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Question How can I put FFR songs in stepmania

How can I put ffr songs in stepmania
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Default Re: How can I put FFR songs in stepmania

play files that have already been converted by the person that charted it or figure out how to turn cached song data into a valid chart + audio file.

(i'd advise against the second option. i've tried it before myself and it doesnt appear to be a very straightforward process)

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Default Re: How can I put FFR songs in stepmania

Ask the original step artist to chart it on Twitch for you
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Default Re: How can I put FFR songs in stepmania

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How can I put ffr songs in stepmania
Good luck converting swf data / transcribing data manually it's not fun

Just shop around for stepmania packs that has the content you want. Most simfile artists usually release their file at sometime or another in a pack that's downloadable elsewhere, or ask the simfile author directly.

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