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Talking I got D4!

Hey all! I finally got D4! Thank you all for believing in me!

I am also doing I guess a "celebratory" stream if you want to come and request songs. Thanks.
Click here to watch the Celebratory Stream!
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Default Re: I got D4!

Bruh you got d4 like a week ago

Ill be there cuz ur the boy but didn't u get banned for posting your stream link too much gg rekterino let's hope big bmah has compassion this time

EDIT: I love my boy diamond crafter, so heres some advice:

#1 bro u gotta play hard stuff - i know its all about the SDGs, but if you don't push yourself you won't improve as much

--> For example {Frozen} jumpstream - they are gross BECAUSE of the one handed trills, embrace it, if you don't, good luck when you want to hit D5 and the one handed trills double in BPM :P

#2 Play songs through, don't be givin up if you miss or anythin.. I always hear "my fingers slipped" or whatnot.. do you think its actually cause your fingers slipped lol, like some banana peel tier shiet Your fingers slip because you can't keep up with the speed, trust..

Not tryin to be rude, but like imagine.. if you played a level 40 song, you'd hit everything, never slipping.. thats cause you are at D4 level now, imagine when you are at D5 - you'll look back at level 60 songs and they'll feel like 40 songs to you, etc.. its a great sense of progress..

I like to imagine etienne playing those 99 tourney files and he's just seeing the notes for Free Space

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Default Re: I got D4!

hey diamondcrafter. nice accomplishments.

keep your stream advertising to the stream thread.

if you're going to be creating a new thread every couple days with your next accomplishment, perhaps think of making a consolidated thread instead.

Originally Posted by Charu View Post
Only yours, for an easy price of $19.99! You too can experience the wonders of full motion rump sticking.
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I am leonid
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Default Re: I got D4!

Damn you are persistent

Proud member of Team No
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Default Re: I got D4!

Your new avi is making me feel nostalgic.
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