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Default 100

yes i did it after 1.5 years took me way too long

for some reason I didn't get the "Congratulations! You reached level 100!" message after updating ranks, but that's not even the deal,

Anyways here is a recollection of all my big scores that pushed my own ass from 99 --> 100

starting with the lowest, but most hilarious omni

I have to say that I'm probably never going to AAA the junk wall ever again

my second blackflag 100+

AAA is still doable



i literally re-bf-ed this

idk why

look at all these scores, ok but actually these are all jokes, literally i haven't even shown you the real shit

First score with over 100.00 equivalency

improved by 1 boo later on lmao

First difficulty 100 AAA (Proud of)

Highest score of all

finally the score that took me to the 3-digits

I didn't think I would make it this far into an arrow game, first thought into the game was not being able to AAA a 42, but then I.. just ... 50... 60.. the heck..... 100. maybe this game was meant for me, maybe it was already the right type of game waiting for me. I had so much fun playing FFR with everyone, thank you guys! <3

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