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Default 2nd Post-Official Team Tournament Extravaganza (Hosted by DDRNGGin and Deadlyx39)

2nd Post-Official Team Tournament Extravaganza (Hosted by DDRNGGin and Deadlyx39)

Tournament Spreadsheet

What is going on, all of FlashFlashRevolution? In honor and memory of Dark_Chrysalis, Deadlyx39 and myself would like to welcome all of you to this exciting sequel to the Post-Official Team Tournament. Similar as the previous, this tournament is designed to break away from traditional tournament, and to encourage teamwork in order to achieve various goals. Unlike its prequel, however, Deadlyx39 and I will put our best efforts to keep this tournament running until the end, but this tournament cannot be successful without YOUR participation. So, without further ado, it's time to get out our tournament rulebook and go over the rules.

-Just like the last tournament, this one will consist a total of 8 round, with each round to last 5 days in length.
-Teams will be formed from 7 competitors, one from each of the standard divisions (D1 through D7)
-Each round's objective(s) will be unique, varying from a Marvelous (Amazing) attack round, to solving puzzles, for each team to complete.
-At the end of every round, each team will be rewarded with credits from the pool based on overall performance and the performance compared to other opposing teams.
-At the end of certain rounds, such as round 3, there will be an elimination challenge. If you team finishes below the cut at the elimination challenge's end, then GAME OVER, man!

Your eligibility to register in the tournament will mirror the requirements for the Official Tournament: 250 games played (with 75 songs fully played), an account that is at least 0.10 years old, at least 10 forum posts, and etc. There are two different ways to register:

1) You can either signup on this thread with a team of 7 completely ready; Doing this will GUARANTEE you get to participate in the tournament. You can discuss this with your FFR friends outside of FFR, or you can even try to organize it here in the thread. Try to limit asking for a spot on someone else's budding team to a minimum, please. Or...

2) You can register here "forever alone"; however, there is no guarantee that you will be placed in a team with your best FFR friends, or in a team at all, as you will be placed in a pool of players, and your teams will be RNG'd should you sign in alone.

Registration closes Friday, October 7th, 2016 @ 11:59:59 PM Server Time

Obviously with this being a team tournament, everyone is going to need to do their part to be successful; however, if there are any conflicting issues that require an extension of time, or forces you to leave the tournament abruptly, then please PM Deadlyx39 and myself, and we will resolve your conflict as best as we can. If you have to drop out of the tournament, we will pull a sub from your division's extra entrants pool to participate in your place; however, you will lose any credit earning opportunities in the tournament for yourself.

Do not cheat at all, please.

With the possibility of credit donations, Deadlyx39 and I will try our best to split the team's final winnings as evenly as possible, with each round having potential earnings of about 1/8th of the total credit pool, but we can't have a tournament if no one donates credits.

The last Team Tournament Extravaganza had raised nearly 3 million credits. So, Deadlyx39 and I would like to double that number for our goal in order to make this an amazing tournament (aka, 6 million is our goal), and to start the road towards that goal, I am putting up 234,438 of my own credits!

And now, with all of the rules covered, have fun!!


Total Credits Raised: 1,101,221

Ghost_Medley - 420,666 Credits
DDRNGGin - 234,438 Credits
AD4M-V - 75,000 Credits
Felyx - 69,420 Credits
TheToaphster - 50,031 Credits
Kawaii025 - 50,000 Credits
Mourningfall - 50,000 Credits
PhantomPuppy - 50,000 Credits
juckter1 - 42,666 Credits
jose656 - 30,000 Credits
ULTIMEGA - 25,000 Credits
arcTangent - 5,000 Credits

It is time for Round 3!!!

Which also means it is the first of our Elimination Challenges (cues echo effect) This means when this round is over, the team with the lowest team credits in their pool...will unfortunately be eliminated from the competition. With that, Round 3 is a free-for-all battle (of course, being teams against teams) Players in each division will be battling each other; however, the catch....the song choices were selected by an RNG program this time, so...here are the songs: (NOTE: If any of these songs are Skill Tokens/Tokens/Secret songs, then please let me know so that I can try to find a solution.)

Driveway [Light] (5)
Tom Saving vs Greg Nicotero [Heavy] (12)
Seed (15)
Straight To Video (17)
Boss Machine (19)

First Try (27)
Build God, Then We'll Talk (36)
Crystalis - House Leaves (Long) (41)
I'm Alive (Jarvis Remix) (43)
U.M.A (46)

Euro Freak (49)
Hyper Pressure (53)
Monkey Island (53)
System Split (56)
Miniboss (59)

Aztec Telling (Techno-Titlan Mix) (60)
Call Upon the Seaponies (EuroSHOOBEDOO Mix) (61)
Negions Fail (67)
The Strategy of Emperor (68)
Twelve (69)

Church Bells (74)
Happy Meal (74)
Poppin' Shower (74)
Dreadnought [Heavy] (75)
Pokamen Party (75)

Beautiful Arrhythmia (81)
Eradication (81)
All i wanna do is touch your powerpoints (85)
Einstein-Rosen Bridge (86)
Lawn Wake II (89)

Phi-dentity Crisis (93)
Rengoku -Purgatorium- (96)
Extratone Pirates (Drunk Optimus Remix) (98)
La Campanella (98)

However, there is a special twist to this round: Since this is an elimination round...Each team will have some special items to use throughout this round:

-Attack Level 1 (x3): This item targets one score of one player of a targeted team. This reduces the score by 250 Raw Points.
-Attack Level 2 [Judge Attack] (x1): Use this item wisely! This item targets the entire team. When used, for the next 24 hours, all targeted teammates must play with judge timing of +2 or -2 and submit at least one score on this thread with those settings. (Failure to do so may result in penalties)
-Attack Level 3 [Score Swap] (x1): Use this Item wisely! This allows the attacker to swap one of his/her scores with the targeted player; however, both the attacker and the targeted player must have AAA'd the selected song the attacker wishes to target. This item will not work if all requirements are NOT met.
- Defend (x3): This item prevents any attack items from going through; however, cannot stop Steal skill.
- Steal (1x for all teams except for 5th place team; will receive x2. To be distributed on Day 3 of Round 3): Use this item wisely! This allow the user/team to steal 1,000 Raw Points from a targeted team's song/score.

