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Default TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Postgame Thread

Wolves + MixMasterLar Win


^link to all roles (if this is not viewable for everyone, lmk)


^mason chat




^an incredibly salty and very lengthy deadchat

1) AragakiAyase Rolf, Killed D1
2) storn42 Largo, Killed D2
3) Yoshl Shiharam, Killed N2
4) juckter1 wineandbread Calill, Killed N4
5) roundbox Reyson, Lost at Endgame
6) MixMasterLar Volke, Won D2
7) XelNya Ena, Lynched D4
8) psychoangel691 Precarious Mist, Won at Endgame
9) Vendetta21 Rhys, Lynched D2
10) R.E. Aryxi Hakulyte theknightsofneeee Soren, Lost at Endgame
11) FreezinIce Devdan, Modkilled D0
12) ShadoWolfe Janaff, Lost at Endgame
13) Pazzaz Haar, Lost at Endgame
14) Charu Tauroneo, Killed N1
15) Andy-o24 Tanith, Killed N3
16) gold stinger Ulki, Killed N5
17) botchi246 inDheart Makalov, Lynched D3
18) danceflashrevo Shinon, Lynched D1
19) _Zenith_ mellonxcollie Brom, Won at Endgame
20) Tokzic Astrid, Killed D2

will post more things tomorrow

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