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Default [4k] Choof Collection 2
difficulties this time range from 18-26 MSD
Choof Collection 3 later this year after I finish choof_wizardry

thoughts on charts:
air - was initially charting this for a collab for quaver but I'm not playing quaver anymore so w/e. it's fucen Air, what do you expect
blue traces - decently fun jack chart I think
bob spongs v2 - dump, nerfed slightly to actually be playable. higher diff is v1, don't play it
do you like your new toy - lmao
exit routine - more idm shenanigans
form - very fast and relentless, challenge has some 48th bursts.
purge - heavy and challenge are the same charts, challenge is minedodge. some minijacks and a few awkward patterns
putaria v2 - dump, nerfed slightly to actually be playable. higher diff is also v1, don't play it

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