I would like to note two things with the items:

- Each item can only be used once per day.
- Item(s) teams would like to use must be PM'd to me or Deadlyx39, and all teammates must agree to use the item(s)

1st - 75,000 Credits
2nd - 35,000 Credits
3rd - 15,000 Credits
4th - 7,500 Credits
5th - 5,000 Credits
(Credit prize may be subjected to change based on credit pot, if increased)

This round will conclude on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 @ 11:59:59 PM Server Time

Good luck!

Round 2

A lot of you really wanted a team event in this tournament (Name says it all). Well, here in this round, you are getting a true team event! Now, within the tournament spreadsheet, there are a series of 21 riddles/puzzles/questions contained there. What lies in each puzzle/riddle....are objectives that you must try to complete. The answers to each of these riddles or puzzles are within the FFR songlist; however, there is just one catch to this round:

- In this round, all score/screenshots of the answers and objectives completed must be PM'd either to Deadlyx39 or myself. Posting score/answers in this thread will NOT be allowed in this round..Failure to comply may result in penalties being applied.

In addition, for this round, I will try my best to create an individual spreadsheet for each team and make sure that only members of each team and their members be able to see their own team's spreadsheet (Although, I definitely need help with that. If anyone does know how to do so, then please let me know)

NOTE: With the scores/screenshots, I would prefer if you passed the songs.

1st - 75,000 Credits
2nd - 35,000 Credits
3rd - 15,000 Credits
4th - 5,000 Credits
5th - 5,000 Credits
(Credit prize may be subjected to change based on credit pot, if increased)

This round will conclude on Thursday, October 27th, 2016 @ 11:59:59 PM Server Time

Good luck!

Team 1:
D7 - jose656
D6 - badman7772 (?)
D5- MarcusHawkins
D4- Kawaii025
D3 - CarrotCake94
D2 - Bach96
D1 - michelle_x0x

Team 2 (Team Rushy's a Sh*tlord) ?:
D7 - One Winged Angel
D6 - remedy1502
D5 - Yoshiisland
D4 - minble
D3 - funiax
D2 - Charmoeleon
D1 -

Team 3:
D7 - Josemba
D6 - PhantomPuppy
D5 - Sickufully
D4 - TheThong
D3 - grizz13114
D2 - Ezrealasitgets
D1 - ShadoWolfe

Team SUCC:
D7 - SoFast
D6 - AD4M-V
D5 - kmay
D4 - Felyx
D3 - juckter1
D2 - 007ghg7
D1 - Jpshadsy

Team 5 (Team Dangerous Roulette) ?:
D7 -
D5 -
D4 -
D3 -
D2 -
D1 -

Team Egg Salad:
D7 - Walrusizer
D6 - Ghost_Medley
D5 - botchi246
D4 - feelingzwontfade
D3 - Red Blaster
D2 - x_egeltje_x
D1 - R.E. Aryxi

Team Mostly Downscroll:
D7 - _Zenith_
D6 - TheToaphster
D5 - ruf323
D4 - Ihavenoname248
D3 - FirstMaple8
D2 - Son Paimon
D1 - Illeriia

Team 8:
D7 -
D6 - Mourningfall
D5 - Smexxxybeast
D4 - Kriptos
D3 - storn42
D2 - Azpb Djbread
D1 -

jose656 (D7)
SoFast (D7)
_Zenith_ (D7)
AD4M-V (D6)
badman7772 (D6)
FFR Pro 21 (D6)
Ghost_Medley (D6)
Mourningfall (D6)
PhantomPuppy (D6)
TheToaphster (D6)
botchi246 (D5)
darkedge22 (D5)
kmay (D5)
MarcusHawkins (D5)
ruf323 (D5)
sickufully (D5)
Yoshiisland (D5)
Defluxit (D4?)
feelingzwontfade (D4)
Felyx (D4)
Ihavenoname248 (D4)
kacper_w (D4)
Kawaii025 (D4)
KLiTz (D4)
minble (D4)
portalbob340 (D4)
RenegadeLucien (D4)
Renrane (D4)
Shadowcliff (D4)
TheThong (D4)
CarrotCake94 (D3)
FirstMaple8 (D3)
funiax (D3)
grizz13114 (D3)
juckter1 (D3)
Preg Jr (D3)
storn42 (D3)
arcTangent (D2)
Azpb Djbread (D2)
Charmoeleon (D2)
Ezrealasitgets (D2)
Precarious (D2)
Son Paimon (D2)
xomegaxweapon (D2)
x_egeltje_x (D2)
Illeriia (D1)
Jpshadsy (D1)
DDRNGGin's New Stats Information

Playstyle: Index

Current Level / Division: Level 73 (Division 5)

Highest AAA/PFC: Flight of the Bumblebee (Difficulty 80)

Highest Blackflag: AIM Anthem (Difficulty 76)

Highest SDG: Choprite [3-0-0-1] (Difficulty 70)

Highest FC (Non-mashed): BB Revenge [14-1-0-3] (Difficulty 80)

Last edited by YoshL; 12-2-2016 at 04:03 AM.. Reason: tournament closed
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