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Default Speeding up one handed trills

Do you guys have any suggestions for speeding myself up for the official tournament?
Im getting over a cold right now, so the best I could do accurately (AAA first attempt) is

(all 100 16th notes)

158bpm left handed trills
174bpm right handed trills

120bpm left wristjacks
125bpm right wristjacks

inaccurate but consistent vibrating jacks:
160bpm left
150bpm right

Edit: Omg i cant think with this cold. Can someone move this to General discussion?
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Default Re: Speeding up one handed trills

Represents Poland.

Date to remember 9/5/12 - 1st FGO AAA.(FrNev)

Also 2 FGO BF's (HALCYON,NNT) <- Whaaat?-.-

Originally Posted by EzExZeRo7497 View Post
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