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Default FFR Visual Novel (A Simfile Dating Sim)

Hey everyone! This is my first time starting a thread.

I got an idea literally a couple hours ago from Dinglesberry's post in the FFR RPG thread to make a FFR Visual Novel, where the simfiles are personified as anime girls (or something of the sort). If you don't know what a visual novel is, they are also known as "dating sims," and are generally text stories where you make choices to reach a happy ending — so yes, a simfile dating sim.

Although Dingle's post was a joke, I genuinely have interest in this because I think it would be hilarious. However, I only have fairly basic CS knowledge, let alone any videogame-making experience. I do have a little art skill, but that's nowhere near as concerning as the game-making part for now. On the other hand, I am definitely determined enough to learn whatever I need to in order to make this into reality.

I was wondering what your guys' thoughts are on this: any ideas you have for this VN, any tips for me to get started, etc. I'm probably gonna go solo for now until I am confident I am getting somewhere; since this is such a big project, I don't want to bug people unless I know it's going somewhere.

I will try to upload progress/plans to this thread, idk how often though

If you have no game-making knowledge, you can still provide input on who would be the waifus, bad guys, dialogue you want in the game, etc.

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