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Default so i beat max 300 super max me yesterday

yea that song is hard... it takes alot of stamina especially with the freeze arrows. ive been wanting to beat the classic max trio: 300, unlimited, and legend all in one game lol. So far the closest ive been was 6 seconds from the end of legend i was so pissed. i think im going to make that a goal and try to achieve it before the end of summer vacation.

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Default Re: so i beat max 300 super max me yesterday

I can pass each of them. 300 wit a high B, unlimited and legend with a C. I can beat Sakura with an A. It's tiring. Although it attracts a lot of attention at the arcade.
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Default Re: so i beat max 300 super max me yesterday

There was a time a few years back when I attempted 300, Unlimited, legend and PSMO in one game. I was going to play PSMO but some little kid changed the song and hit accept when I wasn't looking. I was ready to fking murder that kid lol. I'd try this again, but my Extreme machine is locked again =(

I have done the PSM trick by AAing Evolution, Rebirth and KCET =)

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i now have another excuse to grow a dick
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Default Re: so i beat max 300 super max me yesterday

Jondi and Spesh ****ing rock

This song is definitely one of my favorites to play, although I doubt I have to stamina to even pass it anymore ...but I A'ed it once (no AA )

Good job there, jelly

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i want to be cucked by cirno
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Default Re: so i beat max 300 super max me yesterday

I can do all 3 on pad but DAMN!! I haven't played in a long long time so Idk if I can pass max 300 anymore
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...I could jack off and fc this song at the same time
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I love you Cherokee!!
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Default Re: so i beat max 300 super max me yesterday

Congratulations. Max 300 kills me...
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