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Default Braeden's Files! 5 packs, 100+ songs

I've stepped over 800 songs for Stepmania. Here are some:

44 songs, ITG scale, individual and pack download.
Song List:
Blow / Kesha 2/5/7
Einstein / Kelly Clarkson 4/5/7/9
We found love / Rihanna 4/5/8
What Hurts the Most / Cascada 3/5/7
Radioactive / Eric Saade 1/3/5/9
Never Stop / Hilary Duff 3/5/6/10
Ethan Ladhe/ G-powered 1/3/5/8
Kill the Lights / Birthday Massacre 4/6/7
Faster / Within Temptation 1/4/6/7
DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love / Usher 1/4/6/7/9
What I've Done / Linkin Park 1/2/5/7
Don't Stop the Fire / Nevada 3/6/8
In the Air / Morgan Page feat BT 1/4/7
Infinity in Your Hands / DJ Darkzone 3/5/9/10
Losing my Religion / Sydney 3/7/10
Rated R / Kim Sozzi 3/5/8
Weightless / Emilia de Ponet 2/4/6
The Logical Song / Scooter 3/7/11
Only if I / Kate Ryan 1/4/6/7/9 Doubles 7
Mermaid (Delaction Mix) / Tsukasa 7/9/11
Pressure / Nadia Ali,Starkillers and Alex Kenji 4/6/9
Radio Hardcore / Italobrothers 1/4/6/8/9 and Doubles 3/4/7
21st Century Digital Girl / Groove Coverage 1/2/6/7
Ace of Hz / Ladytron 3/5/7
Boku Boku Beta / Hatsune Miku 4/8/9/14/15
Progress / Ayumi Hamasaki 1/5/7
Kanzen Muketsu Chouzetsu Gikou Niwashi / Yuki Kaji 1/2/6/7/9/10 [From Kuroshitsuji]
Marshmallow / IV 4/6/8/10/11
Ring Ding Dong / SHINee 1/4/6/8/10
9000 Miles / Pendulum 8/8
Hardcore Overdose / Euphoria 4/6/9/10
Mercury Skies / John B 4/7/9
The forgotten / Millions like Us 3/4/6/10/8
Dream Layer / Type 41 3/6/8/10 Doubles 11
Counting Snow / The Flashbulb 1/1/3/4
Rare Respite / Patrick Burns 3/6/9
Famikon / Dan Balan 2/3/6/8/9 Doubles 10
Caprice of Odata / Banya 1/3/6/9/11/14 Doubles 11 [Pump It Up]
In the Hall of the Mountain King / Digital Explosion 4/6/9/11 [ReRave]
Vertex Beta 9/10/11/13
Endless Journey / IV 7/9/10
Z / one five 6/9/10/12/14
Braeden Kaiden 3/6/8/10/13
Braeden Kaiden 3 4/7/9/12


38 songs, DDR/ITG style, DDR X scale (files are actually rated ITG)

Song list on Zenius I vanisher link.


42 songs, ITG style, ITG scale

Song list:

Akasagarbha - wa vs ETIA - 4/7/9
Atmosphere - Cosmo Nova - 3/4/8/11/13
Braveheart - Joey Riot - 5/9/10/12
Canonloid - hapi - 16/18
Can't get you out of my mind - Kaya Rosenthal - 7/18/9
Cruciform Dachshund - Igorrr - 20
Dash Hopes - Renard - 15
Diamond Dust Zone Act 1 - T.Maeda, J. Senoue - 1/3/5/7/10
Don't Break My Heart 2003 - Perfume - 8/11
Dumpstream - Kommisar - 8/11/14
Extratone Pirates - Annoying Ringtone - 14
Final Destination - Renard - 3/7/8/10/12
Forog Vilagj - NOX - 2/6/8/10
Future Destination - Renard - 2/5/8/10/12
Gaussian Mist Part 2 - Kang - 8/10/15/17
Grid Knight - SAW Wave Squad - 4/5/10/11
Ground - Assemblage 23 - 1/2/4/7/9/11
Hyperinflation - Hatsune Miku - 16
In the Groove Theme - One Dollar - 11
It's Thanksgiving - Nicole Westbrook - 2/4/7/9
Just Be Friends - Rin + Len - 8/10
Kimi No Heart ni Lock-On - Dr. Honda - 4/7/8/10/13
My Game - Darude - 4/6/9
Numbers - Basshunter - 4/6/8/10
One Room Disco - Perfume - 9
Outerlimits - Ineffect & Miss Special K feat. Andy L - 6/9/11
Palladio - SIlent Nick - 10
Radio Hardcore - Italobrothers - 1/4/6/8/9
Ring Ding Dong - Shinee - 1/4/6/8/10
Rum - Alestorm - 4/6/9/12
Rusty Ruin - Sonic 3D Blast - 3/5/7/12
Shamaaninainen - Chorale - 4/7/9/11
Stamp on the Ground - Italobrothers - 4/7/9/10
Streeemz - 260 - 19
Sunglasses at Night - Corey Hart - 6/8
Testament of Braeden - 18
The End of the World - Undercore - 7/8/12/15/17
The Koto Chill - zircon - 1/4/6/9
Timebomb - Laidback Luke - 4/6/8/9
Time Goes By - Carrie Skipper - 2/4/9/11
Maria's Song - Shroomer Starboy - 1/3/5/7
What I've done - Linkin Park - 1/2/4/7

