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Default Keyboardsmash Phase I: Legacy Submissions Open

Opening submissions for Keyboardsmash Phase I.

Rules and shit nobody reads
- Any person can have unlimited submissions, there is no cap for accepted simfiles.
- My target size is 50 files
- Keyboardsmash Packs are about quality. If you're going to step a song, you need to do it in a way where after you're done, you truly believe that your file is so good that nobody should ever have to step that song again.
- I will however go against that rule at times and allow jumpstream/dumpfile submissions. If the chart makes sense and it is fun to play, and if it would actually make the pack better, I'm all for it.
- Submit simfiles to darkchancellorpacks@gmail.com. We'll go over and comment/review each submission

I want a team of 4 - 5 judges to help me with the project.

James May

*We reserve the right to make minor changes to your file if there are some small things we don't like*
We will of course communicate with you what is changed if changes are needed.

Submitted Files

X means rejected, O means accepted. The (x-x-x) indicates how many judges Accepted-Pending-Rejected the file

1. Kaerimichi (Rebirth) - X (0-1-3)
2. Battle of BRS (XelNya) - X (0-0-5)
3. Catastophie (XelNya) (1-1-2) - X
4. Rydeen (Bursurk Lurk) - O (3-2-1)
5. Funny Shuffle (bmah) - O (4-2-0)
6. Oriens (Gundam-Dude) - X (Released already)
7. Warhead (blindreper1179) (1-0-4) - X
8. Bodom Beach Terror (Rebirth) - O (5-0-0)
9. Cruise Beast (choof) - X (Released already)
10. Like a G666 (choof) - X (Released already)
11. Thorough Pinata Dicking Amateur XXX (choof) - X
12. The Divine Comedy Reverse (James May) - O (4-2-0)
13. Gum (Kommisar) - X (Released already)
14. Waterlily Junction (Kommisar) - X (Released already)
15. Fuse Gymnast (Kommisar) - X (Released already)
16. Marill (Kommisar) - O (2-0-0) (SM3.95 error with some judges)
17. Shawty Wanna Fuck (McMuffin) - X (0-0-4)
18. I'm Your Daddy (Scylaax) - O (5-0-0)
19. Pepper Steak (James May) - X (0-2-1)
20. Minuit A Fond La Caisse (James May) - X (0-1-2)
21. Insane Techniques (Scylaax) - O (4-0-0)
22. Kirlian Shores (James May) - X (1-2-1)
23. Akubyou Taisan (porkypink - X) (1-2-2)
24. Magic (porkypink) - O (4-0-2)
25. Old Obscurity (choof) - X (Released already)
26. Proof of the Existance (Malice) (3-2-1) - O
27. My Time (Detrimentalist) (2-2-1) - X
28. Amatias (Ghakimx) (4-2-0) - O
29. April.#02 (rCaliberGX) - X (Released already)
30. Endless Despair II (Scylaax) - O (6-0-0)
31. IX (10Dollar) (1-2-3) - X
32. Idola (Pompompulin) (4-2-0) - O
33. Collision Point (some ***) - X (2-4-0)
34. Atröpøs (????) (2-0-3) - X
35. Magic (Gundam-Dude) - O (3-0-0)
36. Hakugin no Datenshi (Ghakimx) (2-3-0)
37. Cedar Shed (Kraezymann) (2-2-0)
38. Story 2 (Rog) - O (5-0-1)
39. City (10Dollar) (1-2-3) - X
40. The Ceiling Could Never Hold Us (MrTea) (2-1-2)
41. Twirl (MrTea) - O (5-0-0)
42. Dream Express (Rebirth) (2-1-1)
43. Danger Danger (blind) (0-2-3) - X
44. Atropos (rCaliberGX) (5-0-0) - O
45. Do Not Go Gently (cedolad) (1-1-2)
46. Bad Boy (cedolad) (0-2-3) - X
47. Botines (dashoe) (1-3-0)
48. Space Travel (porkypink) (5-0-0) - O
49. Truthful Legend (porkypink) (3-1-0)
50. Gaijin Shawty (Jombo) (0-2-2)
51. Enfoire une fois, enfoires duex fois (Jombo) (0-0-4) - X
52. Double Monk (Gradiant) (4-0-1) - O
53. We Luv Lama (Tranceex) (0-0-6) - X
54. Seventeen (dashoe) (2-1-1)
55. Ham Jam (James May) (3-1-0)
56. Bleeding in the Brain (rog) (6-0-0) - O
57. Super Hey Ya (MrTea) (2-2-1)
58. Pelican Moondance (choof) (5-0-0) - O
59. Hideout (Velious) (1-2-0)
60. Shapeless Flower (Kaneh) (0-0-5) - X
61. Ra'am (bmah) (3-1-0)
62. Fantastic Theater (Antronach) (0-0-3)
63. Into the Battlefield (10Dollar) (2-1-0)
64. Shippu Jinrai (Pompompulin) (2-1-0)
65. Flute Man (Antronach) (0-2-1)
66. Kissing the Shadows (Baq12)
67. Unknown Soldier (Baq12)
68. Fallin Love (MrTea)
69. Alicemagic ~TV Animation Ver.~ (Yume)
70. Altale (Yume)
71. Hanairo Biyori (Yume)
72. Lambda Driver (Yume)
73. Neurotoxin (Yume)
74. Hui, Pizda, Govno! (dashoe)
75. Electroman Adventures (riotpolice)
76. Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl (wc)
77. The Swifty (rog)
78. Nightfall (Yume)
79. Kreuz (Yume)
80. Metsu Seisyoku Sequens Aria (Yume)

Accepted Files
1. Funny Shuffle (bmah)
2. Rydeen (Bursurk Lurk)
3. Bodom Beach Terror (Rebirth)
4. Marill (Kommisar)
5. I'm Your Daddy (Scylaax)
6. Insane Techniques (Scylaax)
7. Magic (porkypink)
8. Endless Despair II (Scylaax)
9. Twirl (MrTea)
10. The Divine Comedy Reverse (James May)
11. Story 2 (Rog)
12. Amatias (Ghakimx)
13. Idola (Pompompulin)
14. Atropos (rCaliberGX)
15. Space Travel (porkypink)
16. Pelican Moondance (choof)
17. Bleeding in the Brain (rog)
18. Double Monk (Gradiant)
19. Proof of the Existance (Malice)

Ctrl+F your shit to find what we hate about it

one of my simfiles so its auto accepted jk I don't judge my own shit

Funny Shuffle:
I'm impressed at your progress in making simfiles over the years. Your stepmania files used to be so bland for some reason, while your FFR files shined. But also keep in mind I've been out of the loop for 4 years and don't have anything to go off of since Xoon 5 so I'm just retarded

While the song isn't anything special, and yes I will place some importance on song choice, the steps fit it nearly perfectly. There is some difficulty to the file and I think it would be worth playing.

There is an inconsistency at measure 26, where you have some 24ths, there is a pink note at the end of beat 1 that should have a jump/double, based on the way you step the same sounds around this part, and the same thing at measure 28 beat 3. I don't hear any sound differences in these spots so the steps should match what you have in the area. This is such a minor issue (but one that will have to be fixed), there is no need to resubmit this. Simply tell me which replacement notes you would like to put in these spots and I'll do it for you. The judges won't really see a change until I give them the first "beta release pack" unless they also want to change this themselves. Accepted

Battle of BRS:
With a song with simple structure like this, it needs to be layered as best as you possibly can to keep the attention of someone who is playing it. I found myself to not enjoy the file because it wasn't difficult enough to keep me interested. Notes need to match the intensity of the song when the song is most intense, and aside from some jumps every few notes this chart doesn't capture that. Rejected

There is a bit of the same issue here with layering the intensity of the song correctly, but this one has much more potential than your other submission. With a great sounding song, you can't afford to go easy on the chart. From what it looks like, you do a great job at parts starting at m17 to m25, and where the song is the same at m49 to m64. If you can find away to match that accuracy of layering and chart quality, then we have an accepted file.

note: if you try again or a third time and it isn't quite good enough but its much closer to being perfect, I will help you and fix some of these issues myself. Pending

hi blurk

I don't know what to think of this file. Technically there is nothing really wrong with it at all, the song is just a piece of shit so nobody will want to play this in my opinion. Go step some good music like you used to ;_;
MAYBE but I don't think I'd want to use it.

On second thought, sure. But this file is weak and might not make the final cuts. Accepted

Cruise Beat
Nice attempt at an oldschool gabber file I guess. This is probably the best of the three bullshit submissions you gave us. Weird pattern usage, you might want to make this a bit less retarded. The overlaying at parts doesn't seem too bad though, I do understand what you're trying to do with that. Pending

I'm Your Daddy
- Remove the entire thing at the very beginning. I hate when people try to step dialogue, and with the type of song this is, it feels better to have nothing at the beginning and start the chart off with the percussion and other bullshit.
- What are you putting the hands to? You seem to put hands in spots and where the sounds are the same, even one or two beats afterwards, you have jumps. Inconsistency there. (This goes for the part at m8 to m40. The part immediately after is correctly done)
- Why didn't you step the 16ths at the start of m89? It seems obvious they should go there instead of mines. Also the part from m90 to the end doesn't need to be copy paste notes. The music is the same for these parts, but that part broke the file for me. Felt really boring doing that ending. Switch it up.

This file could make it in if fixes are applied. Pending

Like A G666
Good file for 2004. Doesn't fit in a pack like this in today's world. Besides, since your 3 submissions have been the same artist/music type I'd only really want to use one file. Cruise Beat is a million times better Rejected

Shawty Wanna Fuck
It's alright. Not really a fun file though, for a shit song, the chart needs to be incredible and this isn't. Nope

Akubyou Taisan
- Hold usage, that right arrow jack for no real reason, unspectacular stepchart. Even most of the minijacks aren't really warrented. It's possible with the song, to make a decently fun chart out of this, but this chart isn't it. Rejected

I'm Your Daddy v2
- I'd still think its better to have nothing at all in that first dialogue part but whatever. No big deal if they're mines.
- After seeing the fixes, I don't have any real qualms about this file. I might like to see a bit more difficulty in the file (readding some hands), perhaps in a second difficulty, where the file just progressively gets more difficult all the way through, but this is fine for now. Sure

Insane Techniques
- I don't like the lack of variety in the notes from m38 to m41. I also think that random note part in m8 isn't absolutely perfect. Look into that and see if you can sync it even better.
- There are some things I don't like about the layering in some intense parts of the song (m18 to m33)
- I think you should step the part at m41 that has only mines. It would feel great to play if the right notes are there.
- This song is great and the chart nearly matches it. I really like this file, but there are some things that need touching up on. I kinda feel like doing these fixes myself if you would let me. You don't need a collaborative distinction on it (Scylaax+Rebirth), I just want to help you out. But feel free to try and fix things yourself first. Accepted pending fixes

- I think the file messes up for me after m54. You might need to remove those rolls and resubmit
- I don't see anything wrong with the file, but the song is quite boring and that makes the file playthrough not as satisfying. Either way, for now at least, it is accepted pending roll fixes

Kirlian Shores
- I actually feel like the pink notes should be green, slightly before the 24th, like you do in m15
- Consider some more layering. Adding hands in some parts. The lack of extra layering makes the file not as interesting for me. Most of the weird offbeat notes are accurate based on what I can see.
- Maybe if some fixes are done.

- Most of the jacks that last one full beat aren't necessary. The only places where it is accurate is at m35 beat 2 and m51 beat 2
- Add jump to every red note after m58, don't leave out some. (same issue with the hard chart, but it makes more sense to do it on that chart)
- I also think you should make this a bit more difficult since you have two charts. Make this one harder to place with more layering and fixed jacks. It sounds like the minijacks are alright but the longer ones aren't except in those two spots.

- I understand it is a watered down version, but I think you would be alright adding a bit of light jumpstream in some of the streams. Not the longer streams, but some of the parts that have 5 or 7 16ths in a row, you can have red notes be jumps and the file would look better.
- Other than that I see nothing that would make me reject this chart.

In contrast to what GD said about the blue jumps after m6, I would make every blue note a jump from m6 to m10, at least for the expert chart.

Pending fixes, likely accepted

Minuit A Fond La Caisse
- I just don't think any chart to this song would be considered good and/or replayable. I want files with replay value in here, sorry. Rejected

My Time
- See Minuit A Fond La Caisse. The song gets a bit more interesting half way through, and actually turns into something good at the end, but it isn't nearly enough to redeem itself overall. Shame, the part from m73 to m90 is great.

Old Obscurity
- Same issues as the previous two files I played with lack of a real song, but this chart is very good and pretty accurate. It's hard to say a definite no on this. The short length helps it a bit. I'll see what the other judges have to say before really deciding.

Pepper Steak
- Another issue with a boring song resulting in nearly zero replayability. 4 songs in a row that I've played like this...
- This chart is accurate also though, but this has a lot more length than Old Obscurity has, so I'm going to have to reject this.

Proof of the Existence
- I also get an offset issue, but that is no big deal. (I'd fix it for the pack release)
- You miss some jumps during m26 to m34, mostly blue ones.
- The chart isn't too bad, really. GD mostly pointed out the issues. Would consider accepting

The Divine Comedy Reverse
- 32nd jacks what is this
- This also has rolls in it, which I would prefer not to have in the pack as many people still play SM3.9
- The chart otherwise is alright. A common thing I'm finding in a lot of files is the need for more layering, which I see should be done in a lot of this file.

Pending other judges comments. This is probably your best submission so far, with Kirlian Shores being a close second.

- This is one of those dump/jumpstream files that I usually rejected in the past, but I'm trying to have more of an open mind towards them now. I'm trying to overlook some issues and just accept it as a difficult file that people like nowadays.
- I understand what you're doing and why the intensity is where its at. I'm thinking about accepting it because it pretty much makes sense, but it would still be subject to quality cuts later on (as is every file) Acep I think pending other judges remarks

Magic (Gundam-Dude)
- I like this. There are some layering choices I'd do differently at certain parts (probably a personal thing since I like to layer to dynamics) but I guess there is nothing wrong with it.
- Your file might be merged with the other Magic file and called a collab/vs file.

Magic (porkypink)
- The entire file needs to be shifted up one 8th note. The fuck happened here. I couldn't even fix this in SM5, had to go to 3.95 and do it. Is there not a copy/cut paste method in SM5?
- I played this without changing anything in SM3.95 and it was perfect. No 8th note shift needed. What the fuck is this. (upon further evidence the offset is -0.234 on 3.95 and -0.448 on SM5. The .sm file itself says the offset is -0.234. Don't know what SM5 is even pulling that number from.
- File is good though, I think I'll accept it and mix it with GD's file and call it a collab/vs file.

Proof of the Existence v2
- Pasted the new .sm file into the folder and removed the old ones. SM5 didn't even load it so I had to play this on 3.95.
- A bit dumpy at the end with the jumpstream but its alright. The file overall looks better

- Same issue with pasting the new .sm file into the folder. Can SM5 really not detect this?
- The part at m14 - m16 needs to have jumps every 8th note.
- I'd like to see the part at m80 - m83 be layered to the guitar rather than just a jump every blue note
- The one handed thing at m110, m111 should probably be 4-1-4 instead of -4-3-4. Not because I can't do it or anything like that, it just feels better based on how it feels to play the more layered part two measures afterwards.
- Same issue with adding jumps every 8th note at m136 - m138

This file is pretty close. It suffers from copy paste syndrome a bit. It would be nice to see some variation in the notes, at least when the song repeats for the third time. Pending

Endless Despair II
- It pains me so badly that there are no jumps in those first 8th note streams. I really want to put some there
- Consider making the yellow notes jacks in m49 - m54. You do that when you layer it more a few measures later and I think it would feel better to play. Same thing when it repeats at m107 - m113.
- I might change some of those rainbow notes to see if something syncs better, but that wouldn't be until later.

