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Default End of an Era [in progress]

Back in the fall of 2003 I downloaded a cringe looking DDR simulator called stepmania in order to get better at actual Dance Dance revolution. I played a lot and got quickly pretty good at the game but, unbeknownst to me, this was only the beginning of many many years of keyboard smashing, shit posting and associating with the nastiest and stupidest nerds of the entire internet. After a while I saw people were making their own custom charts. At first it was a train wreck but I started making content myself and while I never felt I was excellent at it, I created some honestly fun charts during my time that I'm still proud of.

I have over the years moved almost exclusively to pad play as it helps with staying active (and can play on my own cabinet), but during the lockdown this march I picked up stepmania again and thought it would be cool to go back and remaster my old charts so they can be released in a single overarching collection of everything i've released and why the fuck not, i'll also throw a few unreleased, never seen before simfiles that were left incomplete from back in the day!

What can you expect from this pack?

- Flow and relevancy improvements to all the files, with more care put into making the difficulty consistent throughout

- A more relaxed approach to charting that privileges fun over being 100% technically accurate

- Better audio quality where possible

- New shiny HD graphics for everything!


So why "End of an Era"? The name pays homage to the carefree years of early stepmania and all the fun, the friends, the communities and even the drama that are now well behind us. Even though some of us still play and the community is obviously still here, it's never gonna be the same again.

The pack is nearing completion and I wanna put this here to motivate myself to push through so it gets done. I also would love some help from anyone who is able to check if the sync is good, if the charts are in need of some improvements and if the difficulty ratings are consistent before it's released

Song List:
(may add more songs later)


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