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Default Shind Bad [9 or 10]

Shind Bad needs a bump to 10. It's not the song itself but the introduction that completely bumps the difficulty. The patterns are extremely awkward in the beginning to make it a contender for 10.

NPS is fine but the patterns are not. Please consider it, thanks.

The song provides way too much arrows in the beginning, I would try to consider it an 11 if it weren't for the chorus, I have made a simfile named Dracula by Renard, it's D11 and its not that much harder (Its part of difficult pack 2.) The fact that the file retains constant arrows and takes only 8th breaks at certain areas in the pattern makes it extremely awkward to play, like {Firestorm}, only that song is hard to play because there are three arrows swooshing into the left at once; same type of arrows though, they don't give that many breaks and are extremely difficult to execute.

PS: Takecore of Yourself is much easier, I nearly full combo'd it and Shind Bad is near impossible for me to get an FC.
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Default Re: Shind Bad [9 or 10]

i nearly died laughing at this post cousin. dont you mean 9 or 12? i play crowdpleaser and feel a lot less trouble (relatively speaking) than this file. but crowdpleaser is a fun file so i wont compare it. anyways i think yeah it should have a higher difficulty because i mean come on. my pc can barely handle difficulty 8 and this file just completely crashes my computer.

also its funny that you typed the first draft of this post at school, i was gonna call you out on it xD
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Default Re: Shind Bad [9 or 10]

It's a high 9, maybe even mid

patterns arent actually that hard, just a little tricky to read at first
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Default Re: Shind Bad [9 or 10]

The patterns aren't that hard - and the speed that it has doesn't warrant a 10. If a song doesn't have weird bursty patterns, then it's gotta be at least pretty fast to be a 10.

Examples: Vertex Beta, Purple

Shind Bad is not as fast as most 10s so I think a high 9 is fine.
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Default Re: Shind Bad [9 or 10]

Patters in the middle make reading the file a ****ing pain, but you can cheat on them.

Not sure if it would be enough to push it to a 10.
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Default Re: Shind Bad [9 or 10]

This file isn't technically difficult or fast enough to be considered a 10. It's fine at a 9.

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