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Default Ohh yeah. Got my Halo 3.

Legendary Edition. Stood all of 10 minutes to get it after having preordered it over a year ago.

Who else got their hands on this spicy little piece of secks?

PS: I also got two 12-packs of Mountain Dew, my preorder of Eternal Sonata, and a ton of Halo 3 memorabilia.

Waiting to get my hands on the headset and controller, but I've already spend lots of money today.

All worth it though.

If anybody actually replies, I might have pics to come.

Originally Posted by jewpinthethird[link]:
"If you get stung by enough bees you turn into a bee,
because the venom gets into the blood stream which
spreads bee DNA throughout your entire body...
changing your genetic structure into a bee's.

Every year roughly 125 people in America are turned into bees this way."

Originally Posted by
"Do you basically bukkake-paint your walls every time you jack it?"

Originally Posted by All_That_Chaz[link]:
"My pity-sex depreciates at a rate of 5% annually."
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let it snow~
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Default Re: Ohh yeah. Got my Halo 3.

And people wonder why I thought there were too many Halo threads.

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