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Default ymotohciD :daerhT emaG 002 GWT

OOTC: On on Odd-Numbered nights and every third day, beginning with day 1 (The game begins on Day 0). Off on all other phases.
Nightchat: Outside of thread only during appropriate times.
Wolfchat: 24/7
Cardflips: Color-only
KitB: On
No lynch: Off
No kill: Off
Insta: On

When OOTC is on, voting can only be done in the game thread, as per usual.

Phases will always revolve around 10:00 PM Central (Server) Time. Day Phases will be 48 hours except in case of insta, Night Phases will be 24 hours always, focused around 10:00 PM Server time.

1) SubaruPoptart
2) gold stinger Died in this game dsomething
3) Logman6656 star-crossed
4) blindreper1179 Died in this game d0
5) storn42 Died in this game dsomething
6) roundbox
7) Charu
8) DaBackpack
9) spongebobismysenpai Modkilled
10) funkywong Modkilled
11) reuben_tate bolth mannn
12) Funnygurl555 Psychoangel691
13) cedolad
14) XelNya Died in this game dsomething
15) Xiz
16) T-Force Died in this game d0
17) bugkid666
18) mellonxcollie
19) Hakulyte
20) FreezinIce Died in this game d0
21) 123kappa3
22) Celirra
23) fatfuck42 Died in this game d0
24) mcdaddio
25) MixMasterLar
26) Shadow_God_10

1) star-crossed
2) Psychoangel691
3) bolth mannn
TWG Stats:

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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