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View Poll Results: What rating is appropriate for [ABCDEath] ?
D49 0 0%
D50 2 12.50%
D51 1 6.25%
D52 8 50.00%
Other 5 31.25%
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Default ABCDEath [49 ~ 52]

There's no way this song should be even in the 50's range tbh (High 49, or we can throw it in the low 50 range, the problem I'll state later.) Also semi-related note: Because of the new skill rating; this song is a very easy boost to your ranking if you're in D2 or lower.
Rank D Song Name ___ _Skill Rating. P G A M B
#1 56 ABCDEath _________50.630 375 8 0 0 2
#2 59 {Big Boss} __._ ____47.960 578 18 0 0 0
#3 56 Tambourin Chinois _ _47.679 663 13 0 0 0
#4 48 the Dream of Scarlet 47.028 473 1 0 0 0

1) Song breakdown: Short 1 minute song
20-30 seconds D20
20~ seconds of D40~
10 seconds of mid D50~ (just up and down mash can sometimes get you full perfects; this tied with the 1 minute song length means that eventually you could get a AAA if you did enough tries)
The song has 5 phases
Easiest Intro ~ short mash that picks up speed ~ jumps and singles at a fairly slow bpm ~ hard mash ~ easy finish

This said; the 3 easy parts should be perfectly AAA able even for someone in mid D2. The hard mash parts take some practice but otherwise it only takes 1 successful trial to get a AAA in this regard (Considering the first up down stream is actually fairly simple and straightforward)

2) Skill Rating system
Song breakdown alone might justify it still being in low D50's, since it's still a challenge to AAA. The second problem is with the new system (24 good threshold not even being an issue for a song with ~300 notes).
The idea of the D56 rating for this song was under pretense to AAA; when we consider scores that go for SDG the issue becomes apparent, it's way too easy to mash it out.
I don't think I really need to clarify this issue; though I have no idea how to rate the difficulty, in part that I have no idea how difficulties should be to begin with (it just felt way too easy for a D56 compared to everything else).

3) Division 3 threshold challenge (AAA a D50+ song)
This might be the easiest song to brute force a AAA on for unlocking the token song. I don't know if it'll be a completely valid reason to knock it down all the way to D49; honestly the second mash is just random enough with the polyrhythm (or what seems like one, I never bothered to analyze it in slow mo). That said; this song is really awkward... I wouldn't know where to place it (Which is why I gave it such a loose Difficulty alteration).

A replay for anyone interested in what the song looks like.
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Default Re: ABCDEath [49 ~ 52]

Okay so yeah basically the only two technically hard parts of the song are:

1) Up/down trill in the beginning with speed-up (16ths to near-24ths)
Capoeira Sundance has these in reverse albeit a lot of them but that song is rated because of its trills, this one because dore spikes

2) Broken up/down 24th trill led by a [34] jump (small note your replay booflagged this part)
There's a [24][13] "jumptrill" which might give some people fits idk, Exogenesis has way faster jumptrills at a fair D51 so this isn't the problem

Maybe keeping the timing consistent on the slow 16th left jacks is a thing that's harder for people in that skill range but again Exogenesis has a similar left jack thing so I don't feel this is an issue at all

So basically it's those two trills that are composing the difficulty of the song a la Crowdpleaser. I feel like it should be reduced but not by much as difficulty still goes off AAA and because that second broken trill is much harder to figure out than other patterns in the 50 range

(Side note with the skill rating thing I'm hit even harder by the "outlier scores" and I don't consider myself borderline D6)

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Default Re: ABCDEath [49 ~ 52]

I can agree with this. As I've stated in another thread, before I would AAA, i ALWAYS 1-0-0-1 on the "Hard" part. So, 1-0-0-1 was my best score until I got the AAA. 52-53 at best, imo ofc.

Top 5
Pimp Slap - 7-0-0-1
party 4u "holy nite mix" v2 - 5-0-1-2
Fei Longer - AAA
HELLBEAT - 9-0-1-3
Flame Repellent - 5-0-0-0
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Default Re: ABCDEath [49 ~ 52]

Originally Posted by Deidara837 View Post
(Side note with the skill rating thing I'm hit even harder by the "outlier scores" and I don't consider myself borderline D6)
Basically this; Skill rating system is still new so these outliers were inevitable. I need to play ABCDEath at a lower rate to understand what exactly I was doing wrong in that second trill though.

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Default Re: ABCDEath [49 ~ 52]

I agree. This song is too short to be that high of a difficulty level, especially with how the algorithm works.
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Default Re: ABCDEath [49 ~ 52]

This song is an absolute ass to aaa lol. At least it was for me. Its pretty tricky.
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Default Re: ABCDEath [49 ~ 52]

I believe this is still currently a 56, and I like your clarification but there are a few things off with it ;)

In any case, my listing has this at a 50 just because of the last section.
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and then you realize retaining skill is like 95% of the game after d7
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