Velocity X2

18 songs, ITG style, ITG scale, harder charts

Song List:
Don't Cross the Crooked step
Finnian Blur II
Gameboy Rocker
MAX 600
One Minutes
Pacman (Techno Remix)
Pwnage U N00bs
The Bermuda Triplet
The Forgotten
The Games We Never Played
Vertex Delta

36 songs, ITG style/scale, funny/joke songs

song list:
Angle Dance
Braeden Kaiden 2
Braeden Kaiden
Crazy Loop
Expert 9's
Gamecube Song
Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch
Hooked on You
I fail
I Hate Cobalt Flux
I'm Reading a Book
Lost The Game
My Jeans
My Ninja Info Cards
No One Ever Scores in Soccer
Nom Nom Nom Nom
Roll A D6
Rosa Helikopter
She's So Kawaii
Stop Posting 14's and 15's
This is my Ringtone
U R Weird M8
Unicorn Song
Vertex D
You're the Inspiration
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Default Re: Braeden's Files! 5 packs, 100+ songs

No idea who you are but some of these songs look really cool, will download and play when not in class xD

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Default Re: Braeden's Files! 5 packs, 100+ songs

Oh cool, I'd seen three of these packs around but never knew who made them.
Stepmania Song Search - 1518 packs and counting!

Originally Posted by jimerax View Post
Repeating, please no retarded files that aren't even going with the song
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Default Re: Braeden's Files! 5 packs, 100+ songs

so I downloaded this out of curiosity. Got ITG pack, DDR B3

I of course played Akasagarbha, having stepped it myself.

The file's sync is slightly early (something like 0.015 early). The steps themselves are quite bland and don't accentuate much in the song. The patterns are very basic. The 16ths at the end are pretty inconsistent and are all over the place. An expert chart probably could've been made out of this, but max difficulty being 9 I imagine this is for your target audience. So I looked for some harder files of yours since I'm used to playing 13+. I then notice you have all kinds of harder files. Great, straight down my alley.

I find my song, Dumpstream.

oh boy.

I notice a lot of songs are re-steps, but has a few original songs that I'm familiar with that I haven't seen stepped yet, which is nice.

Most songs don't even have graphics, which makes it seem like a very rushed project. Graphics do make quite a difference when selecting a song; visual appeal encourages a player to play said simfile because it gives the impression that effort was put into it. Your .sm files also have banners and backgrounds that no longer exist, and getting that error in StepMania is pretty annoying every time I select a song.

So I settled on Renard's Future Destination as a "harder" file to play. I played this on pad mind you.

The file is a step up from Akasagarbha, but there are a lot of things upsetting about it. First of all, the holds don't really follow or accentuate anything. They seem to be thrown in for the sake of having holds in the file. The mines don't particularly add anything to the file since they are thrown in intermittently and don't really add any difficulty, nor are they relevant to anything that's going on in the song.

The patterns in this file could use a bit of work, especially some of the 16th note runs. Most are staircases or awkward patterns that kill the flow of the file. The song is abruptly cut at the end, which is another indication that some more effort could've been put into this pack in general. Wasn't very impressed.

My impression of this pack in a nutshell.
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Default Re: Braeden's Files! 5 packs, 100+ songs


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