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Unhappy Framerate drop

First of all Hello! This will be my first forum post in the 15 ish years i've been apart of this community lol. I'm also unsure if this is even the right place for this:

Very recently out of nowhere I have been experiencing serious framerate drop on the game and can not figure out what's causing it. Nothing on my end has changed at all and i've been playing the client version for quite some time now. I've tried reinstalling, playing at different screen sizes, changing the FPS limit etc. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get my framerate smooth again that would be amazing, because it's basically unplayable at this point
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Default Re: Framerate drop

Hello! Are you using the client downloadable from the homepage (http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...ir.Release.zip)? If yes, you might want to try playing on an older version (http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/....8.Release.zip).

If you're on Windows, you could also try increasing the process priority given to the game.
From the Start Menu, type 'Task Manager' into the search bar and open it. Click 'More details' at the bottom of the manager if it says so. Go to the 'Details' tab, locate 'R3Air.exe', right-click it and set the priority to either 'High' or 'Above normal'.

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Default Re: Framerate drop

Feel free to try the 1.0.1 OT Engine.

It works better for me. It's different from the one on front page.
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Default Re: Framerate drop

Using the older version worked! Thank you so much, that was driving me insane and I couldn't play at all with the fps drop. I wonder why it was doing that, but also is there a place I can go to access older versions just in case I run into that problem again?
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