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Default 2019 TWG Rules Thread

All new players must at least read the tl;dr version of the rules located here before playing in their first game.

Please do not post in a game that you have not signed up for.


1) A player may never under any circumstances, edit or delete a post. This includes fixing typos or other mistakes/omissions. The only time a post may ever be deleted is if the host of the game specifically asks a forum mod to delete a particular post or posts.

1a) In games with Out of Thread Communications (OOTC), messages in any group chat or private messages/communications/etc between two or more players, players may in no way delete, edit or otherwise alter their messages similar to the above rule regarding editing/deletion of posts.

2) A player may not post their role PM, in part or in full, or any other communication they may have had with the host. Threatening to post your PM is not allowed. A player may not make reference to any communication they may have had with the host. You may not post, in part or in full, any part of any private conversation you may have had (wolfchat or masonchat). All of the above refers to quoting directly using the forum feature, posting a screenshot or screenshots, attempting to determine alignments by asking someone how their PM was worded, etc.

2a) Players ARE however, allowed to post private conversations with other players, so long as the rules of the game permit this (In game where Out of Thread communication is legal). It is also legal to produce fake conversations.

3) Dead players are considered out of the game once they are dead (exception, games with revivals). Once dead, including games with revivals, dead players may not talk with living players about the game.

4) A player may not create a/any fake account(s) on FFR in order to impersonate other players or the host. Under no circumstances is impersonating the host allowed. If a player is playing on an alternate account, they must say who they are an alternate account of during signups.

4a) Players may not contact other players "anonymously" using alternate accounts.

4b) Two or more players may not play using the same account.

4c) Once a player has replaced out of a game, they may not be replaced back in, even into their previous slot.

5) In cases where a player is banned from FFR, so long as the ban is not permanent, it is up to the host if the player is permitted to post on an alternate account, if the player should be replaced or if the player should be modkilled. If a player is allowed to continue playing while serving their ban, certain restrictions apply. They must post using an alternate account in the TWG forum only, and posting on an alternate account outside of the TWG forum while banned is considered ban evasion.

5a) In games with OOTC, if a player has been temporarily banned from FFR, all communication with that player must cease immediately until the game host has made a decision regarding whether or not the banned player may continue posting.

5b) Should a player be permanently banned, it is up to the game host whether or not to replace the player or modkill them.

6) It is up to the host how role actions (wolfings, seerings, saves) are to be delivered to the host. Some may only take actions through FFR PM, and some may take them through other means.

6a) Voting for the lynch must be done in the thread, with no exceptions.

7) There are no special privileges regarding signing up for games. A previous MVP or a player who died early in the previous game is, under no circumstances, guaranteed a chance to play in the next game.

7a) So long as PMs have not been sent out, players may trade their slot with someone who wishes to play if the game is full.

8) Players may be required to have a certain amount of understanding of the game itself. All new players must at least read the tl;dr version of the rules.

9) Under no circumstances may a player play in more than one game on FFR at a time. This includes TWG and jTWG.

10) Replacing out of a game is to be done privately. Do not post in the game thread or any other public thread that you are replacing out of the game.

10a) A host may deny a player from replacing out if their reason for being replaced is not legitimate, such as "I don't want to be a wolf/human." The host's ruling is always final.

10b) Replacing out of games may incur additional penalties, especially if done often.

10c) The host reserves the right to replace players in such cases where the host deems it necessary, even if the player has not requested to be replaced.

10d) Speculating on the alignment of a player through the act of the player replacing out is legal.

11) So long as a player has died during the night phase only, they are entitled to one (1) deathpost. Deathposts cannot be relevant to the game, even if there are cardflips, and cannot inhibit the ability of living players to play the game or navigate the thread, such as posting the entire script to the Spongebob Squarepants Movie.

12) In games where instalynches may occur, instalynches occur when over 50% of the living players are voting for a valid option.
8 players alive, 4 voting for player A, player A has not been instalynched.
7 players alive, 4 voting for player A, player A has been instalynched.
7 players alive, 3 votes for player A, who has one phantom, player A has not been instalynched.
8 players alive, 4 voting for player A, who has one phantom, player A has been instalynched.

12a) In games with phantom votes, a player is considered to have accumulated one phantom vote on themselves for every phase they do not vote at least once, so long as an instalynch has not occurred.

12b) Phantom votes accumulate in such a way:
One phantom vote = .1 votes on yourself (this breaks Knife in the box decisions)
Two phantom votes = 1.1 votes on yourself
Three phantom votes = 2.1 votes on yourself
Four phantom votes = 3.1 votes on yourself, and so on

12c) In games with instalynches, instalynches occur, as the name suggests, instantly, and may not be prevented from taking place once the vote that triggers an instalynch is placed.
EX: Player A is one vote away from being instalynched. Player B votes for player A (without having their vote on player A previously), and player C, having their vote on player A previously, moves their vote elsewhere. This is resolved in the following manner:
Player B's vote occurs before player C's, player A is instalynched.
Player C's vote occurs before player B's, player A is not instalynched.
This includes votes cast with the same time stamp.

