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Default Re: Flight of the Bumblebee [11 or 12]

Originally Posted by bmah View Post
We ARE making a new difficulty scale if you haven't noticed (1-20). It'll be released to the public soon...these will be massive changes.

SSSG HAS already been changed to a 7, thanks to this difficulty forum. Regardless, we'll see how it all turns out with the upcoming new difficulty scale.
how soon? and are these discussions relevant if the scale is changing?

Originally Posted by who_cares973 View Post
[8:05:08 PM] wc: lets make this the default background to every file on ffr http://www.presentcat.com/

Originally Posted by SKG_Scintill View Post
Trills are basically as fast K8107's. FotBB tops NPS at 14, K8107 tops NPS at 16. It's a 10.
Originally Posted by SKG_Scintill View Post
I have proof to be reasonably intelligent, ur dum n stuff. It's a 10

my 2cents:
-fun reading this thread :)
-I love how DP comes up all the time
-FOTBB should be an 11. I'm more of a traditionalist, and it's been an 11 forever (I was against revo being bumped too, but no matter). I recon BNS files stay the way they are.
-I realize that the above isn't an argument to its difficulty. and like people have mentioned before, I'm not quite good enough to accurately judge the fine line between FMO & FGOs... So, EHHS and FOTBB i'd score similarly on (non-mash), rolls i can do np, one-handed trill not, file not that dense. Seems like a normal top FMO for me.
-P4U i was horrible until i swapped skins, played the non-background version (thanks hakulyte :)) and i almost got a sub 20 FC on it. FOTBB is one step up from that. stays an 11.

Originally Posted by One Winged Angel View Post
39,000 popsicles pro bg blue note arrow slayer whoa damn..
Originally Posted by Xx{Midnight}xX View Post
one way to stream them all
Originally Posted by Xiz View Post
Right after sex, it skillboosted me by +10 levels from like a 35-45 about. (Which then 15 min's later I got really tired and couldn't play anymore)

But then my lady friend got pissed off I was playing FFR instead of playing her. Then for the rest of the night she played the 'Only want me for my body' card and I didn't get to sleep with blankets that night.
Originally Posted by thesunfan View Post
replacing ifitypedhisnameaslargeashisnamesuggests,iwouldgetbanned with theelongatedaustrocanadian3000 (pop).
Originally Posted by reuben_tate View Post
Title: Popsicle Three

Thousand the farthest
He's gone in an official
Whoop hip hip hooray!
Originally Posted by U.N. Owen View Post
kjwkjw: "oh my god, Tosh. Post that in the thread."

Danger incoming
The popsicles are melting
Three thousand of them
Originally Posted by Wayward Vagabond View Post
you got to ease the topic into some conversation and let it go from there

dynam0: man friend that was an intense sm session right?
friend: haha yeah you really nailed those patterns
dynam0: yeah man kind of like how gay dudes nail other gay dudes in the ass!
friend: hey bro can i tell you something
dynam0 yeah man whats up?
friend: hypothetically speaking would you care if i was bisexual or maybe even gay?
dynam0: bro we shower together after sm sessions all the time and i'll still shower with you even if you are gay or w/e thats your thing just dont try to ram my ass HAHAHA
friend: thanks man
dynam0: no problem man
Originally Posted by One Winged Angel View Post
pop takin' time out of playing irl Trauma Center to check in on his fiffer buds (mm)
Originally Posted by Xiz View Post
Well, Popsicle won every award this year so it was canceled.
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