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Default Re: MAX Forever [8 or 9]

lethal injection can take it's place as hardest 8 lol

only 8 I have left and I have 1-9 aaa'd
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Default Re: MAX Forever [8 or 9]

For those who are arguing that MAX Forever is an 8 (not that it really matters because I can see it go both ways too), here's something to think about.

Of course anyone can stand. Standing is seen as a very easy task for most humans. However, can you stand for 24 straight hours? Of course this is a little drastic, but I am trying to emphasize my point. Imagine someone trying their hardest to FC MAX Forever. You also need to consider the psychological factors associated with the thrill of having over 2000 combo for rising players. This is what makes consistency hard, even though the patterns are straightforward. This is what makes MAX Forever a hard song for many people.

The common argument that I am seeing from those supporting MAX Forever being an 8 is the straightforwardness of the patterns. This is only true if we all are prone to not expressing any emotions. Yes the argument may be a little more objective, but just analyzing the patterns limits yourself from other possibilities that contributes to the difficulty of the file.
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i love you
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Default Re: MAX Forever [8 or 9]


Why? Try comparing it with other 8's and you tell me if it belongs there. Not to mention that it is 5 minutes long with a shitload of one handed trills. I mean come on, be real people.
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Default Re: MAX Forever [8 or 9]

i just played it index and i think its a 10
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Default Re: MAX Forever [8 or 9]

Something that should also be taken into consideration is nerves.... those one handed trills are BRUTAL if you´re a nervous wreck. They certainly are pretty long.

Yes, the file is 300 bpm meaning all the 8ths are 3 frames apart so it works out nice, but nerves get in the way of slowing the hell down. Slow trills can also be just as bad as faster trills in this case.

Going to what iironiic said, consistency becomes a LOT harder on longer songs (especially if you have a good score going).
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Default Re: MAX Forever [8 or 9]

9 simply because of the duration and trill consistency in my opinion. I can understand it being an 8 though. Patterns are relatively easy for any hand layout and i'd have more problems AAAing other 8s than i would on Max
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lol happy
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Default Re: MAX Forever [8 or 9]

Rate high on borderline files.

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Default Re: MAX Forever [8 or 9]

I wonder how you guys are rating the file in the first place. Rating it on how difficult it is to pass, FC, AAA etc... are going to give different ratings.

So it's probably best to consider what does FFR typically use (haven't seen that discussed, yet my absence doesn't help.)

Also, I say 8. Unless someone wants to throw out some easier to pass 9's.
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Default Re: MAX Forever [8 or 9]

Originally Posted by Oni-Paranoia View Post
So it's probably best to consider what does FFR typically use (haven't seen that discussed, yet my absence doesn't help.)
I've talked about this briefly, and while there's no official word, I think FCing a song without mashing is a good standard for measuring your performance. Measuring from a AAAing point of view only applies to a small number of players (and similarly measuring with a FC that includes mashing is pointless, since nearly anybody can do that).
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