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Default I Can (or Cannot)...

Well, this is an experiment to see if people can come up with funny statements, sometimes statements that contradict themselves (I can... divide by 0 is an example).

Or, you could do that and then the next person could answer yes or no or something like that.

Example: (footbull3196: I can... make great threads)
(next person: Answers, YES, then poses next question or statement) XD jk about the thread making... well, sort of

I got this idea from my Algebra 2 class, where every day, my teacher writes a target goal on the board, such as: "I can... find the inverse of a function without a graphing calculator." or something like that.

Have fun!
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Default Re: I Can (or Cannot)...

You can make good threads... Haha, that made me laugh.

Originally Posted by darkshark View Post
Everyone sucks at this game. The second you think you're good is the second you stop trying to get better.
Originally Posted by aperson View Post
i had a mri the other day it was the best song i heard in years

Originally Posted by Sprite-
More of a joke than the time I deleted all the credits on the site.
Originally Posted by MinaciousGrace View Post
yeah my goldfish think im a riot they do this thing where they turn upside down and float to the top of the tank

i guess their alcohol tolerance isnt as high as mine
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Default Re: I Can (or Cannot)...

You can sound sarcastic on the internet.
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Default Re: I Can (or Cannot)...

I can type 150 words per minute, i cannot finger my vagina.

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