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Default [Pad] Kantai Collection: PadColle Kai RELEASED


Main Download:

Videoless Download (bgvideos removed, smaller pack size):


Release Trailer


It's here! The expansion of last Kancolle pad pack!

I know these boats are no longer relevant (with games like Azur Lane in the spotlight right now) but I decided to finish this to get it out of the way really. I initially had half the songlist already charted a few years ago, but stopped to finish other packs instead. So I decided, why not finish it now as a surprise release? So here we are.

I just didn't want any unfinished projects left in my plate. I still very much appreciate the series and the impact it has left on all of us. But I don't play the game anymore. I stopped way back then when the RNG started getting pretty BS that I didn't want to deal with it anymore. I moved on to other games like Granblue Fantasy now.

Regardless of that. I hope you guys enjoy the pack! The songs are still kinda old but I did try to bring in one or two more recent arranges. It's hard though since not many circles really make arranges or songs for Kancolle anymore, hence why most of the other songs are kinda old-ish.

Also...I've gotten more experimental with my charting. I've gotten inspired by ECFA charts and all, so I hope you guys enjoy the kind of charts I made this time around. Of course...that would apply mostly to half of the charts, since the other half are a few years old and I made minimal changes to them, just for legacy's sake.

I am not planning to continue this series. Only if the game somehow gets another huge resurgence but I doubt that'll happen at this point.

Oh...one final thing, that stuff at the end of the video? Might be alluding to something secretive in the pack. Check out the Hint.txt file to give you clues on what that is all about...

Anyways, enjoy!
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Default Re: [Pad] Kantai Collection: PadColle Kai RELEASED

thx for the pack ^^
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Default Re: [Pad] Kantai Collection: PadColle Kai RELEASED

Good choice, Granblue is pretty awesome
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