File is pretty good though. Accepted

- Holy shit this file is fucking fun. Who are you an alt of?
- Would you mind doing a non jumpstream easier chart? I really want to see one.
- Accepted

- You're also an alt of someone I think
- Great file, I see nothing wrong with it. Accepted

This is the first time someone has submitted a file with a background video to any of my packs. I'm not really sure if I want to include it because it makes the file size larger (obviously), but I will most likely keep it.

[c]Collision Point[/b]
- Accurate file, but you're layering based on piano dynamics. And some jumps/triples are inconsistent. There are some jumps that need to be triples, mainly in the first half of the song. Go look over that
Pending but accepted after changes are made

- Missed a triple on m35 beat 2.5, based on the other triples in that area.
- The song is a little weak but the file is good. Accepted
- EDIT: After comparing to the other submitted chart, the other one is better. Rejected

Hakugin no Datenshi
- Feels like there needs to be a red jump every two beats during the stream at m21 - m23. Percussion layering. Same thing during the solo at m94 - m98. Maybe also during m110 - m114, though that one feels not as bad without it. Same thing at m146 - m152, m156 - m160.
- Missed 8th at m39 beat 2.5. Guitar note
- I think you can do more with the part at m138 - m145. More notes are there and it can be made a lot more interesting
- Missed 16th I think at m154. That part at m152 - m154 could be layered more to look better too.

Can't miss anything with these SSH songs. If done correctly they can be great files. This one is close but needs the fixes noted above. Pending

Catastophie v2
- This is a bit closer to what I envisioned but some parts are still lacking. I would also cut out probably the last 50 or so notes since the song is clearly over and it makes less sense to step that part.

This is close enough to where I would be willing to help fix things myself. Care to let me?

- The file is indeed fun to play, and I don't see much wrong with the chart, but I do have an issue with the song length. I'd personally like to see if it can be cut to under 3:00 in length. I'd be absolutely willing to accept it if we can cut this somehow. (Could probably take out the entire first "countdown" part and the part that follows, but include the second "countdown" and everything after that.)

I could probably even do this myself if the judges agree a cut is necessary

- It is a good file with an accurate chart. But my past experience with files like this is that they never get played more than once if at all. My goal is to have a pack of all replayable files, and I just don't see this as being one of them.

The Ceiling Could Never Hold Us
- Another good file that is really long. I don't see why the song/file can't just end at m132 at 2:40. Cutting this would likely get it accepted.

- Good file, weak song, very nice xmod chart. Good outweighs the bad for this
- I personally think you should end the chart after m121. It would turn it into a "short" file and the last few notes don't seem worth the 15 seconds you'd wait to finish out the file.

Atropos (rCaliberGX)
- This chart is quite a bit better than the other one I played for this song. I would choose this chart over the other

Bad Boy
- I don't really like the copy paste same patterns for the first 10 measures of the song and again half way through. That lost my interest before the song really started.
- This seems understepped. There seems to be a lot that you can do with the song but I don't feel that in the chart.

- Chart is correct for the most part and could be accepted, but it lacks layering. I think you could at least put triples or quads to certain sounds to make it more interesting to play.
- I also don't know about the amount of holds you have here. I know what they're going to but it doesn't look that good. I'm undecided on this aspect

Danger Danger
- When the song really starts at m19 you could do more to make it a really fun chart. Jacks, hands, etc. I think jacks in specific would fit nicely in this song. The last handful of measures look great, you just need to get the rest of the chart looking similar.

Cedar Shed
- After wanting to quit out after the first 30 seconds I'm a bit glad I didn't. The file is actually pretty good and would be a very nice easy file addition to the pack. I think something can be done to change up the repetitive patterns though. Something this easy and long needs to not have any copy paste notes. Could maybe even be layered a little more too.
Accepted pending fixes

Do Not Go Gently
- You sent two .sm files in the folder. I used the one without the 06 in the beginning because that looked like the newest one.
- Doesn't really seem layered correctly. The song also isn't that great. I didn't really enjoy the chart

Double Monk:
Just doesn't seem like an enjoyable and replayable file to me.

Enfoire une fois, enfoires duex fois:
There isn't too much wrong with the chart. You're doing your best to do what the music allows, it just isn't a very interesting file. Mostly because of song choice

Gaijin Shawty:
This isn't a bad file for something on the easier side. I think the patterns are pretty generic and copy pasted though. I'd like to see some more variation in that regard. Also try to tone down some holds. I understand why most of them are there but the chart seems cluttered with so many

Ham Jam:
Holy fuck this file was fun. I really like this. I've got nothing.

I think whenever the louder quarter notes that happen every two beats at m25 could be hands, to bring out the dynamics of the music in that area. Otherwise, I don't see anything really wrong with the chart. It's just somewhat of a boring song, and since that is the case, I would like to see the hands at some spots.

Space Travel:
At the very beginning and the very end of the song you put notes to an underlying melody. That feels so weird but it might just be me. I would have put notes to the more obviously heard music. Otherwise, it is a good file. There could be some filler notes placed in areas where there are some "gallops" to make the chart feel like it flows better.

We Luv Lama:
We already have a jumpstream version of this song in Nuclear Blast 4. This is pretty similar to that, aside from some more intense jumpstream in the first half of the song

Truthful Legend:
The only problem I see with it is that I would want some more layering in some of the streams. It is a pretty good file otherwise.

Bleeding in the Brain
- I've got nothing against the file. It isn't too memorable imo but that's because of the song, not the chart. Accep

Fantastic Theater
- More could be done with the chart to make it more fun. It's probably a pattern issue, but the song also doesn't give you a ton. Nope.gif

FLUTE MAN (Challenge chart)
- Missed layering in the first 14 measures and the blue jumps there sound like they go to nothing. What is this
- The middle gets a bit better but the song is so derp it makes me not like the file. I think Fantastic Theater has a better chance if revisions are made to that.

Into the Battlefield
- I do think the pitch relevancy of the chart can be changed from measure 1 - 20. And the layering of the jumps at 10 - 20. That bothers me.
- During the jumpstream at m50-57 it needs to be layered correctly. I get what you're doing but to keep it from getting boring, layer the other sounds also. Same thing with the 7 note streams from 58 to 65, stream from 74 to 80 or whatever
- I really like this file and it has great potential, but these issues need fixing. Pending. Prime cantidate for some fixing from a judge maybe

Pelican Moondance
- Good outweighs the bad by quite a bit. The chart is about as correct as a Venetian Snares song allows. I don't really like the notes to static at m10 - 24 or so but I know you just wanted to not have nothing there and why not. Ye

- Holy fuck this file is fun. I definitely see some spots where the potential for difficulty isn't expressed fully but it seems alright. (challenge chart) Damn son

Shapeless Flower
- If you want to go technical, those aren't 24ths at m26 - 33. They're probably green notes just above the 24th.
- Honestly the chart isn't bad at all. It's just a bit easy and that's from the song. I would have a lot more fun if it was overlayered on purpose. Example would be Bursurk Lurk's Kanon file. Overlayered because it was slowly paced but it worked great.
Reject but I'd reconsider if this was done The current chart could certainly stay, but I'd want to see what an overlayered chart would look like.

Shippu Jinrai
- There are some questionable jumps in some of the streams. That seems to be a theme of yours. Overall its a good file, maybe a few layering things in non stream parts. Yes

Super Hey Ya
- Nothing wrong with the chart that I can see. But this is one of those instances where I don't see the file being memorable enough to warrant more than one playthrough. super hey nah

Kaerimichi (Rebirth) - Very oldschool. I think the hold lengths could possibly be cut. It's got a good difficulty distribution though. Not quite sure how I feel about this. I don't think it's good enough for the pack but I'll hold that judgment for now. Pending

Battle of BRS (XelNya) - Pretty straightforward and nothing special. Solo section has a few technical mistakes, and generally all of the holds and miniholds need to be adjusted. At the moment they feel strangely thick, and the few times they layer it's hard to separate the intensity of the minihold hits, making the chart feel sort of muddy. Durations of long holds could also be adjusted slightly to match the music better. A few stream and trill patterns are questionably bland. Rejected

Catastophie (XelNya) - Minihold usage is very sporadic, sometimes intensely used and then nowhere to be found later. You don't need to make the entire chord all miniholds. Difficulty distribution feels really strange, as the more exciting parts of the song are easier. In a few sections, generic patterns start appearing when you can't really discern anything interesting in the music and you don't really have a way of addressing that. The part where the piano comes in, the piano part should be the focus, and you muddy it by trying to layer the drums too, and it kind of ruins the section. Rejected

Rydeen (Bursurk Lurk) - Cute. Glad you didn't just follow the 16th ostinato the entire way through. Not sure if it's good enough to be in this pack but otherwise no real reason to reject it. Accepted

Oriens (Gundam-Dude) - Plain, but done pretty well. Nothing too special, but nothing to pick out for a rejection. Accepted

Warhead (blindreper1179) - Overall it's got the right feel, but sometimes there's a lack of distinction of chord size, and the thick chords makes it feel like some parts of the song were cheesed and done in a lazy way. A detailed look into this chart might salvage it, but for now it's just not up to par. Rejected

Bodom Beach Terror (Rebirth) - Clean and overall really nice and structured well. However, if I were to pull apart the chart technically top to bottom there are a lot of minor technical mistakes. They don't break the chart but it would be nice to see them cleaned up. Accepted

Cruise Beast (choof) - There are a couple of nasty patterns in there, and some sections are really spiky in terms of difficulty. I personally don't like the hold section either. It's got a few redeeming qualities but they're completely obscured by a messy overall feel. Should be fine after a good clean-up. Rejected

Like a G666 (choof) - Jesus. Only thing I can really remember from this mess is that the [12]2[12] pattern bugged the crap outta me. Otherwise I suppose it's kinda varied and not too bad. Not sure how I feel about this yet, cause it's odd and not very palatable. Pending

Thorough Pinata Dicking Amateur XXX (choof) - Obnoxious and full of the kinds of rolls and chordstreams I hate. Rejected

Amatias - I would've taken out a lot of those miniholds. I don't think they're necessary in my opinion, as the cymbals already have dedicated triples. Overall it has the potential to be really fun, but a somewhat significant issue is the pattern choices. It's hard to explain, but it just feels kind of weird throughout. There are a lot of ways in which you have the right idea, such as the piano section, but execution falls just a bit short because you miss certain details. A lot of these issues would be almost insignificant by themselves, but here they're so prevalent it almost pervades your charting style. It could be good though, it just needs that push. I get the feeling you might want, and you should ask for, a detailed review from me. Pending

I'm your Daddy (updated) - Much better, much cleaner. An 8th before m34 I dunno if you meant to ignore that sound. Not a big deal if meant to, just curious. Accepted

Insane Techniques (updated) - Also much cleaner. Accepted

Endless Despair - Overall really fun and on the right track. Personally I think it could do without 70% of its holds or at least duration cut shorter on a lot of them. Some of the jack patterns probably could've been done better but considering the way the song develops and your note density control I'll let it slide. Personally, I would've also have liked to see some fun playing with guitar bends and wails near the end, but I'm crazy like that so you can ignore that if you want. Aside from that I can only see minor nitpicks on specific things, so I'll see what other judges think. Generally excellent chart. Accepted

Funny Shuffle (updated) - Accepted

The Divine Comedy Reverse (James May) - Wtf is that 32nd jack in m26? There's like a pretty definitive percussion hit there and it seems like you chose to put 32nd [23] jacks instead of following that, which doesn't line up with the jacks you used later on (??). Aside from that I have no real issues with it. A couple of minor nitpicks like roll usage and note density I'll let slide here. Fix that jack. And what's with people picking weird dumb songs to chart? Pending

Shawty Wanna Fuck (McMuffin) - I can't take this seriously. I'm sorry. Nothing glaringly wrong but oh my god if the other judges want to put it in as a joke chart I'll let them decide if it's funny I abstain

I'm Your Daddy (Scylaax) - Nothing particularly wrong with it, though the mines in m65 are really tight, and even under miniholds, which I don't agree with. Couple of interesting layering choices but I'll let them slide. Preferably, fix that small mine issue. Accepted

Pepper Steak (James May) - There's nothing wrong with the chart but it's really bland and uninspired. Rejected

Minuit A Fond La Caisse (James May) - Overall it's okay, but some technical polish would spruce it up enough for the pack. Pending

Insane Techniques (Scylaax) - Holy balls that's intense. Overall really fun and done well. Though I personally would've taken out like 70% of the miniholds, I think from a stylistic point this one could be justified, so I'll let it slide. Good job. Accepted

Kirlian Shores (James May) - This could potentially be amazing. Polish it just a bit more and it'll be great. Unfortunately, I feel like you might have trouble figuring out where you need to tweak it, so if you need more help and a more detailed review let me know. Pending

Akubyou Taisan (porkypink) - The 16th/24th polyrhythms don't seem to follow anything (choose one), and there are a couple of jacks and ghost notes that are questionable. However, the difference between the questionable and acceptable ones are subtle distinctions. If you want help with that I can go into detail, but if you can find them yourself then it'll be evident you have the talent to discern them and your ideas just weren't clear. I like the note density control, which makes the climax feel awesome to hit. Pending

Magic (porkypink) - Yep, that confirms my suspicions. I've never heard of this guy before but I think he's gonna be a rising star. This is just plain fantastic. Accepted

Old Obscurity (choof) - Does the song ever pick up? It doesn't feel like there's ever any real music happening, it's just glitch rhodes and not much else. If the song had more substance it would probably be interesting enough to use. Chart is perfectly fine though. Pending

Proof of the Existance (Malice) - I'm wondering if the ending chordstream is too thick. Polyrhythms are also questionable but to be fair they're difficult to work with. Otherwise it's really fun. Minor tweaks should push this to acceptance range. Pending

My Time (Detrimentalist) - Pretty frickin fun, despite the slow sections. Song's a bit weird but that's personal taste. Accepted

Cedar Shed (???) - All in all a very solid, simple xmod chart. One thing in particular I should note is that almost all of the xmod gimmicks are done very fairly, something I don't think enough people do and pay attention to in their xmod charts, so there's an extra bit of respect coming from me. The only gimmick I didn't see coming is slowdown at measure 72. If you could somehow make it more evident that there's a slowdown there (I recommend a mine) then it would be perfect. Technically there are some mistakes, but they're minor enough that I would let slide. I get the feeling that other judges are gonna pick up on them so I'll let them take care of that LOL Accepted

Idola (pompom) - Generally solid and awesome. What I like about you is that you've got a good grasp of the basics, and your style feels like it's open to different kinds of adaptation. The burst at measure 76 might be a bit much in terms of difficulty spiking, but that's the only real issue I can pick out. It's kind of exciting to see a foreign face in our community Accepted

IX (10Dollar) - Not my cup of tea but it's pretty good in certain ways. I pretty much agree with lurker here, it's a bit on the hard side. Pending

Collision Point (??) - There are a lot of very clearly missing notes for some reason, so I'll outline them here.

