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Default Difficulty Forum Guidelines [Read Before Posting]

Guidelines of this forum

This subforum is designed to enable you, the player, to have a say in how we adjust difficulties on FFR. We value everyones opinions, but as the discussions here are intended to be of a most serious nature, we need to ensure that all threads/posts are up to a certain standard.

It is fantastic that so many users feel passionately enough about the game that they want to see it improved through fine-tuning some of the questionable/borderline files in the game that are constantly under scrutiny. Recently we've adopted a new difficulty system that has expanded the old 13 difficulty groups into 20 with secondary 1-99 ratings for each file from 'Free Space 1[1]' to 'Vertex Beta vRofl 20[99]'.

When you think the difficulty rating of a song should be reconsidered, you can make a thread for votings in this forum. If the thread gets enough votes and percentage for the difficulty change and the game staff approves them, the difficulty will be changed. Polls are optional, but we will primarily count votes in users posts. The title of the thread should be, "Song Name [N or N+1]" (ex. "Uber Rave [49 or 50]")

- Song choice and difficulty choice should be appropriate. If the song isn't considered to be in the borderline difficulty, or difficulty choice is considered to be out of place, the thread will be locked/deleted.

- When you vote, reasons for your difficulty choice are required. Difficulties are relative parameters, so you need to determine the difficulty ratings by comparing the song with other ingame songs based on Technical factors (BPM, framers, patterns, length, TPS, etc), and Statistic factors (# of AAAs, # of SDGs, # of FCs, PA of Rank 10, 50, 100, etc). It's sometimes quite subjective but you can use your own AVERAGE scores of songs in the same condition as sub-factors too.

- DO NOT argue with other posts.

-Stay on topic and avoid irrelevant posts. Non-voting posts will be deleted.

- You can vote once in a thread. If you intentionally vote multiple times using alt accounts, you may be banned from this subforum or the site, depending on the severity of your offence. You may post more than once in a thread if you have valid reasonings to adjust your original reasoning, or add insight/agreement to another users reasoning.

- Please treat this forum section similarly to Critical Thinking. A valid reason is mandatory in order to have your thread approved, and/or your posts considered.

- Keep in mind which users are moderators of this section before you post, or disregard someones 'advice'. They are trying to keep you on track, and arguing with them is bannable. The Forum/Local Moderators that cater for this subforum are Myself, bmah, jimerax, One Winged Angel & Stavie33. When in doubt about the content of your OP/replies, feel free to PM one of these people to double check that your thread is up to par.

When creating a thread:

If you would like your thread to be approved, a good example of how a threads OP should look is seen here.

As you can see this OP contains:
- Concise reasoning
- Many valid points
- No subjective bias
- Followed by a suggestion of which direction the difficulty should be changed.
- Any other issues that you feel important enough to warrant a change in the files rating.

A list of the current songs that are under discussion can be found in this sticky. So please look first to avoid posting a duplicate thread.

Your thread may be deleted/remain unapproved if it is poor quality. An example of how not to make one of these difficulty threads can be found here.

Things that might get your thread knocked back are:
- Not having any reasonable explanation provided
- Extreme subjectivity
- Having a short, uninformative OP
- Also note that posting images without an explanation to complement them is also unacceptable. We can't read your minds, so explain in detail what the images are illustrating.
- Simply comparison your performance/score on a file to other files/difficulties is inadequate, as it does not discuss the physical aspects of the file. It's the notechart that dictates the song's difficulty.

If your thread does not contain adequate reasoning as outlined in the stickies, your thread will not be approved for public view.

When replying to threads:

When responding to any thread in this subforum, keep in mind that inadequate posts will be deleted without notice. We aren't here to correct your posts to suit this standard. If you feel strongly enough about getting something in FFR changed, we require that you use the minimal effort in posting appropriately.

Constant ignorance of these rules or repeated low-content posting will result in a temporary ban from this subforum, thus restricting your ability to have your say in a files potential change.

Examples of low content posting is:

- Simple 'Yes' or '+1' posts. These contain no information and will be deleted on sight.
- Simple one word/line disagreements with the OP/other reply.

- Argumentative posts/attacks directed at another user will get you banned from the subforum for a length determined by the severity of your offense and in some cases will result in a temporary/permanent sitewide ban.

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