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Default 2016 July/August Set 2 (Complete)

Welcome to my Kastle
Rainbow Archiver
Cest What

Apocynthion Drive
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lol happy
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Default Re: July/August 2016 Set 2

Whoever did Apocynthion Drive, I was very impressed by how much this looked like an Apocynthion Drive file that might actually get into the game.

A word of advice, at this speed minitrills like 3232 are not that great to hit and have 2-framers in them, so avoid them unless it's really necessary (like the one in the color trill of the second solo seemed justified alright). Patterns like 3212 in 24ths also run a very high chance of having 2-framers (and thus being cameljacks), there was an instance of this right after the first 24th run for example. Basically at this speed of streams you are forced into not ever having the same arrow with one 24th between them, which limits your stream patterns a lot. FFR :/
Also there was a left arrow 16th jack with a down arrow 12th that made a 121 cameljack in one of the slow sections that made me throw up in my mouth a little, pls remove.

Overall though it seemed very promising. Definitely a good enough file that nobody should be able to just dismiss it outright for being "lol Apocynthion Drive" and would actually have to take a closer look.

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Default Re: July/August 2016 Set 2

DossarLX ODI finished the primary judge task for July/August 2016 Set 2. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the July/August 2016 thread. Conditionally Queue'd files in this set have Pending Fixes due by March 7th, 11:59 PM EST.

[7/10] Welcome to My Kastle {DDRKirby} (DarkZtar)
**- 8.75, 10.43, 12.35, 25.79: Missing jumps
**- 14.69: Ghost note (it may be a good idea to also remove the 32nd at 10.85 since it's barely audible)
*- 23.87, 31.55, 39.23, 46.91: There could be a minijack in these sections, but the same sound is not repeated three times for a 3-note jack.
- 38.75: Missing 8th?
**- 90.05: Missing 32nd note
**- 91.55: Missing jump
**- 97.25: Missing 32nd, also 24th on 96.99 creates a rather tight minijack on the up arrow leading into the 64th burst. This should be moved.
- 105.47: The 32nd bass kicks here are really soft in comparison to the 24ths that play here.
- 109.07: Missing jump
- 111.35: You're limiting the 32nds and 16ths here to the prominent percussion which is nice, although I'm wondering if it might be a better idea just to focus on the 24th melody here.
**- 131.40, 139.06, 154.42: There could be a minijack in these sections, but the same sound is not repeated three times for a 3-note jack.
**- 146.51: Missing offsetted note
**- 157.86: This 24th minijack is out of place considering everything else surrounding it is trills for the same sound. I can understand the 24ths as an approximation, although this shouldn't be a minijack.
**- 161.11: These 64ths should just be three 24th notes
181.54: While this 32nd stream is certainly doable, it could be rearranged to be smoother.
**- 163.78: Jumps here are not going with the clap, so this jump should be a single note
**- 197.66: This 48th, along with the 32nd immediately after, will create a zero-frame interval. It may be a better idea to merge it into the 8th before (or maybe an offsetted note close to the 8th like a 192nd?). I also wouldn't say this is an unreasonable request because earlier on you didn't step the 24th at 111.39, presumably to not make that part awkward.
- 223.84: Missing 32nd

[7/10] Rainbow Archiver {Paraoka} (DarkZtar)
**- 13.51: Missing 32nd
**- 14.01: Missing jump
**- 14.45: This section isn't 24ths. It's a mixture of 16ths and 32nds, please look here again (it seems to start with a 5-note 32nd burst)
- 17.57: Missing jump
**- 18.12: Missing 16th note, and ghost note at 18.40
**- 31.95: Missing 32nd
**- 38.40: Missing 32nd
- 50.79: Up to you whether or not a 16th should be placed here for the 16th kick. It would create a 48th polyrhythm.
**- 52.73: Missing 32nd
**- 53.68: Missing 16th, and ghost 32nd note on 53.95
**- 58.01: Similar to 14.45, this section is not 24ths but instead a mix of 32nds and 16ths. Please look at this again.
- 60.84: Missing 32nd note
- 61.23: Missing 16th note
**- 72.95: Missing 32nd
- 75.01: Missing 16th
**- 81.07, 81.73, 81.95: Missing 32nds
- 82.40, 88.18, 88.73, 88.84, 92.40: Missing 32nds
- 94.57: Missing 16th
**- 112.07: Missing 32nd

