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Default Re: spenner my friend

Originally Posted by inDheart View Post
spenner is my fav Forum User
Seems like there are very few of us left lol. Nonetheless my cheeks are rosey 2 u

Originally Posted by korny View Post
love and miss you buddy it's good to hear from you :)
Man, same to you :D I've been watching a lot of melee lately and been thinking of you. I love the conversations we used to have, the human-to-human experience from you and others willing to co-meditate with me have been highlights of life. Feeling deeply connected with others is what I miss most about being online more often (it's also something I've become addicted to, in the past). Knowing you're still around keeping it real makes me happy.

It's really strange to read old posts of mine. I'm still recovering from some of the things I've put myself through, and all I can really do is give myself kudos for making better decisions these past 2 years which have given me so much more to work with. I'm still figuring things out, which is why I've been/mostly will be absent. I hope we can all improve ourselves throughout 2021 :)

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Expect delays.
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Default Re: spenner my friend

Cool to see you still alive and kicking, Spenn! Love ya
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Originally Posted by macgravel View Post
Mario's files are top notch, so every time he submits a file I get excited in my pants.
Click the bricks

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Default Re: spenner my friend

Originally Posted by aperson View Post
wtb a pony avatar person so i can flame them
I used to have one on my original profile of ULTIMEGA. Remember those days?

I may or may not bring that back just to spite you. XD
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Default Re: spenner my friend

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Originally Posted by Aldentron View Post
you sound like a nerd and your girlfriend is trying to make you sound less nerdy because your nickname for your ex is m'lady dragonborne or some shit and she don't wanna be seen with no scrub
Originally Posted by smartdude1212 View Post
The asshole in me wants to tell your girlfriend to stop being a pussy bitch about it.

The concerned forum poster in me wants to tell your girlfriend nearly the same thing.
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