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Default Re: OT 13.5 Predictions?

My prediction. I just hang out and play :v I don't know shit lol. Maybe explode next round?
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Default Re: OT 13.5 Predictions?

nathiran to win D2 B)
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Default Re: OT 13.5 Predictions?

Originally Posted by SubaruPoptart View Post
wait who did that? cuz jesus christ that's one hell of a heavy unlock lmao
Brasegali, from what I understand.

Between that and him tripling the D3 file, if he has the patience and concentration to AAA a nearly 9-minute file I don't see a lot of weaknesses that could crop up in D2 that would trip him up lmao

I don't think I've heard of a more insane Heavy unlock, not even MAX Forever...
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Default Re: OT 13.5 Predictions?

Disagree on MAX Forever. Impresario may be longer, but it's fairly easy aside from length and a few tricky sections.
MAX Forever is very easy to trip up in the trills, the trill transitions, or even the one-handed trills and I'd consider that a much harder [Heavy] unlock. Heck, just give them [Oni] if someone ever unlocks [Heavy] on MAX Forever.
Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post

Originally Posted by bugkid666 View Post
ok i fucked this up, but it's actually funnier this way
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Default Re: OT 13.5 Predictions?

If cup is moved up to D7 after this round then beeeboopbop or MyNameIsNothing will probably take D6
EDIT: Or Hayden. This is certainly the top three, I'm just not sure in what order they'll finish.
EDIT EDIT: I would also like to submit my entry for the "MAX Forever is definitely harder than Impresario" take. Those trills get pretty enervating by the end of the chart:

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Default Re: OT 13.5 Predictions?

I'd also gotta agree on the MAX Forever trills being harder, did Impresario on sightread but MAX Forever took me like 5 tries, not much but still a difference favoring MAX Forever on difficulty
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Originally Posted by choof View Post
bitch pussy does NOT smell like a penguin
Ok congrats you actually read this have a good day
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