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Default Rage of Bahamut app

So, I've been playing this highly addictive app game on my droid called Rage of Bahamut.
It's kinda like MTG. Start by choosing to be Man, God, or Demon (different stats/cards you get depending. Man tends to get better rare card drops fyi) You collect cards that have individual rarity, stats (atk/dfs) and.. cuteness/coolness. XD You build a deck and can do the main Quest were you get loot (rupies, cards, treasure items) and level up to increase your stamina, defense or attack power. You can also choose to battle other people to steal their treasure/rupies/dignity. If you have two of the same card you can evolve them, they have 4 stages increasing attack/defense. The game art is pretty neat, too.
It's a good quick pass time game.

If you're looking for a decent app game, check it out, but be sure to use my referral code because it's starts you out with 100k rupies and a rare card that is awesome. You need rupies to evolve and whatnot so 100k is perfect to start with. If you do play I am Kaytea_Kat on there.

Use this: yuc89487

P.S. the event Holy Wars has started which is sweet. Good time to get awesome cards right now. :P

JOIN the Spartans or DIEEEEE. =D (go to my random thought)
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