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Default Senioritis

Alright so when I was in my last year of highschool, everyone was talking about this mysterious "Senioritis" aka "I dont want to do shit and just want to leave this place". I never, funny enough, experienced it. I think it was because the teachers understood this and never gave us any work.
College came, and it's soon to go. This is my last semester in college and I'm slacking so bad. I was fine up until mid-terms...but after midterms my motivation plummeted. Read a chapter in the textbook and do extra credit even though I'm nearly failing the class? Puh-lease.
Read a chapter and take a quiz on it? Pffft. I'll skim through and hope to get lucky on the quiz, thanks.
Work on a paper? LOL are you kidding? Don't even get my started!
My last 2-3 weeks have been fulfilled with starcraft, watching dogtown, IPL, MLG, and many other starcraft and animal related things. (Oh and reading reddit!! )
Is there a way I could pull some motivation out of thin air? I kind of need to. I was doing so good until midterms!!! I need to make this last month count ^^;

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Default Re: Senioritis

Thing about Senioritis is that being lazy piles more shit for you to compensate for.

It's basically the illusion of "it's just one assignment, it doesn't matter" but then it rapidly stacks up overtime and causes a gigantic burden. In your case, it sounds like you're sucking up too much time to actually take your classes seriously (I've been in this situation many times but still managed to finish on time).

You probably might be thinking "eh I'm gonna do bad anyways", which in general is a really bad approach to anything. You seem to have a big passion for the things you've mentioned (starcraft, etc) but sometimes you have to do things you don't particularly enjoy doing. It sounds like you could polish up your time management a bit so you can still do the activities you enjoy while still maintaining interest in academics or other things to learn.

My 2c
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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Default Re: Senioritis

Do it or don't. There's no point in pussyfooting.

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Default Re: Senioritis

It's not over 'til it's over? I actually never ran into this in highschool either I just kinda did what I had to do until it was actually done.

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Default Re: Senioritis

got it ever-so-slightly

every semester been using my 4 sick days strategically to get 4-5 day weekends or extended spring breaks or something
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Default Re: Senioritis

Lol i'm in high school & have it horribly.
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Default Re: Senioritis

Welp. Uninstalling sc2 now. I love the game to death but can't possibly play - laptop can't handle it and i'm sick of putting up with my loose usb ports when playing lol.

EDIT: Oh, and it's distracting...but that's not really the reason why I uninstalled it.

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Default Re: Senioritis

Boiled frogs.
I hope at least one person gets this.

Originally Posted by Staiain View Post
I'm sorry but... *flicks hair* I don't DO 0.x rates 8)
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Default Re: Senioritis

going through it and it sucks so much because I need to pull off B's and A's in order to get through these last 9 weeks of school + virtual school lol
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Default Re: Senioritis

Doing schoolwork is dumb
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Default Re: Senioritis

To me, it's a matter of perception. If it's your last semester/year and you are really excited about graduation being the end of school, then it does make sense to start thinking you'll just hold out until then and then be done with it. So here your perception is that graduation will happen no matter what and you just have to be above the surface of the water when the wave hits. The attitude towards the work then becomes to do as little as possible, because it'll be over soon anyway. Thing is, though, you're not really done with school's consequences at that point... a lot of the time, your final grades do matter, and if you do badly enough you might even have to spend more time in school.

But, on the other hand, if you see graduation as a final "due date" that you need to prepare for (by doing your other work) then your attitude towards the work is a bit different. The perception here is that the graduation is kind of like a big final exam or something, and the difference is that you want to do well because it matters how you do. You can either get to the end of the race and think "well, I can't NOT finish now", or get to the end of the race and start sprinting to get the best time you can.

That's all just my opinion, though. I've seen a couple of people get screwed over hard by this effect, but personally I take the second approach and push hard at the end, precisely because I know, once it's all over, how happy I'll be about what I've done.
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Originally Posted by jimerax View Post
Repeating, please no retarded files that aren't even going with the song
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Default Re: Senioritis

Because if you fail you've wasted x dollars and y time paying to fail. Because if you don't understand all the content, it could matter a lot for the work you end up doing later. Because it's only a month until it's over. Because you're cheating yourself if you don't take advantage of all the learning and experience your schooling has to offer. Because all the games and shows that you're spending your time playing/watching will still exist after school's done, unlike your school.
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