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Question FFR Favourites

Hey Everyone!

I was just wondering if there was a way to 'favourite' certain songs in FFR. It would save having to go through the lists to find them. I have tried using queues but everytime you find a new song, you have to remake the queue, which is unintuitive in my opinion.

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Default Re: FFR Favourites

Queues are specifically for making a list of songs to have play all at once consecutively, not to come back to later.

There's not currently a way to get a list of songs marked favorite but it's been requested many times.
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Default Re: FFR Favourites

The best work around is to rate charts you liked 5 stars and use a filter to only see 5 star songs. There's a personal rating filter for that.
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Default Re: FFR Favourites

Too many files to name but I've always been fond of Autumn Insomnia Session and Undiscovered Colors
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Default Re: FFR Favourites

There was such a system in the legacy and velo engines that I still go back to now and then. Personally I think would be nice if we had such a category added in R3 also.
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