12d) In cases where the day phase ends with 2 or more players being tied for the lynch, a Knife in the Box (KitB) occurs. When this occurs, the host uses to break the tie.

13) During any point of the game, if the host feels like a player has broken the rules of the game, the host may kill the player, effectively removing them from the game. It is up to the host whether or not this may take the place of a lynch or not.

13a) Intentionally modkilling yourself for strategic reasons is not permitted and may warrant additional punishment.

13b) The host reserves the right to penalize a player for rulebreaking through some other punishment other than a modkill if they feel it is necessary.

13c) Angleshooting, the act of attempting to determine some kind of information about the game through the wording/actions of the host, is not legal.

13d) Actively and knowingly playing against your own win condition is not legal.

14) Should a player feel like they have received information that no longer allows them to continue playing the game (ie accidentally gaining information you would not otherwise have), the player has an onus to inform the game host.

15) Two or more players who see each other IRL on a consistent basis are allowed to play in the same game if the game host allows it and there is no collaboration between the two players.

16) Parity, the term for when a scum faction has achieved an equal or greater number of members with the number of players in the game is determined as follows.
EX: Day phase: 7 players alive, 4 are town, 3 are wolves, play continues.
Day phase: 6 players alive, 3 are town, 3 are wolves, parity has been reached and the wolves have won the game.
Night phase: 7 players alive, 4 are town, 3 are wolves, there is no way that town can kill a wolf and no way a wolf can die barring a modkill, nothing can prevent parity from being reached and the wolves have won the game.
Night phase: 7 players alive, 4 are town and one of these is a Doctor, 3 are wolves with no special abilities, the game continues because there is a chance the medic saves the wolfkill, which will allow the game to continue.

16a) Parity is considered to be in effect when nothing, excepting modkills, may prevent parity from being reached.

17) The onus is on the host to explain the mechanics of the game, or provide the players with some way of understanding the mechanics, excepting mystery games. In the event that there is some serious kind of confusion, the host must clarify the mechanics publicly so long as they have not already done so.

18) All game bans are handed out by the current TWG forum moderators. These are DarkManticoreX2, Yoshl and thesunfan. Bans may be appealed by PMing one or more moderators and explaining the reason for your appeal.

18a) The reasons behind any and all game or permanent bans from TWG must be made public.

19) TWG is a game not for the faint of heart. Emotions are often manipulated within the game. Players may attempt to anger or upset other players for strategic reasons. All of this is legal. Consistently flaming one or more players at such a point where it has gone outside the realm of the game and into personal quarrels is not legal.

20) Time-stamping, the act of creating private files, images, or similar creations, for the purposes of bread-crumbing information, real or not, is not allowed.

21) All rules of the site of FFR must be followed during TWG games (exception, multiposting).


Removed rule 8 (No player, for any reason, is required to play in 1 or more jTWG games before playing in a TWG game).

Made rule 8a rule 8

Changed the wording of rule 6a from (Voting must be done in the thread, with no exceptions) to (Voting for the lynch must be done in the thread, with no exceptions).

Changed the wording of rule 10d from (Speculating on the alignment of a player through the act of the player replacing out is legal, but is discouraged) to (Speculating on the alignment of a player through the act of the player replacing out is legal).

Added rule 10e

Added rule 13d

5/12/2016, pending approval of FFRTWG players

Made rule 7 grammatically correct

Merged rule 10a with 10e.

Removed rule 10e.

Merged rule 10c with 12e.

Removed rule 12e.

Added a link to a tl;dr for new players to read.

Removed the requirement that all new players must read this thread before playing their first game. Changed the wording to "All new players must read at least the tl;dr version of the rules."


Updated title to 2017 TWG Rules Thread

Changed multiple uses of the word "you" into "a player," as well as syntax to match these changes

Fixed a few small grammatical errors.

Expanded Rule 11 to more clearly define what is and is not acceptable regarding deathposts that inhibit the ability of players to play the game.

Expanded Rule 13d to include knowingly playing against your own win condition for clarification.

Changed wording of Rule 19 to specify game-related emotional manipulation only.


updated the title to say 2018

changed the wording of rule 7a to specifically mention games that are already filled

changed the wording of rule 12c to specifically mention when the vote that triggers insta is cast it forces an early phase end

added rule 20

changed the previous rule 20 to rule 21

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