[6.5/10] Hesperides {Xi} (DarkZtar)
- Offset changed to 0.480
- 6.00, 9.30: I think there might a missing burst here
- 7.20, 199.20: These bursts might be 48ths actually, could step 24ths
**- 14.55, 19.05, 28.65: Missing jumps
- 27.45, 28.05: Missing jumps
**- 33.22: Missing 16th
**- 38.32, 38.62, 38.92, 39.67, 39.97, 42.37: Missing 16ths
- 40.50: Missing jump
- 48.00, 48.30: Why aren't these also hands if 48.60 is a hand?
**- 51.00: Missing jump
- 56.92: Missing 16th
- 61.65: No jump here for piano?
- 87.00: Missing 8th
**- 98.85, 108.45: Missing jumps
**- 104.85: This is actually a 24th burst, the 16th should be on 104.78
**- 111.53: Missing 16th
- 114.75: Missing 4th
**- 117.97: This 16th is overwhelmed by everything else, I can't tell what this is for. It should be removed
**- 128.40: This 24th anchor section needs to be smoothed out
**- 129.15: This looks like an attempt to step 28ths, although this part is just 24ths.
**- 136.95: This is 24ths, not 16ths
**- 141.00, 141.07: These two notes should be shifted a 48th later. The piano doesn't fall nicely on the 8th and 16th intervals
**- 143.77: This 16th should be on the 24th after, it's also a 24th gallop like the note right before.
**- 163.61: This part is stepped awkwardly. It may be a good idea to get rid of this 32nd note, or just have the 5-note 32nd burst with the 12th at 163.55 removed.
**- 168.15: These are 24ths, not 32nds
**- 168.38: There's a 32nd triplet starting on this 16th note; the 32nd at 168.49 is a ghost note.
**- 170.55: The incomplete 32nd bursts here are misleading. The jumps should be removed to account for stepping the full 5-note bursts.
**- 172.95: Up arrow transition from trill needs to be fixed if this stays as a 48th roll (see last point in this review)
**- 183.07, 183.82, 184.27: I don't get these 16th additions.
**- 184.88: Missing 16th for the bass kick
**- 188.10, 188.17: Missing 8th and 16th note
**- 189.82, 190.13: Missing 16ths for bass kick before 32nd burst (these can be patterned properly as well)
**- 206.55: Missing jump
- I also think the 48th rolls could become 24th streams to be more interesting instead of being 150 BPM jacks.

[3/10] Cest What {Terminal 11} (DarkZtar)
- Offset changed to -0.174
- Including the section with Cream's Sunshine Of Your Love was a good idea.
- In the beginning, the offsetted 48ths from the 16th intervals can be fixed by changing the offset. In fact, many of the color notes after look like they can be avoided with a better offset.
- There are several missing notes in the intro.
- 34.43: There shouldn't be a 48th gallop here. This is directly a result from the 48th offsetting for the 16ths due to the offset.
- 39.57: Why is this a 48th instead of a 32nd?
- There is a lot of artbirary/inconsistent switching between color notes in this file. It may be better to stick with an approximation and be consistent (for example, 71.81 there are 12th notes but before that point the parts were stepped as 5/64ths)
- 83.09: Yuck!
- 97.33: Yuck!
- 98.58: Minijack is way too fast
- 114.57: This would either be a cameljack (best scenario) or a sandwiched 1-frame minijack with a jump. Yuck!
- 153.04: There shouldn't be a vibrating trill before a fast roll.
- While there were technical issues and inconsistencies throughout the file, the most important issue is the pattern placement. Many of the minijacks are questionable and there are some very nasty pattern spikes in this file.

[4/10] Apocynthion Drive {HertzDevil} (DarkZtar)
- Offset changed to -0.094
- 1.06, 2.12, 3.19: These should probably just be jumps
- 39.72, 41.06: Missing jumps
- 43.86: The patterning in this 24th stream can be smoothed out
- 46.79: These 3/64ths are just 16ths, please change
- 50.39: Note sure what's with all these 3/64ths. In this part it's especially confusing. While 3/64ths at 225 BPM are equivalent to 300 BPM 16ths, this interval interferes with the surrounding notes and it doesn't match what's playing in the song.
- 53.50: This 24th should be a 16th
- 55.46-57.46: This section needs to be redone. There's a loud 16th stream here and the 12th intervals between the 8th notes are going to a barely audible sound in comparison; there's also the 3/64th issue again that interferes with the surrounding notes.
- 66.92, 67.06, 69.06, 69.19, etc.: Missing jumps. Sometimes this 8-bit broken 8th melody in question is stepped as jumps, sometimes not and it's not apparent why.
- 75.72: There's obviously a BPM change here; this section needs to be fixed with the proper quantization
- 120.82: This should be a 24th stream
- 123.76, 125.62: These 3/64th intervals don't go to anything and are awkwardly interfering with the surrounding notes.
- 128.16: There are no 3/64ths here, just 16ths.
- 131.06: Ghost 32nd note
- 132.30: Again, these 3/64ths are just 16ths.
- 159.63-165.10: There are many missing 16th notes in this section with added color notes. This part needs another look and probably a revamp.
- 165.90: This section is a lot more playable than the previous version sent to the Hard Batch; good job here.
- 196.16: Missing jump
- 197.10: This part is 16ths going into 32nds
- 233.50, 234.16, 234.43, 234.83, 235.10: Missing jumps
- 237.01, 237.05: These two 24ths are ghost notes. There is a 16th note here though.
- 237.50-241.90: Erratic quantization in these notes/incorrectly stepped, look again please (the 12th at 241.27 also forms a cameljack)
- I'm not going to mention the quantization errors after this point, I did find more though.
- 303.60: Technicalities aside, the patterning here can be significant improved to essentially not have an 8th jump right after the 32nd triplet.
- 311.27: This up arrow anchor creates significant problems.
- 329.58: Missing 8th note
- Certainly an improvement from the previous version, although this still needs significant work. The layering for the most part looked solid.
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oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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