. mattc16 (Ninja)
8. Temote (Human)
9. Sullyman2007 (Human)
10. hi_top (Human)
11. Infinity. (Human)
12. u84 (Wolf Seer)
13. Xception704 (Wolf)
14. aTzUeLo1191 (Soulmaster)
15. Hoochan (Psychic)

jTWG XLIX: A Journey Through Time

Hosted by: rzr
Humans Win
MVP: jwcgator

1. Infinity - .
the secret keeper 3 (red)-
mason who seered red, and is secretly a wolf.
Objective: Win the game without sc979 dying.
2. iluswirl - .
the viglante (green) -
human who kills at night w/ 40% accuracy
Objective: stay alive.
3. championanwar -
terrorist (red) -
a wolf who picks someone to kill, any time during the game. both die
Objective: Stay alive
4. cloud0005 - .
the pretnder (Green) -
MW with the power to be seered as a desired color
Objective: Stay alive. fail
5. Bynary Fission -
hit man (green) -
ressurects/blocks resurrection
Objective: have 2 wolves killed. This can be achived on your own, or not. Pass
6. DarkManticoreX2 -
framer (red)
- can make a payer seered as a certain color
Objective: Stay alive.
7. Xception704 -
stripper (green)
- pciks a player to block the action of
Objective: block 2 wolves secondary actions. fail
8. DrKirth -
the fire wolf (red)-
perma strips a persno of their power. once can use this per game. dies on night 4.
Objective: Strip the seer of their power. fail
9. tupacodaman -
he saint (green)-
human whio if lynched the first person to have voted for them dies as well
Objective: stay alive
10. hoochan -
he secret keeper 1 (green)
mason who is seered green
Objective: Win the game with at least one other mason alive.
11. Sullyman2007 -
he god (neutral) -
nuetral player who can only win if they sucessfully predict 6 consecutive phases outcomes
Objective: stay alive.
12. jwcgator -
Coroner (neutral)
a personal card flipper. wins if they survive until the end of the game. can't be wolfed. only at night.
Objective: avoid getting lynched. pass
13. argo15 -
Cursed Creator (green)
Makes a role for someone on or by night 4. After that they die. The role will be added onto the original role.
Objective: Get uncursed. pass
Cursed human (green) -
simply dies if the curse is not lifted by Day 3
Objective: get uncursed
14. heavylee -
Psychich (blue)
Objective: stay alive fail
15. hi_top -
savior (green)-
protects the life of one player each night
Objective: successfully protect the life of one player who is attaked fail
16. LifeVirus7 -
Magician (green) -
can casue 2 players to switch roles every day. This includes himself. 80% accurate.
Objective: Stay alive
17. redorigami -
he pilot (blue)
kamakaze humam w/ the power to seer.
Objective: Seer 1 wolf. pass
18. sc979 -
he secret keeper 2 (blue)-
mason who is seered blue
Objective: survive at the end of the game with at least one other mason.
19. Makilaz -
Cursed human (green) -
simply dies if the curse is not lifted by Day 3
Objective: get uncursed fail - switched to argo
Cursed Creator (green)
Makes a role for someone on or by night 4. After that they die. The role will be added onto the original role.
Objective: Get uncursed. pass - when switched with argo's pass
20. emerald000 -
priest (green)
- uncurses one person each night
Objective: uncurse all originally cursed humans fail
21. atzeulo1191 -
tainted seer (blue) -
has a 50% chance the seering will go through
Objective: successfully seer 1 wolf. pass
22. Xplayfan -
item finder (green)
- power to select 1 person each night and if they have an item, he gets it
Objective: successfully steal 3 items
23. BDN -
possesed priest (red) -
has the power to curse people every night. th eplayer will die within 2 nights. 60% accurate.
Objective: successfully curse one person so that they die by this curse pass
24. u84 -
Jesus (green)
- knows the masons, tha msaons don't know him
- Objective: survive at the end of the game with 1 mason alive. fail
================================================== ================================================== =====
Items - (used in real time)
- Game piece - allows user to guard any person in the game, other then themeself
- Time scrolls - allow user to seer one person each night.
- A gizmo? - Allows user to select yes or no to using its power. The item will randomly seer someone, guard themself, resurrect someone, or kill themself.
- mp3 player - does nothing. The user does not know this.
- grenade - allows the user to vigi a player of their chocie.
================================================== ================================================== ======
Night 1
- Argo created a role for himself - Player is allowed to pick two people during their life span. If one is a wolf, all 3 die. If niether are, his curse is lifted. Caused himself to be seered as blue.
- Wolces send a kill for argo. Wolves change to jwc. Wolves change to Xception704.
- Cloud0005 chose to be seered green.
- Vigilante sent no kill.
- Savior sent no gauarding.
- Stripper chose to block DrKirth's action
- God sent no reply.
- Pilot sent reply to seer hi_top
- Magician chose to switch championanwar and hoochan. Power failed due to 80% accuracy.
- Framer chose DrKirth to be seered as neutral.
- Xception704 recieved item A Gizmo?
Day 1-
- sc979 recieved item mp3 player. Player accpeted the power. Power did nothing.
- jwcgator successfully coorpse looted Xceptioin704 recieving item A Gizmo?
- Drkirth failed at an attempt to corpse loot Xcpetion704
- argo15 failed at an attempt to corpse loot Xception704
- Argo15 decided to use powers on redorigami. Power failed, lifting argo's curse.
- sc979 recieved hint "Remember when everything's calm and quiet, it's on the inside that hides the riot. There's few together, for all to come pass, but perhaps there's a traitor, among the blus mass"
- Personal objectives were given out
- jwc gets coroner results back saying cloud is MW
- Phantoms awarded to hoochan, cloud, kekeb, sully, lifevirus
- cloud0005 lynched
Night 2 -
- Hi_top guards Xception
- BDN curses jwcgator
- Hi_top recieved item Time Scrolls - used them to seer emerald green
- Sully receieved item Game Piece - did not use item
- bynary blocked jwc from being resurrected
- Matt chose to have Infinity seered as blue
- Wolves send kill for emerald. Changed to argo. Changed to hoochan.
- Seer seered Infinity as blue
- Priest did not send a PM
- viglante did not send a PM
- Stripper did not block any actions
- God predicted nothing
- tainted seer seered DrKirth red
- Thief searched argo and found nothing
- Possessed priest cursed jwc - jwc will die in 2 nights
- Redorigami completed his goal
- no resurrections were made
- psychic gets reading 1 wolf died

