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Default Yukitsuki-yashou (49 or 40)

I'm gonna hate myself for doing this, cause it makes one of my best scores ever seem far less impressive, but there's no way this is a 49. It's basically a shorter and slightly faster The Wanderer with longer jumpgluts and no long 24th stream. The only parts that are that difficult are the long jumpgluts at the beginning and end, and they certainly don't merit an upper-40s rating, or even a mid-40s rating. There are zero streams, zero trills, zero jacks, and only like a couple of 24ths in the whole file.
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Default Re: Yukitsuki-yashou (49 or 40)

thread approved
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Default Re: Yukitsuki-yashou (49 or 40)

Those jumpgluts are pretty difficult for me. I would say that 40 is too low in my opinion but also would agree 49 is too high for the song.

Also this song and a few others need to be fixed on r3.
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Default Re: Yukitsuki-yashou (49 or 40)

That many jumps at that speed can be difficult for newer spread players (such as me a couple months ago), and the part with the non-red/purple stuff can be tricky (and mindblockable). I suppose 49 is a little high for it, but 40 would be too low. Shame, this was my highest one-hand AAA until Enchanting Venus came along :P.

Edit: I actually still have to concentrate pretty hard on the opening jump sequence and probably would have lost the AAA at the end if that one had been any longer. Jumps are a lot easier with one hand. But now it's my highest AAA here too for now :P.
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Default Re: Yukitsuki-yashou (49 or 40)

Inside the fire [ffr chart] and Hybrid are both 46 and have more jumpglut-ness in them than this song does, and play at about the same speed as this. Inside the fire [ffr chart] also has that long trill at 600ish combo. This song is certainly easier than both of them; plays like a low-40s to me

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Default Re: Yukitsuki-yashou (49 or 40)

Definitely overrated, but 40 is a bit of a stretch.

Compared to Hybrid (46), which is generally a little faster but with easier jumpglut patterning, Yukitsuki-yashou doesn't really all that much easier than Hybrid, the gluts are trickier than Hybrid since Hybrid mainly consists of [12] and [34] jumps, while Yukitsuki has a lot more split jumps that are tricky to hit if you're not fast enough to hit them consistently. Though, Hybrid has more jacks than Yukitsuki overall, and the 16th parts is a little easier than the 24ths in Yukitsuki, although the 16ths are more frequent.

44 or 45 sounds fine, but 40 sounds a bit too excessive of a drop I'd say.
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