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Default I had a interesting dream last night so i thought i would share it

yo so i had a strange/interesting dream i wanted to document/share. It was one of those dreams where there was a clear line, but the characters (including mine) and plot kind of just get reformed as the story goes. I'll refer to the protagonist of the dream as "me" as that is how it started, but by the end it is clearly a separate character from myself. It doesn't start all that strange (for a dream) but it did go interesting places. This is also a dream that after the "shift" it felt like a continuation of a past dream, in that there were plot elements that just "made sense" and felt like they were coming from somewhere rather than just made up.

So, this dream starts like any normal dream, in reality, on a trip to six flags. specifically six flags because my brain says so, and is six flags in name only. we arive and i think they're might've been some rides broken down, idk. somehow because dream, it turns into lets sneak into six flags which just kind of happens. magically we sneak in as "employees" there are a few close encounters but everything seems to be fine. My next decision is that i should go to the arcade, within six flags, which is for some reason a great arcade and we forget that whole amusement park and roller coaster thing. But what if someone spots someone in an employee uniform on the machines? who cares we'll take the risk and cross that bridge when we get there, and then promptly forget it ever was a thing that ever existed. Lucky for me apparently, this arcade has like 100 sdvx machines for some reason, so i play for a bit. And here is where the major shifts start happening, the old dream injects itself, and things get interesting. Slowly as this next section happens, the protagonist becomes less and less me, and more of its own character. Somehow i learn that there is a tournament happening. For some reason i decide that we need to infiltrate this tournament and get to the top, as that is the only way to defeat the evil. There is this sense of some evil bad guy who enters the dream and thats why we need to enter the tournament for some reason. so i go grab my female companion who has not appeared in the dream at any point until now, but was the only person i came here with. We will enter the tournament together to make sure we have a better chance of getting through and defeat evil. i prepare and look at who my first opponent is and recognize the name. I am screwed there is no way i am going to make it through this first round. We start down and get ready to play the song. This is some of the most unsightreadable gimmicky bs chart you have every seen. Also from some reason the knobs are now also buttons, similar to an analog stick on a game controller. i have never seen this chart before, and give it my best shot. i manage to keep up throughout the chart but in the end i am defeated. At this point the evil bad guy knows we're here, and while i was wondering about almost catches me, but i manage to escape. I run back to the arcade where all the tournament contestants are. Somehow i convince these fellow kids (this is one of the shifts/detachments that started happening) the assist me. Either they wanted to help, or they already had a grudge with the bad guy, but in the end a magical battle breaks out, and me and my female companion retreat back to our "friends". When i say "friends" what i really mean is more magical companions. think something akin to pokemon. These were either imaginary creatures or former stuffed animals, but were somehow willed into existence. Not in some way that could be forced, but in a more natural way. There used to be many of them, but now there only appears to be two left. one is mine, and one is my companion's. There is this sense that the evil bad guy is the reason that the rest of them are no longer here. we decide that we must go out there again and fight once more. and battle happens, but in the battle the last two friends die. Our protagonists aren't saddened (yet) by this loss, but instead determined to take down this bad guy. With determination staring down the bad guy they are ready to engage once more and finish this. On this image of the evil bad guy we fade to a different scene. A very similar, but distinctly different man in a very similar but distinctly different place. He looks down at the ground and sees two folders. He picks them up and sees they are ripped. There is a great sadness in his eyes. He opens them and we see that there are pictures of our two protagonists, one folder for each of them. "how could this have happened?" the man asks. "it was module XXXXXXX" a voice replies. "module XXXXXXX? but that was never finished!"

so yea, that was the dream. Idk whats up with my mind that i would turn it into THAT kind of ending. Hoped you enjoyed the read though. I'm not a writer or anything but i thought this was interesting enough to put out there. Was originally just going to just share this on the discord but then it got real big.

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Default Re: I had a interesting dream last night so i thought i would share it

glad you had a good time
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is funny eaman?
Can you like not use those stupid names right now? Took me long enough to get these screen names straight in my head
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(eaman is her name irl, friend)

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Default Re: I had a interesting dream last night so i thought i would share it

legit :thinking: moment here
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Default Re: I had a interesting dream last night so i thought i would share it

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Default Re: I had a interesting dream last night so i thought i would share it

That was... Certainly interesting.
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more like Shad-hoe God am I right haha
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your hentai collection is commendable. i am both in awe and afraid of you
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Default Re: I had a interesting dream last night so i thought i would share it

please can you like put in some paragraph spacing

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