Day 2 -
- Heavy got item Game Piece - used to guard atz
- hi_top got item Time Scrolls, used to seer DrKirth red
- BDN got item MP3 Player - item does nothing
- Bynary got item Grenade - used to kill hi_top
- jwc unsuccessfully corpse looted hoochan
- God perdicted Kirth's lynching - successful
- jwc successfully looted hi_top gaining item Time Scrolls
- jwc seered infinity blue
- fire wolf stripped jwc of his power
- Magician switched Argo and Maki
- DrKirth insta'd
Night 3
- BDN curses redorigami
-atz seers Xcpetion
- wolves attack heavy
- wolves change to emerald
- xplay steals from argo
- emerald attempts to uncurse maki
- stripper blocks kekeb
- vigilante did not send a PM
- seer did not send a PM
- psychic gets reading 1 wolf died
Day 3
- bynary fission is lynched
- no items are given out
- magician did not send a PM
- god sent no PM
Night 4
- item Grenade given to Infinity.
- wolves send kill for heavy
- psychic gets reading, no wolves died
- vigilante sends kill for Xception704 - success
- jwc dies from curse
- wolf reunion occurs
- argo dies from mak's curse
- redorigami dies from item
- stripper blocked infinity
Day 4
- infinity gets item time scroll - used to seer sully purple
- BDN gets item Grenade
- Maki gets item MP3 Player
- LifeVirus gets item A Gizmo?

jTWG L: Mutiny in FFR II

Hosted by: rzr
Wolves Win
MVP: atzuelo

DrKirth (drkirth) - Chardish (died night 2)
Ruritsu (ruritsu) - Synthlight (died day 2)
Infinity. (turkoglu14) - Tasselfoot (died day 3)
sc979 (sam97379) - MalDON (died night 3)
LifeVirus7 (psimaster666) - Nestlekwik (WON the game)
argo15 (argo1516) - Plaguefox (WON the game)
who_cares973 (agentbabyjesus) - 87x (LOST the game)
atzuelo1191 (atzuelo1191) - Xelius (WON the game)
u84 (u8477) - Summerschool (died night 1)
iluswirl (iluswirl) - lightdarkness(died night 4)
Kekeb (kek3b) - Jasonkey (died day 1)
tupacodaman (tupacodaman) - AnotherUnique (LOST the game)
pntballa18 (Merlonifan28) - Admin (LOST the game)
emerald000 (emerald3x0) - FFR Walrus (LOST the game)

