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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Aaaaand my late score was a 59,420 so it turns out I would have won D4 if I weren't an idiot. Amazing. XD

Files definitely could have been harder for D4 - you started at the bottom of the D4 range and scaled towards the top of D4, and I think there'd be more variance in scores if you scaled from low D4 up to mid-high D5 instead. Fun charts regardless though, congrats and thank you for hosting!
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Thanks a ton for hosting, Charmoeleon! Overall I feel like the tournament was successful, especially for your first time hosting.

One suggestion is having a bigger difficulty increase for D5 towards the end into the low/mid 80s, but I know that's easier to do when you have more song choices. Ended up not being a big deal since it wasn't a AAA/low SDG or lose situation cumulatively for the participants, even if there was a AAA in the last round. That can also speak well of you adapting with the song selection based on how people are scoring in spite of the labeled difficulty.

Allowing late scores is helpful, but I'd say to limit rounds to no more than five days in length if going that route. Mainly just a personal preference in the end, though.

Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to any future tournaments you host!

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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Thank you for hosting the tournament. It was fun! I am looking forward to participating in your future tournaments!
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Alright, credits have been sent out. And just as an explanation, higher divisions were weighed more heavily than lower ones, hence the change in amounts between winners. The split between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd is the same across all divisions, however. Also, those that did place in the tournament also received participation credits, which is included in the amount sent. With all that said, if anything's wrong, please let me know and I'll try my best to fix it!

10th Official FFR Tournament(D1)-28th
badman7772's Tournament of Darkness(D1)-1st
Zenith's Cutthroat Tournament(D1)-1st
11th Official FFR Tournament(D1)-2nd
TheSmexxxyNoobs Ultimate Low Level Tourney(D2)-6th
Kawaii025's Tournament of Randomness(D2)-2nd
Benguin's (and Xel's!) Rates Tourney #2(D2)-3rd
FFR Unofficial Tournament 2018(D2)-5th

Best AAA: Strength (37)
Best Blackflag: Heroes On Your Lawn At Night (53)
Best SDG: {Satori} v2 (48)
Best FC: Survive (64)

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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Kinda late reply, but thanks for hosting!
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BF: (lower than 90 lol)
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Thank you for hosting the tournament! It was alot of fun!!!
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Vary late post but the tournament was really nice to join into and if you ever do another one, I will be there to participate
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