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Default SSSG [4 or 6]

So, SSSG (Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl) is one of the hardest Synthlight's file. It is heavily off-sync with a tons of split jumps and those terrible "discontinued" slow jack (don't know if this term is correct).

Furthermore, if we take a look to the song's statistics, we can clearly see that they do not correspond to a level 4 file's difficulty :

- Number of AAAs: 186
- Number of FCs: 6,178
- Number of Players: 299,746
- # of Times Played: 1,318,924

That's why I think SSSG should be bumped up, but I'm not really sure about what difficulty considering it's a very special file (background, off-sync, blue notes...)
What do you guys think about it ?

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Default Re: SSSG[4 or 7]

SSSG tests how well you can sightread - how well you can differentiate one adjacent arrow from another in a set of jacks. You certainly can't rely on the rhythm of the song to play well.

I agree that the difficulty should increase because novices aren't expected to have this discerning sightreading ability, but I think 7 is a bit much. When considering the difficulty of the song, I'd take the ability to FC it without mashing as a greater factor than, say, AAAing/PAing it. So in that case, the song isn't that hard to FC. I'm going to say a 6 may be more appropriate.
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Default Re: SSSG[4 or 7]

Originally Posted by bmah View Post
When considering the difficulty of the song, I'd take the ability to FC it without mashing as a greater factor than, say, AAAing/PAing it.
With those factors, I agree it should be a 6. It's not that hard to FC at all.
Personally I take more into account the ability to PA (not necessarily to AAA) , because , well AAA'ing it is the finality.
And in that case, if we have a quick look to the players who AAA'd it, 95% of them have something like 400+ AAA so they're no amateurs.
That's why I think it should be at least a 7.
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Default Re: SSSG[4 or 7]

This song cannot be 6 or upper since it definitely doesn't have that much speed/note density, even though it is offsync/has blue notes or irregular rhyrhms (only in terms of AAA difficulty, maybe 6).

Start from 4 or 5 first. my vote is a 5.

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Default Re: SSSG [4 or 5]

5 for song difficulty, 6 for (unintended) rhythm complexity that forces flams/awkward frame changes.

high 5, or low 6 overall.
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Default Re: SSSG [4 or 5]

lvl 12 all the way >.>
Only because I've BF'd this POS more than 200+ times... v.v
5 would be nice though
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Default Re: SSSG [4 or 5]

Definitely a 6 at the very least - I've had my classmates play easy 2s and 3s, and if I told them to play SSSG they'd be totally confused as to what was going on with all the sudden inconsistent gaps throughout the file.
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Default Re: SSSG [4 or 5]

I would go with putting it as a 6 due to how hard it is to read the spacing between the single repeating arrows. It gives me trouble trying to AAA it when all the other 6s I AAA with ease first try.

Also I almost find these threads about difficulty changes and stuff useless since so far nothing as happened..... no action has been taken besides people voiceing out their opinions (or atleast I haven't heard of anything being moved up or down yet).
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Default Re: SSSG [4 or 6]

the file difficulty is 4, so it should be a 4, offsync or not. yes it's difficult to AAA because it's offsync, but it would certainly look like an outcast in difficulty 5 or higher charts

Originally Posted by bluguerilla
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Default Re: SSSG [4 or 6]

I believe it should be a high 5 at the least. Compared to other songs, this one shines out in difficulty with its awkward offsync note bonanza. The amount of concentration needed to be able to consistently PA the offsync arrows which almost always use the same arrow for a whole ~30-note section is simply too much for a difficulty 4, possibly even 5. I definitely believe newbies would have a horrible time with this as a 4.
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Default Re: SSSG [4 or 6]

i have to agree with jimerax. the note density and patterning do not justify a 6 - there are many jacks, but they are often short and slow. the sync cannot be helped. it is an incredibly awkward file because of its sync problems like unchained jumps, but only for AAA; you could probably hit all notes at their true locations and still FC. i vote 5.
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Default Re: SSSG [4 or 6]

It's definitely not a 4. Whether you move it to 5 or 6 matters less to me, but it does NOT belong with the rest of the 4s in terms of how tricky the rhythms are (plus the fact they have nothing to do with the music)

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Default Re: SSSG [4 or 6]

I guess I'd say objectively its a 5. Slow but super hard rhythms. Its like those higher difficulty low NPS jazzy technical files, except with uncorresponding music. Unfortunately if we did change things in the Legacy genre, many more songs would have to change, like 136.6 or Shag for similar reasons. I think we should lock down the difficulties of the legacy files knowing they may be offsync and just say "if you want to AAA a legacy file, good luck :P"

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Default Re: SSSG [4 or 6]

firstly, I think i'd agree that legacy files shouldn't be changed in difficultly.
but, if this were to be changed, I'd say it's a 5. if it were perfectly synced, then it'd be a 4, but it isn't. The patterns, i'd argue, are much to simple for a 6. a few 'jumps', slow jacks and streaming doesn't fall into 6.

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