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Default Writing when you're not at home

I have heard of some writers that carry a notebook or journal with them during their day to jot down ideas or write scenes that come to mind or other such things.

Do you, as a writer, do this? Do you actually carry a notebook? Or, have you found an easy way of doing this on an electronic device? (Many of us don't walk around with our laptop all day.)

Just curious. I have thought about doing this myself.
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Default Re: Writing when you're not at home

You’re cute.
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Default Re: Writing when you're not at home

smart phones have note pad apps.
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Default Re: Writing when you're not at home

I find that carrying around a pocket journal suffices for the most part--usually use it for exactness of detail.

I would use something like an iphone app, but my fingers are dumb.

Just as an aside, I would warn against doing *substantial* amounts of composition on-the-go. When writing something like a whole scene, I'd recommend finding your own space where you can keep your mind organized, and clear of too many zany thoughts.

Creativity is great, but when it is coupled with intent & focus, it becomes something unstoppable.

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Default Re: Writing when you're not at home

I use to carry around a notebook but I stopped because it would get in the way more often than not. Now I do my writing on my phone. I write poetry though and my poems don't tend to be very long or I just write down the important things and work around them later.
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Default Re: Writing when you're not at home

I carry around a small notepad at times, so if I think of a change to a current project and or a new idea I just quickly jot it down for later. It helps in a sense, though most of the time I end up sticking with the original plan.
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