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Let's GO.
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Default Well. I think that's a sign to take a break from FFR.

So today when I woke up I thought "Hey let's get my aaa bar higher". And so I played some 6's and a 7 or two, and then I found a 4 I haven't played..that Louder Than Thunder song (pretty good). ANYWAY so I get a good - and I get pissed because 4's are ez pz for me and haven't gotten an AAA or even close to at all today (Not an AAA day i guess). What do I do? Slam my first onto my keyboard of the laptop and yell a profanity.
What happens?
The laptop goes bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzttttt and freezes. I freak out and shut the laptop off manually and restart it. Thankfully, everything is okay though. I refuse to play again until I find it fun again.
Any rage stories from y'all? c:
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