m2 beat 3: there's a missing blue note
m11 beat 3: missing first yellow note
m14 beat 2: missing second yellow note
m16 beat 3: both yellow notes are technically missing, but these I can see justification for not having
16th note before m18: missing
m21 beat 2: rhythm here is just totally off to the point where it actually feels wrong
m23 beat 2: 16ths are missing technically
m24: technically missing a note right before the downbeat, but it's subtle enough that it could be ignored
end of m33: the riff sync is off, at least the first 4 notes are

In general, the rhythms are a bit off because you misinterpreted where the downbeats are. Fortunately, this is a non-issue because almost every accented hit/double is yellow, so this probably looks nicer, and it's hard for most people to tell anyways. As for things that matter, in general the chart feels weird. A lot of strong notes aren't accented, which by itself I find strange, but often times this isn't consistent with what your own choices. In addition, the patterns you use don't really reflect well on certain things. For example, beginning of m22 there's a very distinct switch from the top of the piano to the bass, and this transition is in the middle of a 16th run. And yet, you put the transition between the two lines on the same hand. Things like this show that you're not really paying attention to what's going on in the song, you're just throwing random patterns down with the correct rhythms, and that's not what you do with piano songs. Fix everything and maybe it could be good enough to go in. Pending

Catastrophie (XelNya) - Okay m6 is interesting LOL you think it's following pitches but it's just accenting and it feels a bit weird at first XD. Piano section is a ways off. Too many riffs push to the left, and snare fills are done by rolls, which feels a bit strange in the first place and coupled with the fact that it's in the middle of a piano melody section, you think there's some piano line there and there isn't. Accenting and chord usage could be cleaned up too, which should free up pattern choices to let the piano melody out a bit more. One major gripe about the chart as a whole is that more intense sections of the music are actually some of the easier ones, significantly. And it's not even an issue of "there's nothing going on here so I can't make it harder", there's plenty of possible techniques you could take advantage of if you're thinking cleverly. And finally, I hate how this fades out, it feels like it goes on forever. Rejected

Atropos (rCaliberGX) - m39 beat 3 I'd like to see that blue note be a double, as there's a pretty rich piano chord there. I'm also wondering if the 8-bit 24th riffs could be done differently to feel more "crisp". Otherwise, this is excellently done and incredibly fun. Playing it was actually really refreshing. Accepted

Hakugin no Datenshi (Ghakimx) - m102 beat 3 last 16th there's a guitar note, not sure if you wanted that. m126 would've been sweet if you changed the patterns to push the modulation (fancy term for key change), but to be honest it's not easy so don't worry about it if you don't think you have any ideas for that. Otherwise I see nothing else wrong with it. It's pretty oldschool, which is probably fine since it's an SSH song LOL Accepted

Story 2 (rog) - Solid. I like the mine thing at the end. Accepted

Twirl (MrTea) - Some of the xmods make it almost impossible to dodge some of the mines, like in m29. You see a hold so you're inclined to hold at least briefly, ready to release early in case it tries to speed up, but the mines hit you so fast you don't have time to react. Some other xmods are borderline not sightreadable but I'll let them slide. Accepted with minor fixes

City (10Dollar) - Overall there's nothing particularly wrong with it. It's pretty solid all the way through, and any improvements on it are going to be minor. However, it's pretty repetitive and doesn't have a lot of interesting things going on, so I don't know if it's necessarily noteworthy enough to accept into the pack. I'll let other judges decide on this. Pending

THE CEILING SUCKS (MrTea) - I really wanted to quit out of this. Technically speaking there's nothing wrong with the chart (but I still absolutely hate 32nd+ rolls going to buzz sounds), but the song is so bad and it just drags on for what seems like an eternity. A few sections were done well, but it's not enough to salvage the thing as a whole. Rejected

Danger Danger (blind) - Right before m11, that's a 24th drum roll, not a 32nd, and don't use a double for the first note of that roll. The entire thing just feels bland and uninspired. The big important sounds weren't really sticking out, and the ending is one huge difficulty spiked clusterfuck of jacks. Rejected

Dream Express (Rebarf) - The section at m83 beat 4 differs from the one at m91 beat 4. The m83 section has a totally different 16th ostinato pattern in the back, one with a lot of repetition and jacks, and the patterns should be crafted around that. The m91 one is fine the way it is, though it feels lackluster compared to the rest of the chart, which is nicely done and hella fun. Accepted after fix

Divine Comedy Reverse (James May) - I only recall having one problem with the chart, and it didn't crash until the very end so I assume it's fine now. I still hate this song and would preferably not want to listen to it ever again. Accepted now leave me alone

Atropos (rparty) - Right off the bat, we have a very odd choice of layering that doesn't really blend very well, and causes a lot of pattern choices to be very awkward due to strange positions of hold notes. On top of that, it doesn't really serve to highlight the exciting parts of the song, or does so ineffectively. The slow section has really odd pattern choices with weird jacks popped in for no real reason. The section right after the slow BPM (m43-54) is the only part that's decent, and would work well in an easy chart. Hold lengths throughout are just awkward. I don't really think minor adjustments would push this into acceptance range, you might need a total rehaul. However, given how good rCaliberGX's chart is, it's probably not going to beat it by comparison. Rejected

Idola (pompom) - Revision is better. Accepted

Space Travel (porkypink) - Hell. Yes. I love the instrument choices and the silky smooth flow. The panning effects were badass. I knew I saw potential in ya. Accepted

Truthful Legend (porkypink) - Patterns are so wacky and strong and the flow is so nice. Accepted

Bad Boy (cedolad) - Glad to see you're growing as a chart artist and being a bit more ambitious. Generally speaking, very awesome and intense, especially that first drop. However, there could be quite a bit of cleaning up done on this chart, such as with certain pattern usage (grace notes), holds (most of them too long/unnecessary), etc. Fix them up and you're good to go. Ask for a full review if you want more details. Accepted after fixes

Botines (???) - Simple and fun, really groovy. Accepted

Do Not Go Gently (cedolad) - Ehhhh, there's a lot of technical mistakes, such as wrong notes and missing rhythms. In addition, some pattern choices are really strange, and overall it just doesn't feel very tight because of all of the trilling on each hand, and it doesn't completely work with the song in my opinion. But even if you wanted to do it that way, it still needs a lot more polish. It's gonna need a good amount of fixing to get to acceptance level. Pending

Double Monk (Gradient) - Not my cup of tea but there's nothing wrong with it I don't think. Good for jack practice. Accepted

Enfoire etc (Jombo) - The way you handled pitch in the beginning was very strange. It was almost rigid, and you didn't want to really move around to follow the melody line, which could arguably work, but it wasn't even remotely consistent, so it just felt really random. In the 24th stream section, I don't know why you have an extra note after the 8th note, where the streams end. Later on the song gets really harsh and chaotic, and while it's difficult to discern sounds here, the way you approached it didn't seem to fit very well either. All in all, the chart's current style is very simple and not too interesting, and I'm not sure if it'll be right for the pack. Rejected

gaijin shawty (Jombo) - Simple and it has a nice groove. With some polishing it could be pretty good. Still feels a bit simple for the pack though, but this one is almost done on a technical level. As for polishing, changing the way you handle holds to make it more consistent as well as length adjustment would pretty much do it for the most part. If you want more in-depth explanations, ask for a full review. Pending

Seventeen (???) - Very interesting layering approach. I don't think I have a problem with it. Nothing I really pick out that's wrong about it. Accepted

WE LUV MAMA (???) - Picking a Sharpnel song is pretty daring. Choosing to do the chart old-school style is even more daring. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of the song or the chart. Rejected

Ham Jam (James May) - Song is really cool but hurts my ears after a while ;_; Chart is also cool but there are glitched notes I can't hit for some reason. Aside from that it could use a bit more polish, fixing up poor patterns and missing notes/rhythms and adjusting holds. Probably could be accepted after fixing (though still not sure why I can't hit some of the notes). Pending

Pelican Moondance (choof) - It has that Robotomy flavor to it. I'm digging it. Like Robotomy, some parts are especially brutal, but I'll let these slide because I'm really liking this new style of charting and I want to see it developed a bit more before critically refining it. Accepted

Super Hey Ya! (MrTea) - The beginning is really cute. Overall, I feel like you picked this because you really liked some of the fun riffs and effects, but you didn't really know how to treat the rest of the song. The parts where you did follow riffs and effects were done really well and are incredibly fun, but the rest of it just feels bland and repetitive. Especially in the chorus, I don't know what those miniholds are going to, and they even alternate between downbeats and upbeats, which confuses me. Figure out how to make the majority of the chart more interesting and it's a yes for me. Pending

Bleeding in the Brain (rog) - Should've indicated that I should play the Beginner chart or get rid of the Easy chart before submitting. Anyways, pretty solid, I generally have no problems with it. Only thing I would mention, and fixing this is minor issue, is that the one measure with 32nd minijacks is significantly harder than the rest of the chart. I personally have a strong general preference for charts that don't have inconsistent difficulty spikes. Accepted

(Velious) Hideout - Oh my god I missed you dude. Chart's pretty chill, but as you already have guessed, I'm not a fan of the 32nd jack. Aside from that I'm okay with it. Accepted

(Kaneh) Shapeless Flower - m19 the first blue note is a double, and I'm not sure why. This also continues on for the rest of the section. I guess all in all it's alright, but it just feels too plain and generic, and some of the early pattern choices had really weird pitch relevance. Rejected

(porkypink) Space Travel - Overall, a lot of the patterns have become more intense, but some small parts feel more cluttered. Personally, I liked the old 24th trills. The ending 8th patterns are sorta weird, I think I actually liked the old repeating pattern more. Still good though. Accepted

(bmah) ra'am - Nothing I can really pick out that's wrong with it. Jacks might be a little intense. Xmod gimmicks in the beginning aren't really fair. Even the "fair" ones are pretty intense. Nontheless, Accepted

(Ghakimx) Amatias - Uhhh, I don't recall what the old version was like but this one seems to be kinda unclean in certain sections. Some more cleaning up would be nice. Pending

(Antronach) Fantastic Theater - The very first hold in m3 is way too long/out of place. The note doesn't linger, it's almost staccato. Alternatively, the note after that could use some length.
When the beat comes in at m5, almost all of the 12th swing notes are wrong. They don't follow anything and the swing that is actually there is usually missed.
The patterns and pitch relevance starting at m13 is kinda poor. The rhythm isn't even right. There's another nuance you do correctly (most likely by accident) and break it later on. m13 the 24th note right before beat 4 is on the right hand, and the downbeat is on the left. This makes sense since there is syncopation in the melody. However, the same pattern at m17 breaks this rule, putting it on both hands, ignoring the syncopation entirely.
More holds that are too long, like at m18. More improperly placed swing notes. The rest of the chart is mostly a mess.
While the technical errors I don't mind skipping over on occasion, the problem here is that the overall flow is a awkward and choppy. In concept it could be really fun, but it's going to require a pretty heavy overhaul, and needs to pay a lot more attention to details. Rejected

(10Dollar) into the battlefield - I don't have any major problems with this, but I can visualize so many crazy counterpoint and layering techniques I could use here. Maybe it could use some more improvements, but that could just be the fact that seeing such high potential in this makes me raise my expectations. Oh well. Accepted

(Pompompulin) Shippu Jinrai - Uhhhh, there's a lot of crazy stuff going on here. There could be a lot of small improvements you can make to this chart, but I'm okay with how it is now. It's quite chaotic at times, but I think in a certain way it could be a fun climactic build-up. Accepted

(Antronach) FLUTE MAN - This one is not an easy song to chart. There's a lot of weird rhythms going on and the layering would most likely require a bit of finesse. The patterns you currently have are kind of awkward when there are long holds involved. Elsewhere, it feels a bit messy. Though to be fair, the sound is a bit muddy so it's difficult to distinguish what's happening. I don't think it feels tight enough at the moment but it's not a million miles away. Pending

Battle of BRS
-not that bad, has potential. rhythms get pretty repetitive after a while and I noticed a few 32nds missing in some drum parts. also the double hold jumps were a bit too much.

Bodom Beach Terror
-file is really fun, but GLoVE would have a fit seeing how inaccurate the guitar is stepped haha. the first verse that repeats has a really annoying gap where guitar is playing and it isn't stepped. also that solo is horrendous especially those 24th one handed trills.

-ait a few things about this file. I'd like to see those piano flam notes cleaned up a bit pattern wise during the chorus. the other sections I feel could use a bit of changeup in the accentuation since it becomes a little boring with the 16th slow jumpstream and the intermittent 32nds. also the end could be cut shorter arrow wise because it just drags on and barely anything is playing. I'd really like to see this get in because the song rules and the file was really fun.

Cruise Beast
-pretty awful 16th patterns. also idk if overlayering the start that much is really necessary. anyways my biggest issue is the patterns are horrid. pretty sure this could make it in. also 32nd walls really is this 2005

Funny Shuffle
-yes this ruled

-well someone was bound to do singles of this eventually. this probably would've been popular in 2006 but faced with today's standards is pretty weak. it's almost as bad as my solo file D:

Like a G666
-the fuck is this lol


-this file isn't bad by any standards but is uh...perhaps a little too easy? idk i'll let rebarf decide.

The Divine Comedy Reverse
-the 48th jack has to go. file is also a bit offsync (late -.04 or something). you always step the weirdest shit haha. aside from that jack this file is great.

Thorough Pinata Dicking Amateur XXX
-man the fuck happened to you

-file is a bit of a dump, sorry.

Akubyou Taisan
-Played this for VGMP4, loved it. Still love it.

-the first piano roll you have set as a hold, I don't see why you couldn't step it accurately given the difficulty
-Throughout the file I notice a lot of spots where the guitar notes could be placed as mini-jacks, as they are done sometimes but not consistently.
-The first guitar solo before the midway point I'd focus on the solo solely to avoid having it too confusing, or if you want to layer everything don't forget to layer in some stuff during the single 12th notes to make it consistent with the first half of the solo.
-This is one of the better files I've played so far. A few nitpicks for perfection sake but damn this is fun.

-the mine column at the start is a cool trick, but maybe change it every few mesures so it's not always on the left? Just to avoid having too much repetition with the 234 columns
-Feels like a cool old school meets modern simfile flashbulb file. The rolls were great, I'd even like to see more of them (but it's fine as is). No complaints regarding the accuracy of the file everything was excellent.

Endless Despair II
-Implying this is the VGMP4 submission (rip in piece) then yes this file was fantastic.

I'm Your Daddy
-some parts you omit arrows in place for mines, but honestly I'd place the arrows accordingly (feels a little strange not hitting the 16th percs at those sections)
-Ending becomes a little repetitive but cuts right in time. Really fun breaks file.

Insane Techniques
-I'm actually gonna skip on judging this file since I stepped it for solo and have a lot of bias regarding how I stepped it haha. I'm just seeing everything differently.

Kirlian Shores
-I think I noticed a few sections where some 16th hi-hats were missing in between transitions
-I know this has been stepped to death but I think this is the first one I play through. Very enjoyable.

-I don't think mini-holds are necessary for the first part's synth.
-I actually thought I stepped this for a sec. It's like identical to what I would do haha.

Minuit ā fond la Caisse
-My judgment from VGMP4 stands. Just gets really repetitive and boring after a while.

My Time
-I think this tops My Unfortunate Erection. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Old Obscurity
-If the song was about 5db louder It'd feel a little more climactic haha. Idk what people would think about this song. I mean I personally have nothing against the file.

