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Default Travelling for the Holidays

Hello FFRiends!!!

The holidays are upon us and I hope everyone is getting into the Christmas Spirit!!! I hope everyoneís enjoying the early festivities and what not. Coz Iím not:

So I decided to change that!!

Upon me making boatloads of money in the last 2 months([emoji1317]) This will be the first time I, Princess Zelda of Fiffer, am taking it upon myself to spend Christmas and New Years in another country,
Sooooooooooooo Iím headed down south to see XXXsmittyXXX!! *drools*
Itís been 7 years since we met online, 4 years since weíve seen each other face to face and I think it will be uplifting and beyond beautiful to reconnect with my dearest treasured human being. My souls sings when Iím with him and itís something I cannot change. Iíve learned this. Itís been so difficult to progress in life knowing he makes me feel the best beyond my beliefs.
Iíve spent the last 4 Christmasí alone and in complete emotional pain. I am so excited for my adventure. To finally understand the feels of how wonderful and special it is for two people to be lovingly reconnected - especially for the holidays, knowing that he and I are finally both Healed, Happy, Healthy (And Vegan!) is something I donít think I can shake off since I bought my ticket.

And itís not just him, itís his family and his friends who I finally get to revisit and new friends Iíll get to meet.

If anyone is travelling this year, be safe, be happy and make the moments you endure be nothing less than something you could wish for. I believe we all deserve something like this. This has never happened to me in my entire life but I provided this for myself so I hope everyone wishes me the best of luck.

Now I just wonder if Iíll end up pregnant. XD hah

*waves good-bye*

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