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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Sounds fun, I'm in
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Sign me up for it. D4 elimination in the second round (oof)
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Yea sure sign me up why not
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

I'm in
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Sign me up 🖤
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

I too would like to join it
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Originally Posted by IwasAsquidOnce View Post
Fantasticone I love your name. The name i hate the most is Klimtkiller, cuz I read it as like, climpt - killer, and climpt is just a gross sound, like an STD or something. Klimt
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Screw it, I'll join. Let's have some fun.
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Originally Posted by klimtkiller View Post
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

I'll join but just to ghost D5. Thanks!
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

I'm in! Thanks for doing this!
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Count me in!
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

im down to play in this, count me in.
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

can i be in d1
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Count me in
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

count me in
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

I am in for sure! i do not know how you plan on placing people in the tournament but i got placed in D2 in teh official tourney and i was out round 1 so clearly not a D2 player haha. i will play in whatever division i get placed in though and do my best
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

Sign me up for D1! or whatever Division ya'll deem fitting.

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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

That participant list just keeps getting larger, huh? Just means I have more people to disappoint, yay.
Updated to here.

Also, I have seen some people asking to be placed in certain divisions/wondering where they'll be placed. I'm going to tentatively plan to do initial placements sometime on Tuesday, since I'll be off work and will have the time to do it. Until then, please be patient! Thanks!

Originally Posted by klimtkiller View Post
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Default Re: Monstercat Tournament

D1!!!!!!!! <3 sign up plzzzz
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