Pepper Steak
-there are definitely some 16ths missing in this
-Man what game is this? has like the weirdest fuckin music haha

Proof of Existence
-way to butcher the name faget
-heads up, as I see you're using the same sync as bcmp, it's incredibly late (like by a fuckload, -0.1)
-there are a lot of key instruments missed in some sections. and I'm not sure I'm huge on the polyrhythm sections.
-The ending was really fun though. If the first half of the file was polished up a bit I'd love to see this in.

The Divine Comedy Reverse
-those 32nd jacks need to go. it's just too huge of a difficulty spike compared to the rest of the file. Rest is quite odd but still well made. Consider this a conditional accept.

-damn you're really hitting it out of the ballpark with your submissions

Bad Boy
-the start feels awkward with the holds for piano notes
-once the drop hits I feel like the wubs could be single note jacks
-file in general feels oddly accentuated, especially pitch relevancy

Bodom Beach Terror
Cedar Shed
-personally I thought this was super fun. only complaint is that the patterns are very plain and it feels like a pretty old fashionned file. The roll percs are stepped as holds, but these would work even greater as rolls if you're using 3.95/sm5. Given the simplicity of this file I think it might need a bit of embellishing

-This file is unfortunately too repetitive. It's very well stepped, but constant jumpstream just kills it. Maybe a cut would be needed.

Collision Point
-tragically short, but excellent file. A few piano notes missed here and there that break up the flow a bit but nothing major.

Danger Danger
-some parts feel a bit odd, like the 32nd jumpstream (could be just as single notes)
-towards the end part of the song some mini-jacks could be used to follow the notes a little more accurately. alternatively some jump jacks are present that I don't think are warranted.
-song has a weird cut.

Dream Express
-sure is 2007 in here
-first part feels like a complete convert of zagh's solo chart.
-some parts feel a little inconsistent, especially with percussion mini-jacks
-on the 2nd half of the file when the main melody repeats I'd start the layered jumpstream earlier imo.
-Needs some tweaks here and there for consistency but a file like this would be cool to have in the pack.

ching chong wapitty wap (ghakimx)
-the one handed patterns are eh but they're alright
-the rhythm guitar is layered pretty inconsistently throughout.
-mini-holds are a bit too much. can be taken out.
-during the end of the keyboard solo I think they're 12th notes not 16ths?
-lots of small details missed everywhere. needs a lot of tweaking.

-wow what a great file. loved this. needs some fixes though: 16th mini-jacks are a little too much at this speed, and the 12th hand jacks are too much haha. with those I'd gladly accept this in.

-I think this file is just too overlayered for what's presented. the long wristjacks and jump jacks just kill the flow of the file. very smoc styled haha.

Magic (both)
-I honestly love both files. Edge is on gundam-dude's file because I get hard as fuck at these kinds of technical files.

Story 2
-wow uh

The Ceiling couldn't hold us
-well it's a good file. well it's over 6 minutes. yeah know what nothing wrong with that.

-ait yea the xmods were cool
-this has a very macg feel to it if he stepped spread.

Akubyou Taisan
ˇ Don't quite get why you layered the beginning holds on [4] when there are 16ths that should be layered instead.
ˇ Not really digging how the layering progresses so slowly as you have a really under-layered single note beginning jumping right into 16th jumpstream. The overall transition doesn't work well and the difficult jump is huge when the song doesn't really change much at all.
ˇ Honestly, the mini-holds that go to the vocals in the entire file don't even need to be there. They aren't really significant enough to warrant the extra accentuation.
ˇ The 32nd are quite inaudible in a few sections when you play through the file and they aren't consistently layered enough.
ˇ The mega [4] jack is debatable. I don't think percussive progression like this warrants a long ass jack out of no where other than to turn this into a semi-scoring file.
ˇ The section with the clock tick and vocals would work better if the notes weren't only on [4]. The syllables are obviously different so why not vary up the patterns?
ˇ Few too many layering inconsistencies to warrant a pass.

ˇ I suggest toning down the amount of mini-hold usage a tad bit. It's a tad bit overused to the point where from an playing standpoint they serve no purpose other than making an aesthetically denser and messier file in my opinion.
ˇ Felt that a lot of piano chords could've been layered as hands as opposed to jumps. It's prominent enough to warrant the usage personally.
ˇ Double check the 12th guitar solo part for accuracy. I heard some grace notes that could've been layered in and the section overall seems a bit too simplified.
ˇ Normally I'm perfectly fine with layering piano rolls as holds but in the case with this song choice, I would tell you to go for it and layer the damn thing as 24ths/32nds or w/e. You've already got a lot of holds going to the guitar exclusively so why mix-up the piano rolls with them when you can layer it?
ˇ The ending sections would work better if it were more densely layered to signify the end climax.
ˇ Overall, good file albeit repetitive. Look into whatever I mentioned and I think this is good to go.

Battle of BRS
ˇ Percussive+guitar rift layering is really inconsistent. There are essentially missing jump placements spread throughout the entire chart.
ˇ The guitar solo is inaccurately layered with quite a few missing notes.
ˇ Most of the holds can be trimmed in length to avoid awkward pattern transitioning and for a cleaner aesthetic.
ˇ The hand usage overall is extremely conservative, when the much more intense sounding sections in the song could use them for better impact.
ˇ Overall, the song doesn't offer that much interesting variety to work with, which kills any sort of chart for this.

Bodom Beach Terror
ˇ The guitar solos are most definitely inaccurately layered, but I can understand not wanting to make it a complete skittles bag. This should definitely be looked into though.
ˇ I felt that hand usage was also very conservative because there are just so many prominent guitar+percussive hits that just smack you right in the face and would feel good if it was more densely layered. Just my opinion though.
ˇ Hand usages for the vocal parts I'm alright with, although I'd most definitely prefer them to be used throughout the file rather than almost exclusively these sections.
ˇ The 24th one handed trill stuff is rage bait and a huge difficulty spike, although the jump-jacks you used only somewhat counterbalance this. I'd just change the pattern overall to at the very least a two-handed trill so people don't just bullshit mash that part.

ˇ Doubling the BPM would've been a better choice given the song choice.
ˇ The grace notes to the piano sections seem inaccurately layered.
ˇ Some sections with the strings or what not could've been represented better with some jump usage to signify the instrumental addition to the guitar and snare in my opinion.
ˇ That one section where you used single mines didn't exactly make sense because the usage was inconsistent to the section that came before it. Either layer both sections with the mines or don't use mines at all.
ˇ Overall, this one is the better of the two submissions, although I don't think this warrants a pass with how the file currently stands.

Cruise Beast
ˇ Doesn't offer anything other than the difficulty and scoring factors.
ˇ Well layered, but otherwise not something the pack is looking for.

Funny Shuffle (Revision)
ˇ The only thing I would suggest is the section where you got those 192nd/green/white jumps I feel is better represented as hands.
ˇ Tricky to MA because of the poly-rhythms and jack patterns but offers some scoring factor to it otherwise.
ˇ No complaints. Well layered and I found it to be fun.

Fuse Gymnast
ˇ Not reviewing because this doesn't fit the criteria of being an unreleased file (RE: Untitled StepMania Pack).

ˇ Not reviewing because this doesn't fit the criteria of being an unreleased file (RE: Single Released).

I'm Your Daddy (Revision)
ˇ I would suggest shortening the longer lengthed holds by a tad bit overall. It'd probably work out better anyways since you've got mines dangerously close to some of them and this chart isn't solely relying on the dodgeball factor. The mini-holds are all fine on their own.
ˇ Other than that, no complaints. Rigid file and pretty decent for scoring.

Insane Techniques
ˇ There were a few sections I would've personally layered slightly more heavily with hands.
ˇ Mine usage was a tad over the top but it's acceptable by my standards.
ˇ I felt that the mini-holds going to the lead synth/melody weren't entirely needed because it's so prominent. It only makes the chart an aesthetically denser and messier file in my opinion.
ˇ Nice file to contrast AlexDest's chart for the same song and definitely can be tricky to MA in sections with the heavy jack usage. No complaints from me otherwise.

ˇ If you're going to layer this as jumpstream, you could at the very least layer the 16ths you intentionally ignored at the beginning of the file. It would be a much better transition in density and difficulty.
ˇ I don't like how you intentionally left the parts with the synth underlayered when the rest of the file is dense with jumpstream. The contrast could be nice for other songs but doesn't quite work well here in my opinion.
ˇ The 48th flams are slight difficulty spikes and feel a little over-layered, even if the patterning is simple staircases. I think simplifying it down to maybe just 2~3 notes would work better than 4 and still represent them well enough.
ˇ Cutting the cymbal crash mini-holds by half the length would actually be very beneficial when you've got dense 16th jumpstream going on throughout the file.
ˇ Few too many layering inconsistencies to warrant a pass.

Marill (Gender is not a Binary)
ˇ If this file is SM5 only, the chart screws up about halfway through around where the stop placement begins.
ˇ It was a good solid chart up until it screwed up. Look into fixing this bug for it to play properly on 3.9 and 3.95.

Kirlian Shores
ˇ In the intense sections of the song, it'd be beneficial to layer in the percussive jumps rather than leaving the majority of it single notes.
ˇ I feel hand usage in the file would also be beneficial for further supporting the climactic parts of the song and even simple cymbal crashes, even if it's overall a seemingly mellow.
ˇ No real complaints otherwise. Because of the length of the song, I'd suggest reworking the intense sections of the song to be more densely layered and I think this would be good to go.

Like a G666
ˇ Doesn't offer anything other than the difficulty and scoring factors.
ˇ Well layered, but otherwise not something the pack is looking for.

ˇ The majority of the 8th jumps in the beginning of the chart aren't necessary and don't really serve a significant purpose. I'd suggest removing them and keeping them as single notes and let the jumps focus on the percussion.
ˇ Keeping the 24ths in for an easier difficulty is questionable—I'd simplify them down to 16ths.
ˇ Decent for an easier chart.

ˇ The majority of the 8th jumps in the beginning of the chart aren't necessary and don't really serve a significant purpose. I'd suggest removing them and keeping them as single notes and let the jumps focus on the percussion.
ˇ The 24ths that come right after the [3]+[4] long holds are inaudible. Simplifying those to 16ths would be better so it doesn't feel like you're adding those in for no apparent reason.
ˇ The wubs should really be thoroughly layered with holds—you layer some but not all of them.
ˇ There are several sections where I feel it's a tad too under-layered, mostly due to the fact that there are essentially no hands in the file. If you add that extra layering element to the chart, this chart would be much better given the song choice alone.
ˇ Despite having good song choice to appeal to me personally, the file was underwhelming sadly and I feel it needs a rehaul overall but it definitely has potential. I might even choose to restep this song myself if I miraculously have time to do it.

Minute A Fond La Caisse
ˇ Mine usage is rather overused although I can understand the sections where the chart practically turns into dodgeball. I think toning the mines overall would be beneficial to the chart.
ˇ Well layered with nothing major to note. The song itself doesn't offer anything interesting to work with though and being a fairly long chart, I don't think this captivates the player demographic enough to sit through the entire thing. For that reason I'm rather indecisive about this one.

My Time
ˇ Thorough hand usage to layer other elements in the song and to support the intense parts of the song would be beneficial for the chart. I really don't think the fact that the first 3-note hand didn't actually appear until halfway through the chart when there were a billion opportunities to be using them that were ignored completely.
ˇ The accordion can be accentuated with holds—it's a prominent enough instrument to warrant the support.
ˇ The massive section where it's all 4th hands, there are countless grace notes that can be layered and hitting them as 4ths just doesn't cut it.
ˇ Additionally for the hand section, this is a rare case in which I would recommend going all out with mini-hold usage because you've got like three different sounds to work with (vocals + xylophone (?) + tinkling, etc.) on top of the hands and grace notes. It would be a nice way to make this entire section much more interesting than it current is, which is uneventful and rather boring.
ˇ Once the big 16th jumpstream kicks in, the 32nds are practically inaudible when playing and you completely ignored the trills which would've been a better choice to layer. It'd also keep your overall layering consistent since you've been layering those trills in the sections beforehand. You don't necessarily have to keep them as trill patterns too, broken up rolls would suffice given the jumpstream here.
ˇ Measure 105, the second set of 5-note trills are actually 6 notes long.
ˇ Overall, it was a decent chart given the song choice. There are still countless things I feel need to be fix and improved before I think this is good to go.

Old Obscurity
ˇ Rainbow jacks are tricky to MA but they're acceptable as is.
ˇ Song doesn't offer much to work with to begin with and it's repetitive so I respect the decision of varying some patterns up and progressively layering more.
ˇ Well layered with nothing major worth noting. I'm a little torn with my decision on this file because it's so repetitive and doesn't offer anything interesting to captivate the player demographic—the file in itself is good, I just don't see many people touching this one in general. I'm willing to pass this simply because it's short enough, but I guess let's see what other judges think.

Pepper Steak
ˇ Once the song picks up and you start using hands for the percussion and mines here and there, I feel this section would be better if you layer in the 16ths you intentionally ignored. The progression in layering would be a much better transition in my opinion.
ˇ Well layered with nothing major worth noting. Song's super repetitive and I think that's what really kills the chart overall because you layered everything it had to offer essentially. Again, another case where I don't think this captivates the player demographic well enough so I'm indecisive about this one.

Proof of the Existence
ˇ File's late and offsync by about 0.8—most likely a global offset issue.
ˇ The very first hold which falls on [1], I would just layer the strings as a whole rather than simplifying it like this. I only say this because this hold in itself isn't resonating well with the longer [3] hold just below it in my opinion.
ˇ Right above measure 17, the [13] 16th jump should be a 4th note above it. Technical error etc.
ˇ I have no idea what the 4th [34] and 16th [14] go to but if they go to the bass+snare then it should fall on the 8th and 4th note around the 16th [14]. Technical error etc.
ˇ Measures 18 through 22 would transition better into the massive 16th jumpstream starting at Measure 24 if you layer in the 16th triplets throughout. I find the layering transition as is awkward and seemingly random when it can be a much smoother one if you layer the triplets thoroughly.
ˇ The massive [3] jack before measure 34 is a big "fuck you" to everyone's face. Probably just making it a 16th trill pattern would be ideal otherwise if you're set with using jacks, break them into alternating mini-jack patterns like [23][3]-[14][1]-[3][3], etc.
ˇ Consider shortening the length of the holds that go to the flute or w/e by about half the current length. This would make a huge difference once that huge 16th jumpstream-jumptrill section comes in. Measure 74 in particular is quite the messy one because of the note density and adding the holds on top just makes it worse.
ˇ Considering that you haven't stepped a 4key file in quite some time, the chart is decent for what the song offers, although the whole giga jumpstream at the end was a bit unexpected, lol. I'd look into some tweaks to the above to make the file a bit less messy.

ˇ lmfao this song.
ˇ Good as an old-school themed file. Song doesn't offer much to work with and you layered essentially all that you could.
ˇ The file and song in itself doesn't offer anything that'd captivate the player demographic but I'm leaning towards a no simply because of the pack's apparently high standards. I'll probably end up throwing this file in a pack later if you're cool with that (if this doesn't make the accepted queue).

Shawty Wanna Fuck
Shawty wanna fuck.
Shawty likes it rough and...
She's got a big, oily butt.
A big round wet McMuffin.
Shawty's got sexual techniques,
And a big, round, oily butt;
Goosebumps on her booty-cheeks.
I wanna bust a nut.

