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Default My experience

Hey guys,

I'm sure some people probably remember me, and likely had a mixed experience with me in the past. This game still holds a special place in my heart, and I feel I can't stop thinking about it without sharing what my experience was on here. I feel I've done wrong in the past, but I'd also like to offer some words of encouragement that things will very often be able to get better, even in the toughest of times.

At first, I just loved this game. It was just simply fun, and I wanted to outdue the other students screwing around in Software Tech II class by outscoring them. I greatly enjoyed this game for quite a while.

However, I came back while I was working on my Ph.D. in math, which I thought would be a highlight in my life but ended up being pretty sad and dark times. I was so lonely and overworked it was unreal, and I was just so irritable, needy and sad. I'm very sorry for anything negative I posted on this site during those times, as it was really just a bunch of problems in my life, not that there really was anything wrong on here.

I also claimed to be like a God of Kid Icarus: Uprising, saying I could win almost every time. While this was true, it was about the equivalent of using a team with like 5 Mewtwos and 1 Mew in Pokemon RYB. Yes, it wins, but almost every other good and/or competitive player wasn't using the ubers of the game, so they were at a massive disadvantage. Of course that would almost always win. It didn't necessarily mean my skill was that much higher than several other players. Like I saw a Japanese player with a Magnus Club that I could tell was of a higher skill level than I was.

But now, I look back on this, while everything else in my life is finally almost perfectly in place how I want it. And this game was one of my faves for a long time, and it really meant something to me back in the day. Really I just want to say that no matter how terrible things have likely are for so many right now, just keep trying and fight for what is important to you. You can eventually get a lot of it if you are persistent enough and talk to counselors every time you get stuck. Back when I was just a torture to be around on here, my life was just miserable and probably a bigger mess than whatever others feel like they're going through in their tough times, so your tough times should be obstacles that can be overcome.
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Default Re: My experience

I go here only to get away from it all which is true. I have also learned there is other things like driving to places, trying new things and talking with anyone. FFR has been place I have the most experience in when it comes to skill, I can't compare anything else.

My Geometry Dash skills are kinda good at best, but not as explosive of me just AAA Galaxy. Magic the Gathering is just something I came to enjoy not to be competitive. Most of all video games; I'm as just as good as anyone else. When I plating Flash Flash Revolution, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

It was a big mistake leaving this game and I regret ever making that decision. Besides the GD community being my home, this is my real birthplace. I belong here and people helped me realize it like Zorack24 and _Fluttershy_ . Thanks to everyone as well for sticking by this game and not giving up. I truly feel welcomed all the time by this game. I can truly called this the game I want to keep on doing through the end of time and never slouch on a competition.

Edit: Covid also really brought me back to this game but I hate to bring it up.

- Love DJ Vinyl

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Default Re: My experience

welcome back my dude
hope the demons of the past are left behind forever
EDIT: Did you finish your math doctorate?
TWG Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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