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Default Video game soundtracks on FFR?

FFR has a wide variety of different songs to play, but I don't think I've seen any track (originally) from a video game here. Is there any reason why? We have permissions from multiple artists who have composed video game soundtracks:

-Virt (WayForward games)
-EnV (Electronic Super Joy)
-Waterflame (CastleStorm)

There are probably more that I haven't listed. Do the normal permissions not apply here? If not, I'd love to see some songs from the above games on FFR.

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Default Re: Video game soundtracks on FFR?

We need permission from the rights holder of the track. Simple as that.

For example, we have blanket from some companies such as Riot Games, which allow the use of their music in independent projects.
Another example, we have permission from soundtracks to (some of?) the old Rare games. There was a thread on this a while ago, I forget if it was Rare-Nintendo or Rare-Microsoft era OSTs, or all of the above (I wouldn't mind Battletoads in FFR...)
Would need to go back to that thread and check.

Even though we have Virt permission, we have no WayForward original OST songs in the game (to my knowledge). I am working on getting explicit permission from WayForward for their soundtracks.

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Default Re: Video game soundtracks on FFR?

You forgot The Fat Man, who owns the content from The 7th Guest, The 11th Hour, and other games.


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