jTWG LI: WWII, A Soldier's Tale

Hosted by: rzr
Wolves Win
MVP: u84

iluswirl (iluswirl) (night 4)
2. hi top (flywheel1964) (night 1)
3. freakysnots (freakysnots) (night 2)
4. FrozenAngel91 (FrozenAngel991), Master Wolf
5. u84 (u8477), Wolf Saint
6. Ruritsu (ruritsu) (day 1)
7. JkPolk (jomfgwhich)
8. jump_the_bullet (aksmooth77) (night 3)
9. ElRayford (ElRayford)
10. xharumoni (xharumoni) (day 2), Wolf
11. robertsona (robertsonarofl) (day 3)
12. Gun92 (james92hofmann)

jTWG LII: Sacred Heart

Hosted by: pntballa18
Wolves Win
MVP: u84

14. hoochan (twghoochan)-human
10. ruritsu (ruritsu)-human
4. hi_top (flywheel1964)-psychic
2. kotorfanboy (kotorfanboy)-brutal wolf
5. robertsona (robersonarofl)-wolf
6. u84 (u8477)-wolf
8. freakysnots (freakysnots)-mason
7. jump_the_bullet (aksmooth77)-mw
13. makilaz (benderchan)-human
12. temote (sumote)-human
11. jwcgator (jwcgator2)-human
3. Infinity. (turkoglu14)-mason
1. iluswirl (iluswirl)-seer
9. gun92 (james92hofmann)-human

and these were the deaths
Night 1 - Iluswirl
Day 1 - Robertsona
Night 2 - Freaky
Day 2 - hi top
Night 3 - Gun
Day 3 - Mak
Night 4 - Temote
Day 4 -JWC


Hosted by: jwcgator
Wolves Win
MVP: mamimimamimimamimi

WOLFS: ILUSWIRL, jump_the_bullet

Humans: SC979, Mamimi, Robertsona, iDOWN, Infinity, tupacodamon
Red Miller: rzr/argo
GUARDIAN: freaky
WOLFSBANE: FrozenAngel91

jTWG LIV: A Nomadic Adventure

hosted by: iluswirl
Humans Win
MVP: DrKirth

1. litodude Human
2. Gun92 Wolf Seer
3. drkirth Seer
4. clarinet89 Guard/Bane
5. ruritsu Human
6. lifevirus7 Vigi
7. infinity. Neutral (power sucker (could recieve one person's ability and color each night) (HAD TO JOIN A TEAM BY NIGHT 2 OR FACE DEATH))
8. Oni-Paranoia Human
9. sc979 Red Miller
10. robertsona Master Wolf
11. rzr Magic Man (recieved a random ability each night, if dead before night 2, everybody inherits his ability randomly.
12. Sh4d0wD3v1L Item Wolf (role that got an instant vigi item (if the person it was sent to used it) at the start, would recieve another when revive is sent out (IF ALIVE))


Night ONE
DrKirth seers sh4d0wd3v1l red
Rzr changes his color to purple!
gun92 seers lifevirus7 green.
clarinet89 guards oni-paranoia
rzr is wolfed triggering item sends to random people

Sh4d0wd3v1l is lynched.

Night TWO
clarinet89 sends to guard DrKirth
wolves wolf DrKirth, no go
DrKirth seers clarinet89 blue.
litodude gets "guard".
infinty. joins wolves and steals DrKirth's power, seering blue for the night
lifevirus7 corpseloots for wolf item, uses it and gets deaded.

KitB Gun92 and litodude
litodude is lynched

clarinet89 gets "revive"
litodude passes guard to
[color="Blue"] infinity. steals sc979's ability, seers RED because of red miller
DrKirth seers infinity red.
Clarinet guards oni-paranoia.
DrKirth guards himself.
DrKirth gets wolfed, again no go.

infinity. is insta'd. No phantoms.

Night FOUR
Oni-Paranoia gets "revive"
DrKirth is wolved.
gun92 seers ruritsu green
Clarinet89 guards self
DrKirth seers gun92, but no avail.

Oni-Paranoia is lynched.

Night FIVE
Wolves send kill for sc979.
sc979 uses guard on self, while reviving DrKirth
clarinet89 guards self.