The Divine Comedy Reverse (Revision)
ˇ I'd definitely look into simplifying the 32nd jacks in general because it's pretty damn fast to hit.
ˇ File's well layered. There are a few tiny nitpicks for some layering decisions but I'm willing to pass this off as is.

Thorough Pinata Dicking Amateur XXX
ˇ Doesn't offer anything other than the difficulty and scoring factors.
ˇ Well layered, but otherwise not something the pack is looking for.

ˇ Stargroup's comprehensive review more or less covers everything I had a quarrel with in the file.

Waterlily Juntion
ˇ Not reviewing because this doesn't fit the criteria of being an unreleased file (RE: Single Released & Bunch of Files You Probably Don't Have 3).

Amatias (REVISION)
ˇ Beat 205 I personally find the layering transition abrupt now that you removed all the notes around the holds :/
ˇ Measure 136+ I feel would be better if you layered every 4th and 8th note a jump seeing as it's the ending climax in the song. This particular section plays better and feels concise with denser layering as opposed to the sparse jumps you currently have.
ˇ Nothing worth noting otherwise.

ˇ Good usage of xmods.
ˇ Entire beginning section would be better if the mines weren't restricted only to [1] only because it's a very long section. Essentially varying the patterns up and putting column mines elsewhere.
ˇ My only issue with the roll usage is when you place notes immediately after longer length rolls which can be awkward from a playability standpoint. If you so much as tap the roll off-beat, the note that follows will definitely give a perfect or worse, lol.
ˇ Beat 47 and 164, you could probably place mines. I say this because in instances like Beat 191, you place mines during similar stop sections which is kind of an inconsistency I picked up on first play-through.
ˇ I personally found the quads a little bit overboard only because there weren't nearly as many 3-note hands to counter balance said usage.
ˇ Nothing worth noting otherwise.

Atröpos (rCaliber)
ˇ I'm not a fan of piano holds but they were well used in this chart. Many of the longer holds can be trimmed in length though—holds don't have to be as long as the note they go to, what matters is that it's there.
ˇ Some transitions into mini-jack patterns I found awkward but it's passable.
ˇ Nothing else worth noting.

Atröpos (rparty)
ˇ In general, I personally am not a fan of placing holds to held piano chords. It becomes incredibly redundant when you carry the concept throughout the chart.
ˇ Piano chords aren't thoroughly layered enough throughout the chart.
ˇ When the amen break or whatever kicks in, percussive jumps can be layered in as an additional element to what you already have. Single notes with very sparse jump usage doesn't quite do the trick.
ˇ The single note 16th stream again just doesn't really have the kick to it when it's so under-layered with hundreds of things you could be layering at the same time.
ˇ Measure 36+ now all of a sudden you start layering in 3-note hands and consecutive jumps when the chart up until now had barely any of that? Not only is this a major layering inconsistency, but now you have a massive jump in terms of note density when this break section of the song isn't quite nearly as intense compared to the rest of the song which should be much more layered.
ˇ The chiptune-esque sounds can be accentuated with mini-holds if you'd like to add another layering element.
ˇ The holds are way too long in length, especially once the hold-stream kicks in at Measure 56+.
ˇ Overall, too many layering issues and the chart as a whole needs an entire re-haul. It's decent as a semi-easy chart, but needs quite a lot more to be acceptable for this pack.

Bad Boy
ˇ Holds going to the piano note is unnecessary and it becomes incredible redundant since it repeats and you have to break the consistency of it when you begin layering other stuff.
ˇ Wubs are better accentuated and layered as jacks in my opinion.
ˇ The percussion during the drop can be heavily layered with jumps and even hands. Keeping it as single notes is much too weak considering it's prominence in sound and as an instrument.
ˇ A lot of the holds that go to the main synth in the latter half of the chart aren't really necessary and can be taken out. You could keep the longer length ones, but scrap the mini-holds.
ˇ The [1234] mines don't serve much of a purpose. I feel the mines would be better suited if you layer them to the piano chords you intentionally ignored instead.
ˇ Overall, needs tweaks to be acceptable.

Botines (REVISION)
ˇ Holds can be trimmed in length to mini-holds. Holds do not have to be as long as the sound they layer, what matters is that it's there to accentuate and any player can immediately pick up what they layer on a first play-through.
ˇ Additional note to the above, it also makes note transitioning smoother and clearer, especially in cases where you have notes that are placed at the very end of holds which could become awkward to hit.
ˇ Short and sweet. The song and chart doesn't offer anything mind blowing or spectacular though and it's essentially copy pasted. Because it's very short, my decision is torn for this chart—if it were any longer, this is a definite reject due to the quality control.

Bodom Beach Terror (REVISION)
ˇ I would still trim some of the longer hold lengths down a notch just for visual aesthetic. Holds don't have to be as long as the sound they layer, so long as they're there any player can pick up what they go to during a play-through, lol.
ˇ Still got the troll 24th left hand trill but whatever I guess.

Catastrophie (REVISION)
ˇ I would say just completely scrap and remove everything past measure 67. Everything layered past here isn't really that interesting and you won't have to deal with the awkward song fading-out while still layering problem.
ˇ A vast improvement since last time at the very least. Overall, the song just doesn't offer that much to work with and I really don't see many people playing this one more than once, so I'm going to flat out reject since I'm subjected to a higher standard of quality control. Normally I'd let this slide in if I was being lenient.

Cedar Shed
ˇ Xmod gimmicks added a nice touch.
ˇ I see that you do in fact vary the staircase patterns during the stop gimmick sections, however I actually suggest you vary it up even more. Every instance of it occurring would probably be better if it were a different pattern than what came previously in the similar gimmick sections before. I say this because I'm seeing [1][2][3][4] etc. way more frequently and it becomes incredibly predictable and dull once it repeats a second time let alone a third time after.
ˇ Pretty much all the long holds can be trimmed down to mini-holds—holds don't have to be as long as the sound/note they follow, what matters is that it's there. This would also free up plenty of space in which you can take advantage of and layer in more jumps to the bass hits much more consistently and thoroughly rather than sparsely like it is now.
ˇ Once the song really picks up with the percussion, I hear countless opportunities where you could layer in mini-jacks to go to the snares. It'd add a little scoring factor, variety, and playing interest to the chart. I see that you somewhat do it already but I'd like to see you go all out with it and layer it thoroughly.
ˇ Overall, a pretty decent chart considering it's under-layered and has a very nostalgic old school-esque feel to it. Consider making tweaks and this should be good.

ˇ A minor personal nitpick I have is that because the majority of the chart is 16th jump-stream with hands sparsely layered, it becomes incredibly monotonous to play after awhile (RE: IcyWorld-esque files that are pure jump/hand-stream and nothing more layered). I definitely see the audience of players playing this for scoring though.
ˇ There are 7 holds in the entire file, so I suggestion would be to use those more to your advantage in terms of layering or accentuating certain song elements. For example, you currently have hands
going to the "WHOA" sound sample, what if you layered mini-holds on top of the hands? Hell, even a simple jump with mini-holds would suffice, you don't even need to use a hand. You don't have to do exactly what I said, but I'm just pointing out other layering alternatives you can use to your advantage.
ˇ Hands on cymbal crashes would add a nice touch if you layer them in for the beginning half of the file. .
ˇ Measures 65–67, adding mines to the voice sample on every 4th note would also add a nice touch seeing as though you've got a similar column mine thing going on between measures 49–64.
ˇ Measures 67–77, I found it a little odd that you swapped between single note to jump layering when there isn't anything really going on that warrants them other than the voice sample. This isn't a big deal though, this is a technical nitpick.
ˇ Measures 77–80, same deal with adding mines to the hi hats and voice sample would make nice touches.
ˇ Measures 104–106, same deal with adding mines to the voice sample would make nice touches.
ˇ Measures 161–163, you're missing jumps/hands to layer the bass hits. Technical consistencies.
ˇ Measures 177–179, same deal with adding mines to the voice sample would make nice touches.
ˇ Overall, the only appeal this chart and song offers is the long jump-stream scoring factor—this doesn't particularly offer anything mind blowing or interesting to sit through otherwise. Regardless of all the technical nitpicks I had, I'm fairly certain this won't warrant a pass from me.

Collision Point
ˇ Double check jump and hand consistency for usage. Spotted a few missing and/or strangely under-layered chords.
ˇ Short and sweet. Nothing major worth noting technicality wise, although I do question the replay factor of this chart considering the target audience of StepMania overlords over here. I'll pass it though.

Danger Danger
ˇ Holds can be trimmed in length.
ˇ 4th bass jumps aren't layered consistently.
ˇ 24th notes seem inaccurately layered—probably missing some notes.
ˇ I don't quite seem to understand the purpose of the hand layering and all the jacks that appear later on in the chart. I see the jacks go to the stuttering vocals but because these parts are layered so densely, they don't really serve much of a purpose other than make the chart harder.
ˇ Overall, the song itself doesn't offer much to work with other than putting mindless, monotonous jump-stream to it. Even with tweaks I don't see myself accepting this due to the pack's apparently high standards I'm supposed to enforce.

Do Not Go Gently
ˇ The beginning section's guitar rift is so heavy that it almost warrants layering it with jumps. I actually think that would feel better than tapping single notes. Once the song picks up, you can just keep the current layering, but the beginning section would probably benefit from denser layering.
ˇ Holds can be trimmed a bit in length.
ˇ Nothing else worth noting for technical nitpicks. Acceptable as is but I do feel denser layering would be beneficial to the chart overall.

Dream Express
ˇ Denser layering with jumps to percussive and bass elements would be beneficial to the chart.
ˇ All of the holds can be trimmed in length. They're questionable overall though because I feel they aren't even entirely needed in the first place because the main melody is incredibly prominent. The holds added to support said element only add a messier visual aesthetic to the chart in general.
ˇ Considering the number of repetitions in the song without anything different to work with, the chart drags on a lot more than it should unfortunately. The song and chart doesn't offer anything spectacular or interesting to warrant anything more than a sightread play-through.

Endless Despair II
ˇ Longer length holds can be trimmed slightly shorter for better visual aesthetic.
ˇ Nothing worth noting for technical nitpicks. Great song and chart overall although it does drag on due to the song length.

Funny Shuffle (REVISION)
ˇ Nothing worth noting.

Hakugin no Datenshi
ˇ Long holds can be trimmed in length. Again, they don't have to be as long as the sound/element they layer, what matters is that it's there to accentuate.
ˇ Personally, I think this chart suffers from actually having quite a few too many under-layered guitar solo-ish sections. Because you sit through these instances for about 3 times through the duration of the chart, each and every time I don't actually find myself enjoying the chart as much as I should. Solution: layer in the jumps/hands for probably the very first solo section that occurs. 2 solo sections is probably the maximum considering the length of this song and chart.
ˇ Also, due to the number of repetitions in the song itself, I feel like I'm replaying the same patterns way too many times. Mainly when you've got a long hold with a few single notes layering percussion, I keep seeing the exact same patterns over and over again. Vary patterns up and even considering changing the layering in the latter half of the file to be slightly different and/or even more denser than it is now.
ˇ Tweak and play with the chart more while considering what I've mentioned. I definitely see potential for this chart. Normally, I'd accept this as is if I was being lenient but because I'm subjected to the apparent high standards here...

I'm Your Daddy (REVISION)
ˇ Nothing worth noting.

ˇ Considering the BPM and speed of the song, trimming the hold lengths by a notch would improve the overall flow and minimize awkward note transitions.
ˇ Measures 25–31 I feel would be better if you layer in the bass jumps. It's heavy and prominent enough to warrant the usage and it feels good to hit during a play-through.
ˇ A few mine placements are dangerously close to notes, but it does add a nice scoring factor to the chart. Probably not worth changing in my opinion.
ˇ Overall, chart is well layered and nothing major to note from a technical standpoint. I'm willing to pass this off as is.

Insane Techniques (REVISION)
ˇ Nothing worth noting.

ˇ Long [2] jack was a very rough start to the file especially at 198 BPM, lol.
ˇ Skimming through the chart and the entire chart is nothing more than mindless dense jump/hand stream with jacks. It offers nothing memorable other than the scoring factor.
ˇ This would be better off in another pack, it's not quite what this pack is looking for unfortunately.

ˇ Easier difficulties are all solid. Some minor nitpicks here and there but nothing that warrants definite changes.
ˇ In the hardest difficulty, the mini-holds before the drop aren't really necessary, but it's a good way to distinguish itself from my chart.
ˇ Nothing worth noting otherwise. Solid chart overall and different enough to warrant being a separate file than mine, lol.

ˇ Did you literally just put 32nds in between your notes without even changing the patterns you lazy ass motherfucker. Re-adjust the patterns so they aren't SHIT.
ˇ TBH now that I'm playing this again, the file would really benefit from a song cut if you removed maybe part of the beginning and the ending break section that followed the 32nd parts. Shorter would be better because this file is so damn long and repetitive I get bored and don't want to sit through the rest of the file after the 32nd part pretty much—lurker's right about having a hard time finding a target audience for this file. Normally I'd let this slide but for now...

Proof of the Existence (REVISION)
ˇ I still think starting the 16th triplets and stream earlier would be beneficial but your file, your call.
ˇ The ending is an IcyWorld dump but I'm pretty sure everyone will play this because of that.

Story 2
ˇ Nothing worth noting. Clean and well layered overall. Chart might not really be memorable considering the target audience of StepMania overlords, but at the very least the song really picks up in the speed up and the ending stream, haha. I'm willing to pass this off because the entire chart isn't simply one use dull rap verse and actually progresses well.

The Ceiling Could Never Hold Us
ˇ Nothing worth noting from a technical standpoint other than personal nitpicks here and there which are very minor.
ˇ Szycag V2 pretty much, so I do see certain people playing through the entire file. However, I'm not quite sure if these are the kind of files Rebirth is looking for—normally, I'd pass this off if I was running a pack and doing the usual lenient judging. Because you're running your own pack at the moment, I'd say toss this there instead.

The Divine Comedy Reverse (REVISION)
ˇ Nothing worth noting.

ˇ Xmod gimmicks are excellent.
ˇ Nothing worth noting. Well layered and overall a solid chart.

Bleeding in the Brain
ˇ What's the deal with the massive gap of empty space in the Light/Easy chart?
ˇ Nice skittles guitar solo. Flashback to NTM/Baq12 days.
ˇ Solid, nothing worth noting.

Double Monk
ˇ Consider mine placements for the empty gaps between measures 38 to 42.
ˇ I'm not sure I quite grasp what the 2 mine placements are even for. They seem practically random.
ˇ All the long holds can be trimmed in length for better aesthetic and smoother pattern transitions.
ˇ Very rigid and tough to score on, but it definitely gives this chart a sort of charm. Nothing worth noting otherwise.

Enfoire une fois, enfoires duex fois
ˇ Measures 9 to 10, you should consider mine placements to layer the sounds you ignored.
ˇ Beat 58, the single [1] feels better layered as a jump with a long length hold/
ˇ The selective layering is fine, but I would've liked to see a much more thoroughly layered harder difficulty to layer in all the bass jumps during the 24th streams and even throwing in hand usage. As a straight-forward rather easy file, it's fine but lacks the certain oomph factor the song gives. You have a lot to work with so why not go all out?
ˇ Make a harder difficulty and rework the pre-existing chart and I'd reconsider this.

