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Default Tales of vesperia stats

Okay well im bored and i want to see others party's, highest combo, Finish stats, Favorite character, favorite move, and Who do you think is the most broken character (overpowered)

Ill start
Highest combo: 144 (i know it sucks but i don't use Rita a lot...)
Party: Raven, Judith, Estelle, Rita
Finish stats: level 58, Completed on hard, All fell arms collected.
Favorite Character: Raven
Favorite Move: Stop Flow (Raven altered arte: Vanji Lost > Stop Flow (Hell Fire, Athenor, Gale, Great Deluge))
Most Broken : Of course.... Raven!!! Lol~
Best FC: Electro Rush x8 v2, Holy Orders
Best AAA: That annoying Polka song.
Best non AAA: 2 Goods on Summer time perfume.. sucks because i had autofail on.. 1300 perfects... GAH

First Place Beginner division
Phynx unofficial tourney

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Default Re: Tales of vesperia stats

I'm terribly bored too, so I'll continue the thread for you even though I haven't finished the game.

Favorite Character: Repede (Who I controlled for the entire game, or at least the point that I'm up to so far XD)

Party: Repede, Yuri, Rita, Estelle

Finish Stats: None, of course.

Favorite Move: Slash!! (certainly not the best move, but oh so much fun to use)

Broken: Probably Rita. The blah blah blah thing + Tidal Wave/Meteor Storm seems to be kinda overkill in my opinion. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think over limits used to make casting time quicker like that in the old tales.

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get a sand hack and don't chicken scratch it and if someone does something stupid hack burn
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Default Re: Tales of vesperia stats

Highest combo: a couple thousand, can't be bothered to check
Party: Yuri, Raven, Rita, Estelle
Finish stats: Level 200, Unknown, all fell arms collected
Favorite character: Rita
Favorite move: Brutal Fang
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Default Re: Tales of vesperia stats

Damn it, **** you all. I have to wait for my friend to finish it before he'll let me borrow it. I'm still playing ToS. Hahahaha
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