DrKirth is revived, gets seering result for gun92.
gun92 is lynched.

Night SIX
clarinet89 guards DrKirth
DrKirth seers robertsona green.
robertsona sends to kill clarinet89

jTWG LV: Battle of the Bands

Hosted by: jump_the_bullet
Wolves Win!
MVP: Atzuelo

1. Gun92 - Fall Out Boy - Cursed
2. clarinet89 - Suicide Silence - Human
3. u84 - Chiodos - Human
4. Ruritsu - Creed - Br00tal Wolf
5. aTzUeLo1191 - Nickelback - Master Wolf
6. Infinity. - RHCP - Guard
7. Spyke_MH - Foo Fighters - Seer
8. Sh4d0wd3v1L - Breaking Benjamin - Human
9. robertsona - All Time Low - Human
10. tupacodaman - The Offspring - Vigibane
11. Oni-Paranoia - Protest The Hero - Human
12. sc979 - Rise Against - Human
13. kotorfanboy - MSI - Human
14. DrKirth - Hinder - Wolf

Night 1
Sypke seered DrKirth Red
Tupac sent in to kill ruritsu. vigi was sucessful
wolves killed u84

Day 1
DrKirth is lynched

Night 2
Sypke seered ATZ green
Tupac sent in to kill infinity. vigi failed. wolfsbane activated
Atz kills Gun92 the cursed human.

Day 2
Infinity. is insta-lynched.

Night 3
Sypke seered SC green
Tupac sent in to kill Oni. vigi was sucessful.
Atz kills Sh4d0w

Day 3
SC is lynched

Night 4
Spyke seers clarinet89 green
No vigibane pm sent
Atz kills tupac

Day 4
clarinet89 is lynched

Night 5
sypke wanted to seer kotor
ATz kills kotor so the seering failed

Day 5
Robertsona is insta's
End of story.

MVP - aTzUeLo1191
this is obvious. he managed to win the game pretty much single handedly. he had the humans wrapped around his finger all game. his back was against the wall the entire time being the only wolf after day 1. congrats

jTWG LVI: Bioshock

Hosted by: robertsona
[b][b]Cancelled Game
no mvp

Sc979=Master Wolf
Virus003=Brutal Wolf
Tater Tot=Little Sister
Ruritsu=Big Daddy
_.Spitfire._ =human

It sucked hard.
Inactivity was rampant, mostly due to the big size of both games (TWG and jTWG).
noobs were promising but didn't stay active
spyke seered a wolf night one
takedown passed a deadly item to a wolf night 2
sc979 played kinda well

Cyclone Trap-When given to someone, they pass on to someone else. To the person they pass it on to, it appears as a seer item, but is actually vigi. Dies when used. Whoever has the item can keep for as long as wanted.
Electrobolt- Used during the night. If used, “shocks” someone so they can’t perform a night action. If used on wolf that sends wolfing PM, wolfing will not happen.
Enrage- Steal anyone’s night power.
Target Dummy- Wolfsbaner.

jTWG LVII: Kingdom Hearts

Hosted by: rzr
Wolves Win
MVP: Gun92

Wolves - Gun, Kekeb, Demon

Guard - Clarinet

Seer - Mak

Thanks for the memories, folks. u da bes

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Default Re: Junior Werewolf Game History


1. Humans
2. Humans
3. Wolves
4. Humans
5. Humans
6. Wolves
7. Wolves
8. Wolves
9. Wolves
10. Wolves
11. Wolves
12. Humans
13. Humans
14. Wolves
15. Wolves
16. Cancel/Draw
17. Humans
18. Missing/Trashed
19. Humans
20. Humans
21. Humans
22. Wolves
23. Wolves
24. Wolves
25. Humans
26. Wolves
27. Missing/Trashed
28. Wolves
29. Cancel/Draw
30. Humans
31. Humans
32. Wolves
33. Humans
34. Humans
35. Wolves
36. Humans
37. Humans
38. Wolves
39. Humans
40. Wolves
41. Humans
42. Cancel/Draw
43. Wolves
44. Humans
45. Wolves
46. Wolves
47. Humans
48. Cancel/Draw
49. Humans
50. Wolves
51. Wolves
52. Wolves
53. Wolves
54. Humans
55. Wolves
56. Cancel/Draw


Humans: 23 Wolves: 25

corrections and information are welcome.

Thanks for the memories, folks. u da bes

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