Gaijin Shawty
ˇ All the holds can be trimmed in length for better aesthetic and smoother pattern transitions.
ˇ Frankly, why don't you just thoroughly the jumps to all of the 4ths rather than layering it sometimes and then randomly ignoring them other times. The layering is difficult to follow as you have it now.
ˇ The selective layering at measures 10, 14, 18, and 22 completely breaks the flow of the chart. Layer in the bass jumps you intentionally ignored.
ˇ Mine placements could've offered another option in terms of layering variation but you didn't bother using any.
ˇ Overall, the chart isn't very memorable and the song is too repetitive and doesn't offer interesting things to work with.

Ham Jam.
ˇ Most of the longer holds can be trimmed in length a tad bit, just for aesthetics.
ˇ You went a tad little overboard with hold usages, but otherwise the chart is solid with nothing worth noting. Probably your best submission to the pack thus far.

ˇ I would definitely shift the 32nd trill pattern around to avoid the 32nd jacks. They're tough to hit them as intended.
ˇ Easier difficulty is solid but could be a tad more simplified I find.
ˇ Repetitive, but it's short and sweet. I'm willing to pass this off after fixing the 32nd jacks.

Pelican Moondance
ˇ Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we have our signature "no one is going to AAA this" file.

ˇ 222BPM hand-jacks might be a bit overkill but the overall file is supposed to be difficult anyways.
ˇ Brutal file but definitely scoring bait. Nothing worth noting otherwise.
ˇ Good call on the easier difficulty. That chart's solid as well.

ˇ Straightforward chart, but the jacks add a scoring factor and charm to the file so that it isn't too uninteresting.
ˇ It's definitely incredibly repetitive and as such becomes lackluster to sit through. I'd recommend just cutting both the song and chart by half it's length to keep some players interested. When you've got multiple repetitions to little to no variation in layering, it gets boring after two or three repeats of the song and same patterns.
ˇ Because the pack's looking for more outstanding, and/or interesting files, I'm going to have to say...

Shapeless Flower
ˇ Once the vocals and bass kick in, the piano chord holds are completely drowned out. Personally, I don't like piano chords to be represented by holds to begin with so I'd recommend just scrapping them all together.
ˇ In addition, once you start layering holds to the strings or what not, now there becomes a disconnected overlap as to which holds are going to what. In short, the piano chord holds serve even less of a purpose.
ˇ For the 4th hand placements that fall at the beginning of measures, you should consider shifting the 8th notes that come after in a position where it forms a jack with said hand. It'd feel better given that you're trying to overemphasize the strings.
ˇ It's a solid chart, but the song doesn't offer much to work with and it isn't all that interesting TBH. I'd normally accept this for a pack I'd run but for this one, my decision is torn. I'm leaning more towards a...

Space Travel
ˇ I prefer the version without the 24th trills.
ˇ Consider layering in the piano chord jumps in the beginning measures.
ˇ Measure 71+, same deal about layering in the piano chord jumps.
ˇ This is probably my favourite submission from you by far next to Magic. Digging this overall, although it's a bit on the repetitive side.
ˇ Consider making a simplified easier difficulty that also converts your long 16th jacks into trills. That'd be a nice addition.

Super Hey Ya
ˇ Some more thorough hand usage would've been excellent for this chart.
ˇ Measure 66+, there are some 8th jumps you can layer in to connect the 4th bass jumps once the melody shifts in certain sections.
ˇ Repetitive mindless jumpstream but it's fun to play and has scoring elements with the 24th/32nds you threw in. I'm actually willing to pass this off purely for your ridiculous song choice, lmfao. I don't know if Rebirth will like this but I'll say yes to this.

Truthful Legend [Paeonia suffruticosa] ~Yaeno Magenta
ˇ I'm not sure whether or not I'm digging your selective layering choices in this chart. I feel once the piano solo comes in, there doesn't seem to be a decent enough contrast between the piano and the rest of the instruments going on in the background. Idk, personally I'd've liked to see you keep the jump layering consistent throughout—I understand simplifying for guitar solos, but with piano solos it doesn't seem to sit well with me.
ˇ Solid chart otherwise with nothing major worth noting. I'm willing to pass this off as is, regardless of my issues with your selective layering choices.

ˇ Most certainly not the pack this file belongs in. Better suited for a pack looking for difficult files as opposed to this one where it's concentrated on interesting ones.

Old Obscurity (Choof)
*Offset is 0.668, using time signatures in seconds and from your offset*
Beginner – Accept
- 4.856: I think that 192nd is actually a 64th…double-check that.
- 13.693: Even if it’s actually a 4th, its fine as it is.
- 15.921 to 16.182: Slight suggestion here–you can add freezes here to emphasize the slight length that it has on those three notes (a 32nd each in length).
- 16.312 to 17.878: Fine where it is (Although I would’ve had it as a trill but that’s just me)
- 17.986: replace note with mine.
- 18.399: ^
- 21.780 to 22.008: You can accentuate this part with mini-freezes.
- 22.312 to 22.573: Same as above
- 22.573: A [12] jump here to denote transition.
- 26.617: You can place a mine here if you want.
- 26.747 to 33.530: I’m pretty sure that you’re missing 8ths here that goes with the piano…
- 33.791 to 34.051: A 32nd roll would suffice here. If you’re keeping it as is, add freezes on those notes.
- 34.247: Shift this 32nd down to a 48th (on 34.269)
- 34.573: Jump here to denote transition.
- 34.573 to 41.878: Same as the section from 26.747 to 33.530.
- Just fix up those minor stuff, the rest from 51.791 to the end is p tight~

Akubyou Taisan (porkypink)
Oni – Pending
- Intro: The intro felt weak honestly, the parts that I’m mentioning repeats throughout the intro.
- 0.188: Jump here.
- 0.402: I don’t hear anything here that warrants an 8th.
- 0.617 to 0.938: Aren’t there supposed to be 16ths here? Why layer these as freezes. (Repeats on the intro)
- 8.117 to 8.331: Remove the 12th and 24th, and in place put the 16th on [3] on 8.224.
- 8.384: Missing 32nd here
- 8.759: I understand the usage of mini-jacks, but if you’re going on that route, have every 4th from this point (if you opt out on using the jumps in the intro), to have a jump on all of them to emphasize the transition.
- 9.831 to 10.045: Not sure if the 24th & 12th can actually be heard…the 16th is prominent here and I think there’s a 32nd here as well but double-check on all that please.
- 12.509: Remove the 16th and place a mine here.
- 13.259 to 13. 474: Yeah, I definitely don’t hear anything that warrants 24th or 12th here.
- 13.902 to 20.759: Missing notes here and the mini-jacks aren’t warranted here. Double-check this part and fix it.
- 20.759 to 46.474: Mini-freezes felt too sporadic…but I guess they fit. Also, remove that 192nd mini-freeze on 20.759
- 46.474 to 48.188: Hi Linus.
- 61.902 to 68.759: I’m sure that the mines are way off and should be 8ths instead of 12ths .-.
- 68.759: That quad
- 81.617 to 82.474: If you’re placing mines here, make it so that its following the laughter.
- 82.474 to end: If you’re placing mini-freezes to the vocal at least have it so that it is consistently layered. Otherwise, scrap it since it’s too inconsistent in what’s going on with the file and feels out of place.
Yeah…slightly torn on this. I mean I do enjoy it but there’s minor things that sort of sour the experience for me :/. Fix this up please @_@

Bodom Beach Terror (Rebarf)
*Oh hey, a restep of NTM’s file. Also, offset is 0.147*
Heavy – Accept
-Rofl, people are going to hate the 24th trills but the trill is actually right where they at.
- Nice job on not making the solo a complete bag of skittles.
- Nothing too erroneous here from the fixes you did from bufang’s review. File’s good to go.

Amatias (Ghakimx)
*Judging oni only as that’s where the fixes are.*
Oni – Accept
- 9.584: I guess this is okay but layering the piano roll would have been a better choice unless you opt to use that as a roll freeze instead. Also, if you’re layering that as a hold and plan on keeping it like that, the roll ends on 10.240.
- 70.615: Same comment as above. Better to layer it as a roll given the overall difficulty of the file.
- 92.178: Ditto to the other two, also, roll ends at 92.834
- 151.990: Yep…same in regards to the piano.
Overall, it’s a great file. Those four things are the only thing that bothers me about the file but everything else is great. Just not sure if that stop is needed but that’s a personal nitpick~

April.#02 (Caliber)
Oni – Accept
Love it, and for what it has the file is grand. My comment on this is pretty much the same as Kommi’s review.

Battle of BRS (XelNya)
Heavy – Rejected
My qualms with this file are the same as the other judges. Mini-freezes feel too sporadic and the mine usage felt iffy as well.
- 1.255: Flam placement is correct but for flow have it be a [4][3] flam instead of a [1][4]
- 3.437: Remove this 64th, it’s not needed.
- 5.448 & 5.516: You could layer the cymbals as mines here if you want to continue using the same patterning that you are currently using for the intro.
- 5.619: Remove the 64th and have the 4th on 5.584 be a jump.
- 5.587, 6.266, 6.675, 7.084, 7.493, 7.766: All these are cymbals that you could have layered as mines.
- 9.130 & 9.539: And yet you layer the cymbals here…? Also, the 16th jump on 9.539 is not a jump. Should be single note on the [4]
- 9.948 to 16.493: If you layered the cymbals as mines from 15.471 to 16.425 then you should do the same for the parts before it to show consistency in the layering.
- 16.493: Not a jump. Should be single on the [4].
- 31.425: Ghost 32nd.
- 40.493: Bluh, that feels completely uncomfortable to hit, tone the freeze down or find a better transition for that 16th jump >_>
- 42.402: Missing jump for flow and consistency sake.
- 44.584: Ditto.
- 46.766: And the same here.
- 53.720: Not a jump. Make that into a single note (on the [2]) and make the [14] jump that’s on 53.856 a [12] jump.
- 55.629: Ditto, but leave the 4th jump that’s on 55.765 as it is.
- 55.765 to 57.402: This is good as it is but I would have layered it as a stream for variety.
- 61.493: Ghost jump. Should just be a regular single tap.
- 62.311: That quad.
- Freezes in general: I don’t think that having the freezes as doubles would work well here…the file feels much more fluid if they were singles instead of doubles/triples.
- 83.856 & 84.129: Mines don’t go here. Remove it.
- 85.492: Ditto.
- 102.674 to 104.310: The stream here feels uncomfortable to hit. Remove the freeze on 102.674 and restructure the stream for it to flow better.
- 117.946 to 120.128: The stream layering actually has runningmen in it. I’ll fic it up to show you how this part actually goes. Same with the section starting at 102.674
This file need lots of improvements on this file before it can be good to go on here. Rework the freezes and mines and figure out where it needs to go. Other than that, there’s actually potential in this file.

Warhead (blind)
Heavy - Rejected
Skimming through bufang's notes and this file, I do agree with his review on it. Though it has lots of potential so just keep on refining the file.

Thorough Pinata Dicking Amateur XXX (Choof)
Heavy - Rejected
Seriously though, why lmfao...

Shawty Wanna Fuck (McMuffin)

Rydeen (Blurk)
*Offset should be 2.747*
Heavy - ???
What the fuck am I hearing lmfao. I mean, the file is alright and there's nothing wrong but god this song lmfao. Not sure whether or not to accept it :/

Proof of the Existance (Malice)
*Fix the offset, its late as fuck @_@*
Heavy - Accept
Nothing's wrong on my end but yeah...fix the offset Malice ;_;

My Time (Detrimentalist)
Heavy - Accept
This tops My Unfortunate Erection by miles, but what the hell that second half lmfao. Nothing wrong from this version now but yeah, that second half (from 131.477 to 160.423) feels so stupid lmfao, but fitting for a song like this.

Marill (Kommi)
*Offset is a bit early (it's actually 0.186)*
Oni - N/A
Gonna have to hold it until Friday when I get on my friend's laptop (which I have sm5 in) since it does derp up completely starting at 56.316 where the sync starts to go completely off. Gonna see if that's the issue. But the file up to that point was fine.

Magic (Porkypink)
Oni - Accept
Damn, this is p tight. My only complain is the pattern from 113.885 to 114.354 where it feels slightly awkward to hit due to the transition. Maybe find a way to clean that part up a bit? Other than that, this chart is good to go.

Heavy - Accept
Looks good to me.

Like a G666 (Choof)
Heavy - Rejected
Well then...

Kaermichi (Rebarf)
Heavy - Rejected
This song has actually been stepped before. And to be honest, I kind of prefer Skwidward's version over this. I mean, its not bad but nothing special and I feel like its a watered-down version of Skwidward's file (plus a stop added).

Insane Techniques (Scylaax)
Heavy - Accept
My feelings matched the other judges. Probably the best file I have played from you. Great file coming from you. I do actually lean the preference to you on the file (Since I know that Alex stepped it) but so far two good files for this heh.

I'm Your Daddy (Scylaax)
Oni - Accept
Holy fuck those mini-freezes. Aside from that its fun to play. Nothing too erroneous compared to the other submissions.

Funny Shuffle (bmah)
Heavy - Accept
File rules. And surprisingly I didn't get bmah'd.

Endless Despair II (Scylaax)
Heavy - Accept
This and Insane Techniques are the two best files I've played from you~

Cruise Beast (Choof)
Standard - Rejected
Best of your three Renard files but I don't think they're ideal for a pack like this.

Cedar Shed (Kraezymann)
*File is early by 0.026 ms, fix that please*
Standard - Accept
I'm willing to accept it as is. The gimmicks feels nice to hit, and I liked how you used the bpm to change the intensity of the song. Not sure how the other judges will react but I like this song and file for what it is.

Catastrophe (XelNya)
Heavy - Rejected
Same issues that is going on with your other file. Though this one is a bit better, but still needs lots of polishing up before it can get in.

Gum (Kommi)
Oni - N/A
Gotta wait until Friday to get on my friend's laptop to judge this, but I think I have played it before...anyhow, need to replay to remember.

Waterlily Junction (Kommi)
Oni - Accept
I'll have to disagree with bufang's judgement on that pic. It's really NOT that bad of a spike/pattern and it is correct where it is and appropriate given the difficulty of the file.

Fuse Gymnast (Kommi)
This file's already out in Untitled Stepmania Pack x:

Oriens (gd)
Same as Fuse Gymnast x:

IX (10Dollar)
*Offset is off by 0.014 seconds, please fix the sync*
Oni – Rejected (Fixes needed)
1.529 & 1.605: These two should be on [3]
5.317: Missing jump
5.771: Missing jump
6.226: This shouldn’t be a jump.
5.771 to 7.590: Why leave the 16ths out? More of consistency rather than technicality.
7.893 to 8.499: ^
8.802: Missing jump
8.953: Missing jump
12.438: Jump isn’t warranted. I can barely hear anything that requires it.
13.044: ^
13.499: ditto
13.953: Make this into a jump to match the current intensity of the song.
14.862: Ghost jump
15.165 to 15.468: Remove the 16ths and have the jumps there be single notes.
20.468: Remove the [2] on that hand. Makes the transition to the jumptrill slightly wonky.
21.226: Remove the [3] on the hand for transition sake.
22.741 to 23.196: 16ths can be heard for the violin
25.923 to 26.075: This part feels extremely wonky to hit…especially the hidden anchorjack that’s in this mini-burst…
27.135 to 27.287: ^
31.832: You have the other 4ths as hands but not this one…
35.165 to 35.771: I’m pretty sure the 8ths aren’t hands…
40.620: Decrease the length of the hold, makes the transition on 41.681 much cleaner to hit.
42.438: Same as 40.620.
Same goes on 43.650, 44.256, 45.468, 46.075 (though this one should be a mini-freeze imo…), and 46.681
90.317 to 91.327: Oh god remove those mines or move them further away. I don’t mind Staccatos but not that close.
110.620 to 110.923: Section feels wonky with all those jumps sandwiched in that burst that it creates hidden anchorjacks x:
Overall, this is a very dense file heh. But there’s need to be some refining done to this file before it can go in. Though a fun file to play, just a bit sloppy in the technical side.

