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Default Re: TWG Turbo XXIIIIIIII 10 AM/10 PM

so, since I keep coming back anyways.

I'll talk about Shado's eod post that star thought meant he was the hider.

I now get the completely different reaction and, aside from TWGma, he was the only person who I would've been surprised if they had said that they were the hider. The way he said what he said, if he's town (which I /think/ he is) then he would've just claimed it at that time; he was desperate not to be lynched but he didn't have a trump card.

At the time, I wasn't really thinking too deeply about it tho. I said I would've switched back if there was another 60 secs and I think I would've, but looking back, I think that Shado (less likely if he's w/w with someone that changed onto TWGma after I swapped) would've probably just claimed at that time, or perhaps slightly earlier given that he appeared to have been on mobile.
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