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Default What makes things "high priority"?

I had a small talk with Sprite the other day about the lack of MP mods the other day and was told that the whole system for them wasn't in place at the moment and that it was "low priority". I got the general feel that most things MP related (such as getting the two MPs merged) were generally low priority.

My general question is this:
What on the list of things to do denotes them as "high priority"?

The engine itself as it stands runs and looks better than FFR ever did in the past. So is it just anything that is engine related (big or small) that gets pushed on top things like MP? Or is it just whatever tickles Velo's fancy at a certain time?

This is in no way an attack of any sort, but rather a sudden realization that we as a community have no real idea of what is being worked on at any given time. It would be nice to have a general idea of what is being worked on or at the very least, a timeline of when things we HAD in the past are going to be fixed.
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Default Re: What makes things "high priority"?

It's really a matter of a few things:

-How urgently the problem needs to be fixed
-How big of a task it is to complete
-How much the community wants it to be fixed/implemented
-and a little bit of if velocity is lazy or not :P
Obviously there are a few other factors, which Velo can fill in himself. However, if there are any core problems or suggestions you'd like to see implemented or fixed on the site or in-game, we do have a Bugreport and Suggestions forum, plus a Suggestions thread which Velo reads and replies to regularly. If you want to know specifics though, you can PM an admin or a moderator and you can usually get an answer quickly.
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Default Re: What makes things "high priority"?

Weeeeeeed is a "high priority" lolololol

I'd just say be patient though. Just be glad YOU don't have to sift through coding (probably inefficient too). I would like to see what's at the top of Velo's list though.
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