Idola (Pompompulin)
*File is early by 0.009, but no big deal*
Oni – Pending
I’m leaning towards an accept here since the file does bare a few minor errors but I do have one nitpick. From 88.806 to 89.403, I am definitely sure that these aren’t anchored handjacks but moreso jumpjacks. Anyhow, The file plays well but look into parts like the one I just mentioned and the trill from 51.194 to 51.480 since I think they’re just 32nds and not 192nds…Anyhow, if you want a detailed review I’ll be happy to either PM it to you or post it here since I’m slightly iffy on whether to accept it. The transitions are smooth but just a matter of combing through this for any missing jumps or note placements, etc. etc.

Collison Point (Anonymous)
Beginner - Pending
Nothing too wrong with it, but like Lurker said, not sure how this one will go.

Gum (Kommi)
Oni - Accept
Probably the best x-mod file I've played from you (even if I don't play much x-mod files oops)

Marril (Kommi)
Oni - Accept
I didn't find any warps in here actually but the file is enjoyable to play heh.

Atropos (rparty)
*Oh hey Mr. Diavolo :V sync is off by a 48th btw go and fix that ;_;*
Heavy – Accept with fixes
Good file, just a few things to note on (using time signatures from your current offset) Also, I don’t think all those piano freezes are really needed at all…but that’s just me…
1.323 (And other instances of this): So you have each 8th jump have a freeze but not on the first jump on the song? If anything I would scrap those freezes since it’s really not warranted IMO.
1.817: This needs to be a jump. If you’re sticking to the consistency of the intro, it should be a [14] jump but I would vary the jumps a bit.
4.455: A [24] jump here.
5.773: [14] jump here to denote transition.
6.103: [12] jump.
6.433: Should be a freeze here that transitions to the one in 6.598
6.598: And this freeze should be on the [4]
7.092: Since you’re keeping the jump here, I would suggest making every piano jump a [23] once the drums kick in to emphasize the piano in the layering.
7.422: Roll freeze here.
7.587: Roll freeze here.
8.081 to 8.411: This is a prime example on why the piano freezes aren’t necessary. This here is supposed to be a 4321 roll (with mini-freezes optional to cascade the glitched sounds here)
8576: [13] jump here.
8.740: [24] jump here.
9.070: This note is supposed to be on [3], following the same beat that the 8th is in on 8.905
9.070: Same as 6.433
9.235: Same as 6.598
9.565: This is supposed to be on [3] since it’s the same beat as the 4th on 9.400
11.378: Jump here
11.790: Missing 16th on here
12.367 to 12.696: PR is reversed in here. Suppose to be a [1][2] trill with a jump on 12.696 for the kick.
13.109: Missing 16th here
13.356: Jump here
14.674: Jump here
16.323: Hand here.
16.653: Jump.
17.065: Jump.
Most of the issue here is missing jumps, I guess you could make another difficulty out of this and use it for the fixes that I’m suggesting. Most of all, I really don’t think the piano freezes are warranted, mostly because it just causes it to be “filler” for the file layering and just makes things herp-a-derp when trying to understand how the file flows. But it’s a good file nonetheless.

Amatias (Ghakimx)
Oni – Accepted
Good to go for me, but the freezes are still too long for the piano rolls ;_;

Catastrophie (XelNya)
Heavy – Pending
Definitely an improvement over the previous version but I’ll save this slot to pull up the qualms that I have for this file later.

Hakugin no Datenshi (Ghakimx)
Standard – Accept
0.306: Should be on [4]
23.112 to 24.184: I’m pretty sure that this is a [1][3] trill and note a 1-handed trill…
Other than that, there’s pretty much nothing too erroneous from my end but to be fair, it is a kind of weak S.S.H. song but I think with a few tweaks here and there will make the file better overall and worth being in the pack.

Magic [Part 1] (Porkypink)
*Sync is off by a 48th, fix that please. Also, props for making multiple diffs*
Oni – Accept
Nothing wrong here though for a moment I thought that the 16ths in the intro were ghosts and I thought for a second that I still had the old file lmfao.
Heavy – Accept
I actually like how this isn’t just an easier chart just for the sake of it being easy but it has its own identity as well as a chart. Nothing too erroneous but I don’t think that the minifreezes are needed here, maybe replace those with a mine?
Standard – Accept
It’s alright for an easier chart. Nothing is wrong with it. Good to go.
Light – Accept
It’s slightly weak for the easiest chart but I’m willing to pass it as it is.

Magic [Part 2] (GD)
Heavy – Accept
To be fair, in terms of the chart, I am leaning towards porky’s BUT since you guys decided that you would be handling this part and porky would be handling part 1 I don’t mind having that in this pack. Anyhow, nothing really too erroneous from what I can see.

City (The Earth Light) [10Dollar]
*holy shit that was long…Also, my 2 cents but you could cut the last 20 some seconds since the ending is albeit repetitive and rubbish lmao*
Oni – Accept
Like I mentioned, holy shit that was long but you seem to have a charm to making the file fun despite the length. Now, there are a few errors that I looked at and noticed on my playthrough of the file. But, I have to give it to you for making this file actually fun to play despite the length of the song.
1.819 and other instances involving this in the jumpstream parts: Personally all 16th jumps that you have that follows the vocal scrap them. It makes the chart flow better in this sense since the prominent beat that the jumps (the 4th jumps in this case) are going to the kicks. Just my 2 cents.
5.966: Now for this, a mini-freeze can suffice here on the [34] as that’s where the vocals are layered on primarily.
11.613: Same as 5.966, but this time the freezes should be on [24].
17.260, repeat on other instances in the jumpstream parts: Exact same thing as I said on 5.966, layering 2 of the 3 notes that are on the hands as mini-freezes to follow the vocals
22.554 to 22.907: This is a jack, [2] column.
22.554: Remove jump, shift the tapnote on [3] to [2]
22.731: Remove jump, keep the tapnote that’s on [2]
67.731 to 68.437: Make this into a 4321 roll for flow.
79.025 to 79.378: Jack on the [3] column
84.672 to 85.025: Jack on the [4] column
90.319 to 90.672: Jack on the [4] column so that it transitions properly to the roll that starts on 90.672
91.025: Jump, a [14] jump in particular.
94.201 to 107.613: Make all the 4ths into jumps for consistency. If you’re keeping some of them as singles then have all the notes be singles.
122.966: Jump here. [34]
134.260: Jump here. [12]
146.084. Jump here. [12]
194.790 to 195.496: Remove the 1-handed trill and make it into a roll, remove the [14] jump that’s on 194.966 and make that into a single note.
228.848 & 229.025: Jumps. [12] on both.
249.143: [34] jump here.
261.848: Cut the freeze length to about 1/4th of its original length. Mainly for flow.

Magic [Part 1] (Porkypink ft. caliber sm5 mods)
Heavy – Accept
File’s good to go.
Oni – Accept
Good to go as a harder chart, nothing wrong with it on my end and it plays well on previous sm version despite it having sm5 mods.

Story 2 (Rog)
Oni – Accept
Heh…people are going to hate the mines on the ending. But overall, the file’s fun and clean with nothing too glaring to look at. Also, lmfao that song.
Heavy – Accept
Good to go as an easier chart and for those who don’t want to play dodgeball.

*Offset is off by 0.046 seconds, fix it please*
Heavy – Accept
This file is worth 99 cents.
I kid, I also had fun with this file, while it was longer than 10Dollar’s file, the file was well put together to keep me engaged throughout and not quitout (like I would usually in 5+ mins songs…) Anyhow, megusta…

Twirl (MrTea)
Heavy – Accept
27.264: Remove the mine and place it somewhere else, with the speed of the freeze its impossible to dodge lmao
Other than that, you already know what I think of this file heh.

Space Travel (Porkypink)
*Offset is off by a 64th, fix pl0x*
Oni - Accept
28.620 - Just my opinion but each of those 192nd graces that you have going to the wubs would best be fitted as mini-freezes.
81.763 to 82.620 - 48th mini-freezes would suffice in these sections to emphasize the wubs.
85.335 to 85.906 - Not sure if the 8ths and 24ths are really needed here. Mainly in this would be shifted to primarly 12ths with freezes appropriated to 48ths. I'll have to hear through it again just to be sure.
109.335 to 109.906 - Same as I mentioned above. I'm not hearing it as how you have it. Double check on these two parts.
112.763 to 113.335 - Ditto to the two other parts above.
135.763 - Just scrap the freeze and leave it as a mini-freeze. No need to have a freeze hold that long.

Truthful Legend (Porkypink)
*Nice CDTitle as banner huehue*
Oni - Accepted
Nothing too blatantly wrong that I can see in this file. Also, those cascading freezes lmao, I use to do that all the time x)

Idola (Pompom)
Oni - Accepted
Much better, though the mines lmao. Anyhow, nice fun file.

Atropos (caliber)
*lmao, mp3 file and .sm derped up ddream so I had to use sm editor*
Heavy - Accept
Definitely much cleaner than rparty's. And to be fair, the only way that I see both yours and rparty's going in is if rparty sends you his chart to place it as a separate chart and that rparty fixes up chis chart. Anyhow, until that happens, switching rparty's chart from Accept to Reject on the merits that this chart is much better suited for the pack as it stands.

Bad Boy (Pedolad)
Oni - Reject
My qualms are with the others. And I hate to say it but wafles' chart from yolo 1 is better than this (even if its well...subpar tbh) oops.

Botines (DaShoe)
Heavy - Pending
Ohey you're back :V Anyhow, a few things to consider:
- Cut back on the length of the freezes, you'll have lots of room to get creative with the layering (Also, at the length that you have, its almost impossible to see some notes right after the tail such as the one in 16.720 where I could barely see that 12th note)
- Another thing to consider is the usage of hands and quads, mainly since you're working in such a short span of arrows (4key where as opposed to 6key) so the usage of those hands and quads can really cause the file to feel slightly cramped. In order to moreso give both the same impact and the visual appeal, have them be jumps with mini-freezes (no more than 48ths)
- Though other than that its a nice swing file to boot :V

Danger Danger (blind)
Heavy - Reject
First off, lol that 32nd wall and how that's patterned. And second, song choice is rubbish to be quite honest...

Do Not Go Gently (Pedolad)
Heavy - Reject
Seeing as how there was files that were rejected on the principle of being already released (unless we're going to change that rule on rebarf's discreetion...)...you already released this file as a single release.

Double Monk (Gradiant)
Oni - Accept
I cry every time. Those 12th jumpjacks are brutal but given the difficulty and also, the mines that are at the end when transfering to the freezes are a dick but not too detrimental.

Seventeen (???)
Heavy - Accept
Shiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeet, who are you? I actually enjoyed playing this file. I didn't see anything wrong with it (except for that one mini-trill that is slightly cucumbersome but I think that is better suited as a mini-burst rather than a mini 1-handed trill). I really didn't spot anything too erroneous in this file that would warrant it being rejected to say the least though so nice job.

WE LUV LLAMA (Trance EX Style)
Oni - Reject
You crazy. We don't need another Llama file. Also, why would you restep icy's file...

Pelican Moondance (Choof)
Beginner - Accept
Shit...this is brutal. Aside from clusterfuck of colours, if I didn't look at the cdtitle or who stepped it I would've thought ji stepped it for a second just by how many colours there were rofl.

Bleeding In The Rain (Rog)
Beginner - Accepted
Accurate chart, the 32nd jacks aren't that indicative of any difficulty issue as the solo compensates for it imo. Not sure how the others would see it but the file is fitting for the length and its pleasant to play albeit the solo is a bag of skittle lmao.

Super Hey Ya (MrTea)
Heavy - Accept
I kinda want to see an easier js file in here to be fair. Song is catchy and its not everyday where you get a simple js file that's not icyworldnbjs kind of stuff. Nothing too erroneous but the intro did make me lag a bit but that might be because of the bpm or the comp.

Shapeless Flower (Kaneh)
Offset is suppose to be 0.522

Oni - Rejected
The major qualm I have about this file is that the holds feel forced and disjointed, especially with the piano chords in the beginning. To be fair, just scrap the beginning freezes, rework on the swing because the swing usage feels off whenever I try to play it. In regards to the jumps, they just feel arbitrarily placed and unnatural to hit the anchored jumps, etc.

Space Travel (Porkypink)
Oni - Accept
Much better. The 16ths feels more natural to hit than the 24th trill.

Into The Battlefield (10Dollar)
Oni - Light Accept
Much better than your other files. My only qualm is that in the beginning when the violin plays, you can put mini-freezes on it to accentuate it. Of course, the transitions were alright. Nothing too shoddy, just clean up some of the stream patterns that can feel slightly disruptive. Consider it as a conditional.

