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Default Alioth's Poetry Thread

Hey all! I'll be posting my poetry here for those who want to read something different. Poetry is something I am still trying to improve on, so critique away all you want! I had a poem published within Afflatus Magazine, so that's...good I think haha.

Through infinityís eye and the stratosphere of your heart, I urge you to rampage through valleys and mountains to find the goddess of your vain. Let your corpse dance in desperation, feeding on the vast, cerulean forests, where wisdom is still through its eternal glades of scarlet. Do not be the one to shiver in cobalt, yet oppose this violet facade and become submerged within the crimson grass. When the seams of spring start to overflow your vision with the grisly iridescence, chimes will scream with chains of ivory that will draw everything away from it. The moment you are about to fall, I urge you, ferociously fly to the ivory light until you cannot anymore. It will eradicate all vanity, freeing everything from the bane of thoughts. Let the bells of life waltz in silence, levitating towards a new qualm.

Notes: I tried to make a lighter themed poem with this one. Not sure how well it worked out because I am so used to writing dark poetry.


Dancing in Limbo
I righteously prevailed,
Topping the tearful towers
Of my modest pretenses,
Iridescence in ivory,
Overwhelming the opal barriers
Of what we call

Garnet gathering together
In the dungeons of my
Naked with

It is a fortune,
Yet perils unveiled
The violently,
Withering wails
Once overt,
Now nourished with all

Moments malfunction,
Days disembark,
Yet I lie here,
Within the vines of
Wanting her hollow hands
To bolster its banquets

Notes: I wrote this as a response to my sister blasting me for being apart of LGBTQA+. I definitely like writing darker, but taking a more modern take on it.


I excavate vicariously
For the thundering droplets
Upon our lavender lore,
As my corpse deteriorates
Against these blackened skies.

Maili! Scissor through the skies,
For I have conveyed sorrow,
I have opened the gates
To the treachery,
Misguiding my malice.
I clasp onto your ruby locks,
Shivering stutters from my lips,
Maili! Vivas Maili...

Retribution is upon
Our scandalous souls,
My misdemeanant malice,
Her horrific serenity,
What was once pure,
Is now garnished with gloom.

Maili! I fathomed forbidden fruit
For centuries before you,
Yet time has clasped my sapphire,
Time has disintegrated my ruby,
Vanity has taken over my pearl,
Envy has taken over my diamond,
For what was once pure
Is now enchanted with toxic.

Goddess! Grace me with pain,
Enchant me with wreathing wildfires,
For now I exorcise myself
And soar within my casket,
Uttering pale pretentions,
Maili! Amas...Maili!

Notes: This was written about a year and a half ago, when I was having severe arguments with my ex girlfriend, who I once considered a best friend. We're on ok terms now, but I doubt we're gonna be friends like we once were. This was also somewhat of a coming out poem for those who would bash me because I was bi curious. I know I am rather gay or asexual though...


The Gift
I drank it,
Every scar,
Every burn
Etched on my heart
To please those
Who love me.

I ate it,
Those words,
Embedded within
My nerves,
Leaving me to
With broken fragments
Of a dream.

I felt it,
My heart,
For a way out
Of this misery.

I heard it,
The screaming,
My memories
Of this life.

I smelled it,
The anomaly stench
Of what broke,
And left me
Dismembered in

I went off,
But nothing...nothing
Will heal
These broken wounds.

I saw it,
The clouds
From the light
Of everyone,
Everyone I cherished,
Reaching into my heart.

I felt it,
The embrace
Of those
In memory,
Taking all this
Leaving me
to Heal.

I heard it,
The bells,
Inviting me
To stand by
The iron gates,
Etching my name
Into the Earth
Beneath my feet.

I tasted it,
The body,
For every soul
Baptized into
Life for a

I thirsted for it,
Every dream,
All my fantasies
To bring my fables,
The very essence
Of me
To be happy.

Notes: I made this poem when I felt real suicidal. It was...something I needed to get out of me, mainly because I felt cold, lonely, and loathed by others. It helped me with how I was feeling, and to really confront my feelings within the moments.


Part I
I take the hands
Of the clock,
Spinning away
My pain and
Back to its

Vicious vipers
Wrap their tails
Around my
Draining each limb
To limpness
Of no

Black tides
Envelop my
Draining the
Very last breaths
Of my
Leaving me
In the void
Of time itself.

I enter it,
The darkness
Of my fated
Longing for
Towards the qualm
That was never
Draining my
Shivering eyes.

Part II
My limbs
Are now prancing
Around my mind,
Leaving this
Abandoned memory
To drown
Within these
White sands.

I take my arms,
Wrap them around
My botched
Holding on
Every ounce
Of pain
Shivering within
The temple of
My spine.

I clasp my eyes,
Tearing them
Out of my
Yet no screams
Were heard
As the black blood
Spills over
My neck.

My porcelain tears
Have reached
My lips,
Ripping at
The seams
Of my
Letting go
Of what I am.

My jaw
Unhinges itself,
Each half
Ripping my ears
Off of
My head,
Leaving me to
Rot within
The hidden abyss
Of the silence.

Part III
All that remains
Are the shallow
Within my
Lonely corpse,
The ice
My cryptic Heart.

I see
Waltzing around
My grey
Now pounding
At my
Eating my

My hands
Wrap around
My heart,
For me to
Live through
Life with a

A tear
Sheds from
My head,
I see my
Attached to
My body.

Iíve awakened
Within the warm
Embrace of my
Where I am
The prophet
And my body
Is my

Notes: This was the deepest poem I have written. I was feeling extremely suicidal when writing this, which made this poem another to help me cope with my feelings. I pretty much went hardcore with how I was feeling, especially since I did cut myself that day. I was crying when writing this, but I love the end result.


Thanks for viewing! I'll be posting more~
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