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Default Hello

How is everyone B)

also whats the best way to improve?
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Default Re: Hello

Doing well.

Play more, adjust scroll speeds, most will also say play around with your offsets to help your timing as well as noteskins to find out what you're most comfortable reading with.

Hope this helps!
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Smile Re: Hello

Doing great especially since it is a 3-day weekend

Basically just keep playing. There isn't any huge trick to improving fast, it is more so just how much time you put into improving.
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Default Re: Hello

Find a comfortable position for your hands (wrist down or wrists up)
Adjust Scroll speeds if it's too slow
Play around with Judgement Offset
Experiment with noteskins
Don't strain your body or arms while playing
Try to play every chart in a specific difficulty level

And most important of all.....

Play more

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Default Re: Hello

Originally Posted by HoldenRees View Post
also whats the best way to improve?
Download Etterna
Download Stepping Stones packs
Play them till you can MA them on J5
Splice in playing stuff outside what you're comfortable with and get a feel for patterns and shit
Then go play harder shit

I just released a pack.

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