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Question Rhythm gaming history

Please excuse my prompting this subject without having content to contribute.

I'm curious about the history of rhythm games. I remember while back maybe in the past year or two I voted in a poll here on the main page of FFR that asked what new content we would like to see added to FFR. I voted for "FFR History" or something to that degree.

Basically I'm brainstorming what kinds of things one might see on the hypothetical History of Flash Flash Revolution wiki page.

So upon remembering that poll, I'm wondering about our origins. DDR is obviously one of the biggest accelerators of this gaming genre, but does it have predecessors? When was kb play/SM introduced and who was involved in its dev? Where is Synthlight? How long did it take for the difficulty of modern charts to reach its current boundary--and what are some recognized landmarks along that path? To parallel that question I think it'd be neat to see the files of some of the known step authors who are recognized as helping shape the way things are stepped today (to the degree a single person is able, anyway). I feel that stepfiles as a whole would have followed various rising and falling trends over time--is anyone privy on the chronology of this? Did the "FFR Blackout of 2009" have major implications for the game aside from the loss of majority for daily returning users?

Yeah, I'm just gonna throw these questions out there, and if anyone has input on anything ever at all I would be delighted to learn more! If there is an existing thread or source for this very information please redirect me.

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Default Re: Rhythm gaming history

Has anyone seen the smash bros documentary? Imagine that shit but for FFR

like l0l can anyone imagine a video like this:


but for like Arch0wl or somethin lol like that editing style, people talkin "oh its just arch0wl hes just a one trick pony, then he came back with quasar and he was like no I can do this with any song"

--> Proceed to show sick montage footage of ffr/stepmania

EDIT: I'll throw what I remember, durin the blackout alot of serious players went to ffr.lightdarkness.net, it was a mirror for FFR while it was down with songs n such - it definitely lost casuals but a ton of people still played, I remember being hype because the mirror wasn't blocked at my school lol

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