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Default March/April Set 4

This set isn't a full set but rather files that were on the harder side and would have likely been passed by other judges so they were given to TC_Halogen to look at.

Excite Bike [Another] (gold stinger) [3/10]
- joke’s on you, no joke review from me

Finding Her Not (Deamerai) [7/10]
- OT viable with some fixes.
- noticeable copy/paste in some spots, please change up the patterns a bit more as you’re working with a song whose chart elements are for percussion/atonal instrumentation, no excuses to not play around with patterns a bit more
- 28.218: relevance to the hi-hats can be a bit better; you go for them a bit more aggressively (and unsurprisingly, correctly) at 35.253
- these faster bursts are reminiscent of Mishnu, perhaps a bit easier - good control over distribution and patterning but barrages are much more frequent and run for quite a while, so it’s pretty damn rough
- 1:21.183: ^, if this jump is for a cutoff snare, you’re missing another at 1:21.448, 1:29.678, etc -- however, if this is for the lower piano note (which I believe it is), then you technically should have jumps at 1:23.307, 1:25.430, etc; this jump is an inconsistency in general -- though I do notice the deliberate chaining of single notes in spots like 1:22.643, 1:31.138, etc. Might need to rethink the structure just a touch here.
- 2:40.032: the anchors here are a really nice touch; make sure you’re giving them the full emphasis they deserve - 2:40.696 should be a R if we’re following it, 2:44.944 a L, etc.
- chart’s not bad at all, but it does have a bit of a drag to it because the song’s structure isn’t entirely taken advantage of at times, which leads to a lot of repetition
- stands to be quite memorable once it hits the game; this will give the top players a run for their money for sure

Now THATS what I call Mashcore! (gold stinger) [5.5/10]
- some sampling in the song causes the BPM to change and in general, make the chart off by about 5ms or so
- 19.662: make these [12][12][34] if you’re going to continue after the mini-jack; the stress on right hand is a bit too much
- 32.947: no, to all of this -- while the burst can be frame-fixed, the 3-arrow 16th jack on the left arrow cannot and having jump-gluts like this at 280 BPM is simply not acceptable
- 38.412: accenting discrepancy within same section; having the mini-jacks at 39.269 instead of the jumps allows you to accent the more noticeable piano sample at 39.376
- 56.572: no need for the minijack here
- 58.019: no to a 3-note minijack at 280
- 1:34.019: having to do this second instance in a row is brutal; also, it actually might be a bit more representative of the song having it at 1:31.126 instead
- 1:37.233: unnecessarily stresses the left hand
- 1:45.322: ^
- 1:51.912: ^
- 2:00.751: glaring missing note
- 2:09.912: three note minijack at this speed, nope - not gonna keep mentioning them at this point
- 2:10.769: even when it’s alone
- 2:15.376: ^
- 2:16.769: this long of a 48th burst is too much at this speed; reminder that this is 210 BPM 16th jacks on each hand
- 2:26.305: yikes
- 2:34.930: unnecessary minijack
- 2:48.001: if you absolutely want the triple here, this burst needs to be cut short one note
- 2:55.447: nope
- 3:00.483: ^
- 3:00.805: at this speed, this transition is absolutely awful to play through
- 3:03.108: another glaring missing note
- 3:15.376: …
- 3:16.983: these bursts should not have 16th minijacks (or offset 16th note minijacks)
- 3:18.269: ^, etc - not gonna keep mentioning it
- 3:22.555: this 12th note chip starts right at the cymbal crash at 3:22.340
- 3:31.876: stress on left-hand again (5 consecutive notes)
- 3:39.483: see 2:48.001
- 3:41.412: nope
- 3:42.483: … this one could have been entirely avoided, why do you do these things ;__;
- 4:02.894: having a 3-note mini-jack during a stream to land into triples like this is absolutely insane at this tempo - reminder that you have 8-note thing on the left side like that
- 4:04.555: I get it, but again - this is just not acceptable at this tempo; the later 2-note mini-jack couplets are BARELY acceptable at this speed
- 4:05.519: uh
- 4:05.733: uh
- 4:16.715: etc
- 5:08.719: you’ll need to cut this burst to the 16th for it to not be ridiculous like this
- 5:20.412: …………
- quite an overzealous attempt at a brutally hard chart in game; it’s not… completely bad, but the lack of restraint given the current tempo is simply too much to allow in game in the current state

theyaremanycolors (Ghost_Medley) [8.5/10]
- 64th section is a little draggy
- 1:29.249: don’t quite feel like this burst should be as smooth as it is given the abrasion of the buzz; splitting it up or making it a touch faster would be a bit more accurate, I think (multiple instances)
- nice jump usage to syncopate to the chopped air horn, though I do think it could be better at 1:35.416.
- good approach, pretty creative idea!
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Default Re: March/April Set 4

3/10 that's a Poggers
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- Tosh 2014

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Default Re: March/April Set 4

Finding Her Not:

- noticeable copy/paste in some spots - Some parts were left out intentionally identical (like the intro piano). Though i've updated the file to have stuff minorly less copy-pasted. Let me know what other parts should I consider changing to make it more necessarily different.

- 1:21.183 - They were going to the cutoff snares, added missing jumps on the 16ths.

- 2:40.032 - It was done like that before, but it creates a very gross cbtrap / good rush trap so I had to break it in order to not clash it awkwardly with the burst.

Updated the file in the batch.
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Default Re: March/April Set 4

Made some changes to the green section of theyaremanycolors, glad you enjoy the file's gimmick though!
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