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Default the future of index

if we're being honest, index is basically hanging in the balance. like the only person that plays index and is good at it is etienne. i picked up index about a month ago, it's alot more fun than spread imo, passed my first ITG 16 a few days ago. honestly if index is to have another chance at becoming a decently used playstyle is if vertex suddenly comes back from almost 5 year retirement and AAAs vis vitalis or sumthing. anyways shoutouts to no one bc i have no friends.
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Default Re: the future of index

i play index only too, very fun
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Enjoy life!
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Default Re: the future of index

i thought vertex was etienne
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Default Re: the future of index

rebound is vertex smh he at it again !!
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Accurate. Most of my friends have been women.
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Hey Vsnares, Aaron here.
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Default Re: the future of index

outside of ffr there's still relatively plenty of players who play index, they just hang around more at pad communities
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Default Re: the future of index

Most "index" players nowadays just play with 3-fingers (which is not index), but there are a few I've seen over the last couple years that either dabble in it, or are somewhat active still. There's a shitton of content for index than there ever was too since ITG itself has evolved, but I think people either just aren't aware of the playstyle, or simply aren't interested in it.

Vertex has been completely off the grid since 2015 and has shown 0 sign of coming back since then. It'd be interesting to see if anyone could even get within 50% of his skill, but I don't think that's cut out for me given how hard I tried to do so and frankly did not get even close lmao.

There's a complete spreadsheet with every existing recent pack for ITG (and older, but not organized), so it's not *that* hard to get started, but maybe if I get bored enough, I'll craft an index starter kit of some sort if people are interested, but they don't know where to start.

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I also like the nps scale. The standard ITG scale for harder files is blown out of proportion and no longer makes sense.
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nps is still a better idea for ratings
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there is 1 tip for people going to college. When you're in college, you'll be 16, which is the age where (where i live) you can get laid lawfully. basically, get laid asap when they look the best.
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