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Default While The Moderators Sleep - 2020 Perfect Vision Edition

Rules are basic. The goal of the community excluding the moderators as a whole is to count as high as they can before a moderator "resets" their score back to zero. The goal of the moderators is to come in here as frequently as possible to not let the rest of the community get their score so high.

How this works:
(1) If you are not a moderator: Check the previous post. If it by a moderator, start off counting again by posting "1." If the previous post is by a non-moderator, take whatever number they posted, add one to it, and post that.
(2) If you are a moderator: Post 0 to reset the score.

Additional Rules:
-No double posting
-Tip #1: As stated above, 2-person tag teaming is now currently allowed (as a means to incentive posting :P).
-Tip #2: Look at the title. That is your best chance of racking up points.

Highest Score Ever Achieved: 1585
(achieved 7/28/2020, post #4741 by FlynnMac; reset by Deamerai)

Highest Score Achieved 2017: 19
(achieved 7/28/2017, post #223 by Sanjixcon; reset by PrawnSkunk)

Highest Score Achieved 2018: 111
(achieved 3/4/2018, post #553 by Celirra; reset by PrawnSkunk)

Highest Score Achieved 2019: 610
(achieved 7/9/2019, post #2039 by Antori; reset by PrawnSkunk)

Highest Score Achieved 2020: 1585
(achieved 7/28/2020, post #4741 by FlynnMac; reset by Deamerai)

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