Akybyou Taisan - the minimal layering is pretty cool but some of the sounds that you stepped are too subtle
the intro makes very little sense (it's impossible to hear what the 32nds go to)
the jumps in m. 31 and m. 35 could easily be rearranged to fit the pitches better (as it is now the jump placement on m. 31 in particular seems kinda random)

Amatias - i get how you use holds for piano/organ flourishes but a fair amount of them just don't work
for instance, the very first time you do this (m. 6) is overly long and the second one (m. 16) feels like an odd transition
i could go into more detail with these but a majority of them are held past the end of the flourish they go to
at m. 53 the sudden transition between layering and only stepping the guitar solo is kinda jarring, but acceptable
the previous measures (m. 51-2, first half of 53) need the layering to be interesting while adding the layering to the solo (second half of 53 and m. 54) would result in an out of place difficulty spike
i like a large amount of this file for general reasons
some of it makes me wish for a harder chart but that doesn't detract from this one
accept, fixing the holds would be nice but not terribly necessary

April.#02 - oh man this file feels awesome to play
i have an issue with the mine column at the beginning too; the times when you "break" the column with notes seem arbitrary
same issue pops up in m. 56-63 only without the mines- the leftmost column seems to be used arbitrarily
still, i don't think that much needs to be discussed about this file

Bodom Beach Terror -
m. 4, last beat (and every similar measure afterwards): why is that pattern triple-triple-double? i hear no difference in instrumentation between the three beats
m. 15 (and the same measure in the second verse): there's a 24th note riff in the second two beats that you either completely ignored or misstepped, and i'm not happy with that. the cymbals get ignored too
m. 39, last eighth note: there is NO sound there other than some wobbling, why does that get a jump?
m. 43, last beat: i'm confused by this. there's a crash on-beat yet there's only one note, then the only thing notable about the offbeat is that the vocalist starts the first word of the chorus yet that gets a triple. i feel like these should both just be jumps
this file is pretty minimal for the most part which is fine, and i'm not seeing too many serious issues
however, i think repeating the verse and chorus is a bit excessive, and there's actually a bunch of interesting stuff that's getting ignored

Catastophie - the piano chords during the two "choruses" definitely aren't accurately stepped; the grace notes are pretty much always before the 16th/8th/quarter/whatever but for some reason you switched from early grace notes to late ones VERY early in each chorus
m. 8, many similar measures: the strings are way too intense to be either ignored or just stepped as wandering 16th notes
m. 47, third beat: what are these 32nds supposed to be? if they're supposed to be the guitar that's a really bad idea, as it's hard to hear exactly what they're doing other than playing one note consistently. the drums are a lot more prominent and made me think you misstepped this beat reeeeally badly
the drums during some of the interlude-y sections make your layering seem really sloppy, and on a related note you shouldn't have stepped so much of the fade out
i like the song but i think a bunch of work needs to be done
pending but leaning towards a reject

collision point- of course you would submit a file to this anyway, lol. it's a nice enough song, and i guess it appeals to people who like playing stepmania as an extension to music rather than as a serious game. that said, i think it may be a bit too monotonous, even though the short length should counteract that
cedar shed- this is another one that i think people will play a lot because of how the chart goes to the music (though it's a bit more challenging than collision point). when the main beat kicks in at first the freezes seem a bit long, but that's only because the beat covers up the sounds they go to. i'm ready to full out accept this because there are some definite challenges in this file
funny shuffle- pretty fun overall. there are a couple of places where the rhythm feels off and some of the longer freezes feel a bit misplaced
i'm your daddy- very standard but nothing blatantly wrong or jarring
idola- this isn't all that bad actually. most of my complaints have to do with pattern choices (which is because i'm bad). that handjack comes outta nowhere though, and ending it with mines is kinda mean
insane techniques- this is pretty neat, yo. not too much to say
proof of the existence- the middle of the file (where polyrhythms start coming in) is very confusing rhythm-wise, and the whole thing's very inconsistent difficulty-wise for no clear reason. there's a lot of wasted potential and i don't expect anyone to play this more than once

Endless Despair II- this is really cool, and i think there's enough variation in the chart to justify it being so long. plus hammering out the jumpjacks during the choruses fuckin rocks
Kirlian Choices- holy crap this is boring. the song has a lot of variation in intensity but the steps are always really flat and uninteresting
Magic- song choice isn't that bad but you pretty much choose the most boring things to follow at every possible point where you have a choice
Marill- hell yeah. really nice and varied, nothing else to say
My Time- you already know i think this file is awesome. however, i don't think this really has an audience. people who can pass the 32nd section will get insanely bored by the rest of the file, and people who are cool with the slower sections will straight up die on the hard part. that said, i still think this is almost perfect, but the transition out of the 32nd section (with the hidden trill in it) is a mess. maybe you should scrap the ending? it's kinda dull
Rydeen- my opinion doesn't really matter since this is already in but i just wanted to say the song choice is godlike
Shawty Wanna Fuck- a solid attempt but no

atropos[/b]- this file is weird as hell. the holds force a lot of strange note hitting (especially the 24ths in m. 60), the stream from m. 25 onwards has a few gaps which don't seem to go to anything, and there are a couple of minijacks which seem like they only happened out of laziness. really inconsistent and unenjoyable
city (the earth light)- this is way too freaking long and uninteresting
dream express- oh hey this totally seems like a shoutout to those benny1 files in odipack/ppp2. i'm down with it, but i'm not entirely sure how the style of stepping holds up
IX- ok, so this is really freaking hard. this file going in depends first and foremost on whether or not we want files with inflated difficulty going into this pack. from one of your posts it seems like you're working on a revision anyway so i don't feel too bad voting pending for this
story 2- oh shit you went and stepped clipping. the buildup kinda stumbles before the 24th stream but this mostly has the energy of the song down
the divine comedy reverse- this is pretty tight. i want to whine that there should be some hands used on those freezes in mm. 18-29 but i get what you're doing there regardless. also a lot of the file suffers from ddream syndrome but that's more of a post-production fix

we luv llama- "the entire first chorus section has an unbroken 8th right arrow anchor" -anonymous
bleeding in the brain- i'm guessing the easy chart isn't supposed to be there but the novice chart is really fuckin good
amatias v2- last month i sent a pm to ghakimx explaining some problems i had with the changes in the new chart. there hasn't been a revision since so this remains a pending
atropos (rcaliber's)- mother of god this is great. this better not get rejected because it's sm5 only nvm
catastophie- kinda doubt you're actually going to fix this properly (you fixed maybe two of the piano flourishes and nothing else that was apparent)
danger danger- incredibly inconsistent and uninteresting
hakugin no datenshi-
timestamps because that v0 mp3 makes me sad
8.572-8.878: drums are quite clearly 24ths, not 32nds
14.617: missing note
37.194-37.959: there's definitely something more complex going on here than you're suggesting
51.123: missing note, fix it the way you did at 76.847
the ceiling could never hold us- thank you for stepping the generic hihats and/or completely ignoring the rhythm of the much louder synths in m. 141-170 otherwise i'd have to look through a lot more of this file. i'm not a fan of 7 minute long files that have nothing even possibly interesting happen until the 5 minute mark
warhead- no

Ham Jam - Accepted This is one funky chiptune. It's an enjoyable file for the most part. I'm not entirely sure if the "rolls" are just there for cosmetic purposes or not, since they go too fast to warrant any more pressing. I'd love to see what this would look like if those certain rolls were minijacks, since it sounds like there's only one more note after the first. Hearing it more, it could be a trill, but I could see that complicating things. Another difficulty could be made, but overall, it's definitely a solid file.

Hideout v3 -- Accepted with fixes 32nd jack issue could be changed in the harder difficulty. I don't necessarily agree with the mines in this song, as I feel it doesn't need any, but it does add to the challenge. I'm not sure if the two last holds should be present since that's where the song loops, but that's just my opinion.

Pelican Moondance - - Accepted Ouch my hands. I never truly understood the walls of arrows to very faint close together sounds of static, but if that's how it is, then that's how it is. Too difficult for me, but it all looks to be correct and can be enjoyable in parts where my wrists aren't falling off.

Gaijin shawty - Rejected This plays like something you'd find in an old '06 pack of files. The steps are more or less quite repetitive, and there's not much to it. The 32nds in the beginning stop after a certain measure, not that they need to be in the song anyway. Sadly, even if this song was stepped better, I don't think I'd want to play it. The song itself doesn't offer much to be a decent file.

Enfoire une fois, enfoires duex fois - Rejected The song is weird. Feels understepped, could be more difficult. With that said, this song can't be saved too much. Had it been stepped a little better, I'd maybe put it in pending.

Double Monk - - Accepted I don't know why I'm so into jacks. As strange as this song was, it definitely was a fun song to play. The jacks were brutal, but in a good way, and everything played out well. I would say that the quieter parts in the second half could use jumps to the bass kick instead of a single arrow. If those could be added, this would be even better.

Bleeding in the Brain - - Accepted with fixes File needs cleaning up in terms of difficulty filing and such. I played easy because it had less notes, but little did I know, there was one part completely missing. Whoops. I'm sure this will be fixed. Aside from that, I thought it was pretty smooth and overall a definitely great file.

Fantastic Theater - Rejected I feel like more can be done with this. In parts, it feels largely understepped, and there's inconsistencies with grace notes that go with the brass (Or whatever the toot toot instrument is). I noticed there's also parts incorrectly stepped, such as m16. The holds in the song make it very uncomfortable to play. The ending solos could definitely be more interesting instead of repettive rolls and notes. Just seems a bit lazily done at the end since it doesn't feel like it lines up correctly. Could just be me, though.

FLUTE MAN - PendingThe layering is a bit weird to understand if there's layering. For example, the jumps that seem to go with cymbals are inconsistant, since the first two are jumps and the third one isn't. I'm assuming it's made this way because one arrow goes to the flute while the other goes to the cymbal, which is strange. In my opinion, there should just be one difficulty, since Heavy feels understepped in parts, while having a lot of arrows in flute sections. The flute solo feels so empty because of this. The holds definitely need to be refined. My suggestion is to make mini holds for some flute parts, and remove the longer holds to make it more enjoyable to play while making it easier to understand what goes to what. Keep it to one difficulty, or make it so one difficulty still feels fun to play without being too understepped. This makes me wonder how the other FLUTE MAN was stepped because I haven't touched it in years.

Ra'am - Pending I really want to like this file because it has potential, and most of it is there just dandy. The beginning part feels like there should be more jumps, or something to make it feel like I'm playing the music. I'm not sure how to explain it, but with a red note missing a jump, it's hard to follow what exactly they go to. I'd also touch up the quiet part in Heavy charting because there's nothing to the snares, and that feels hella awkward to me. In challenge, it's stepped just fine. I can't say much about the harder difficulty since that's way out of my league, but it looked fine for the most part, except for the jacks. I don't know how well that plays into the song, but they're hard for me to hit. Fix these changes up and it's a definite yes.

Shapeless Flower - Rejected There's not too much wrong with the stepping besides the 16th holds that I'm not sure what they're going to, but aside from that, there's really nothing to offer before and after the "drop" or whatever you want to call it. It's mostly repetitive throughout the song and it isn't too exciting for me to want to play it again.

Shippu Jinrai - - Accepted with fixes Crazy as hell jumpstreams, so I can't be too harsh on this. I'd only suggest less jumps, especially in the beginning since there's not too much going on compared to the rest of the song. I say this because the quiet break in the song isn't as stepped as the beginning, with jumps to certain sounds and whatnot. Since I'm not an avid jumpstream player, it looks almost overstepped in my opinion, but that's just me. The non-jumpstream parts are done well and I see nothing wrong with them. Looked over it a bunch of times, and it just makes me want a slightly easier difficulty to play.

Super Hey Ya! - Pending If the song wasn't so much of the same throughout most of the song, this would be great. The patterns and jumpstreams were quite pleasent to play, although the holds in the streams could possibly be shortened or removed. If you can find something to do to make the verses less boring to play, go for it. The charting is right, but there just needs to be something to keep me awake. Maybe a few uses of the arrows/mines to go with vocals or other instruments. I'm on the fence on this one.

WE LUV LAMA - Rejected Oh it's already rejected. Pretty much just five minute jump/hand streams. Repetative and nothing else but.

Seventeen - :v I haven't played it in awhile, and I have to say I enjoyed it with what was there. The song itself does sound repetitive, but there's actually slight changes in each measure in the song for the most part. I didn't like it too much, but it grew on me after not touching it in months. There could be a possible way of cutting the song down, but I don't know how to do that due to the song not sounding right if any of the parts are taken out.

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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

oh sick

gonna do some scouring but FFRCP4 had a bunch of files that were single releases. Not sure there have been many single releases since then.
Originally Posted by Dynam0 View Post
I'm a dark giraffe in this maniera
Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
Accurate. Most of my friends have been women.
Originally Posted by aperson
choof is like a dipping bird but every time he tips over only his belly rolls get wet instead it is so sad
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James May
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

Oh...I may have something for this. As for any single releases...I don't know any in particular :/

Might send something sometime next week. Not sure which file I will send yet.

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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

Would the difficulty ratings going to be reworked to all be on the same scale if they are all over the place?
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

If there has been a good enough pack that included single releases in it, this could turn into an unreleased files only pack. But remember I also think we could include some better files in lesser known packs

As far as difficulties, we would likely use the 10 - ?? scale where 10 is for easier files in the pack. DCP and Xoon 5 incorporated the 1-10 scale but I don't like that one anymore, so I want to go back to what we did before those packs. Files will likely be re-rated for difficulty based on the other files in the pack.

Of course anything I work with I let me a democracy, so if the rest of the judges want to do something I don't, then I'll do what the majority wants to do.
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

Who wants to place bets when packs canceled
Originally Posted by thesunfan View Post
absolutely I want to vomit on your face irl
Originally Posted by choof View Post
It was like trying to throw logic at a fuckin brick wall lmao
Originally Posted by choof View Post
whats more dense, a black hole or an icyworld file
Originally Posted by Celirra View Post
I've never been so disappointed by a man from Alabama than I am right now
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

Originally Posted by Rebirth0 View Post
I want a team of 4 - 5 judges to help me with this project. Feel free to volunteer, but be expected to play every single suggestion and submission and you must convey your thoughts on each file played.
Good luck with that lol. Lets be honest with ourselves here, this kind of dedication just isn't in the community anymore. You are not going to succeed if you want 4-5 judges to review every single submission. You need a group of people that can help when they have time, not a group of people you expect to commit themselves to the pack. You want evidence that this is the case? Look at VGMP4, Untitled Stepmania Pack, and Kirlian Selections, just to start...

Also, not that anyone would, but don't recommend any of my single releases for this. I don't have many, but the ones that I do have out there have mostly been improved and are going into my own packs.

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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

Originally Posted by lurker View Post
it honestly sounds like we should take the most popular ~25 files from the past 4 years, add easier charts to them, and call it ckmp5
this is a good idea
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

I'll send some stuff once i get back at my home PC next week
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

Originally Posted by Wafles View Post
Kirlian Selections, just to start...
still workin on this pack nignos !!
Originally Posted by Dynam0 View Post
I'm a dark giraffe in this maniera
Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
Accurate. Most of my friends have been women.
Originally Posted by aperson
choof is like a dipping bird but every time he tips over only his belly rolls get wet instead it is so sad
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

Do you want the suggestions posted publicly or pmed or e-mailed? You didn't really specify. I just don't wanna be that guy who posts it in thread and gets it denied because of that. rofl
Originally Posted by Akaunei View Post
shit we got the offbrand xelnya and the real xelnya
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

PPP wouldn't be the same without dudes like Zagh, Blurk, aperson, etc. so I'm iffy about giving it this name tbh

I guess GLoVE pulled off ODI3 but that was using (mostly) unreleased charts which I believe is what a "megapack" like this needs

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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

Post suggestions publically.

The judging system might be more than just a handful of judges for released files. But for the unreleased ones I want certain judges to work on those

@dynamo. I know that feel. Name is subject to change. I didn't want to use DCP and Xoon and RF are dead so this is what I used
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

that would imply that anyone actually plays stepmania for enjoyment
Originally Posted by Dynam0 View Post
I'm a dark giraffe in this maniera
Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
Accurate. Most of my friends have been women.
Originally Posted by aperson
choof is like a dipping bird but every time he tips over only his belly rolls get wet instead it is so sad
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

In the past I've weeded out plenty of weaker files. DCP was big only because the other judges released it and included a bunch of files I wanted removed.
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

Well I'm just saying I try not to make my packs big. I shoot for 50 files but bigger could happen
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

hype hope this doesnt die though
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

Originally Posted by Rebirth0 View Post
Post suggestions publically.

Originally Posted by Coolboyrulez0 View Post
hype hope this doesnt die though
Pretty much. PPP packs have usually contained some of the funnest files.

Unless you're TeRa maybe.
Originally Posted by Akaunei View Post
shit we got the offbrand xelnya and the real xelnya
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

Originally Posted by lurker View Post
having tons and tons of average-difficulty files in every pack tells people that they are all interchangeable so like, why download them if you already have the ckmps
DCP isn't even considered big anymore
For the record I play ODI 3 stuff a LOT more than any of the ckmp packs...they just had/have awful quality control (see croco).

DCP I still play files from all the time. :/
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Default Re: Puritanical Penis Pack 3 (Development Phase)

Originally Posted by Dynam0 View Post
I play ODI 3 stuff a LOT more than any of the ckmp packs...they just had/have awful quality control (see croco).

If this happens I might have something to throw at this


Originally Posted by Wayward Vagabond View Post
you look like you're dSucks
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